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  1. Strange, 2020 High Country with 22s and mine shuts off at 106.
  2. its been 6+ months since my Auto-stop has worked. I know one day it will start working again (oil change at dealer, or OTA update, or something will happen) but I’m loving it so far. I still have not figured out what the dealer did to stop it. Truck got a engine light after a car wash. something related to the brake control module , so I took it in and the dealer said they “re-flashed” the module to clear the light. Never had an Auto-stop event again after that.
  3. My truck was dead this morning. I unlocked my truck last night to get something and then closed door, went back in house. now I'm wondering if my truck had the radio in all night.
  4. Asking 1,400 OBO Removed at 3,500 miles. No scuffs or nicks on any of the rims. Does not include TPMS. I am located in Las Vegas. Not willing to ship. Will meet as far as state-line if your coming from CA.
  5. Love mine. 2020 HC, 5,000 miles so far. I do acknowledge that if something is wrong, we post the issues to find a solution. If everything is good, we dont post. So it may seem theres nothing but issues with our truck, but I don’t believe thats the case for the majority of us. Good post to see that these are good trucks too.
  6. replaced 22”s with 20”s for the extra sidewall.
  7. I use it too, I have personally never had it fail on me.
  8. sounds like the installers need to find a better ignition sense source. I am a electronics/radio tech for my local agency. That loss of lights issue can be overcome, just make the installers aware of what its doing.
  9. I think my truck is broken. The auto-off feature has not happened since the first week I bought my truck, back in July 2020. I did have a brake ECM light, drove it in and they said they just had to flash it. Never shut off again after that. should I complain? kidding, of course I’m not going to complain! It was annoying the first week.
  10. My High Country 2020 has them. they suck. They are made of a type of material that scratches, fades, discolors terribly. I thought all of our trucks had them. I’ll have to pay attention to the next Silverado I see and see what it has.
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