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  1. From the previous 2 posts, does this mean GM is putting the chips they receive in trucks going down the line now before the one's sitting in lots?
  2. I ordered mine on Jan 6th, it was "built" the week of Feb 15th. Found out a month later that it's waiting on parts because the the chip shortage. I'm currently debating where my line in the sand is to demand a refund on my deposit. I'm thinking 3 months is unacceptable.
  3. That's not really an option, to deliver a non-running truck, or a truck without components. Customers wouldn't accept it on delivery and get their deposit back. The DFM removal is slightly different because very few people really want that, I'd be thrilled if mine came without it. Also, GM is compensating affected customers $50. I'm frustrated because for the past month my dealer kept telling me that it's "in transit" and to expect it any day. I find out now that it wasn't completed when they said it was built, and had never shipped even after saying it was in transit.
  4. I ordered my AT4 on Jan 6, it was "built" the week of Feb 15. Hadn't heard anything for a month, so I called my dealership and was told that while my truck officially "was built" and is "in transit", it's really sitting in a lot somewhere waiting on computer chips to be installed. No ETA for when that the chips will show up to finish building my truck that was "built" over a month ago and his been "in transit" sitting in a lot.
  5. I put my order in on Jan 6th, found out it was built last week(week of Feb 15th). No accurate ETA, I'm guessing early April. Black AT4, 5.3 and the AT4 Value package.
  6. Hello, new guy here. I put my order in for a AT4 with the 5.3 on Jan 6th. The dealership said they didn't expect it to be more than a couple of weeks for it to start production, but from what I'm reading here, it seems like a month wait is more likely. Does that seem correct?
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