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  1. Again, someone who orders a truck is under no obligation to buy that truck until it shows up and they sign the purchase contract. This is why a deposit is required so that that there is a good faith agreement that the person who ordered the truck will show up to buy it when it arrives. The dealer could technically sell the truck out from underneath you to another customer although that would be a horrible business decision. By the same token, I could go out and buy a truck today instead of waiting for the order to come in although I may not get my deposit back without a fight. I can’t imagine the number of higher trim level trucks that are sitting in the factory shipping lot waiting for a chip at this point. No one gets paid until those trucks sell so it seems like a financial blunder but big companies do dumb things all the time. At some point I’m hoping that they offer the customers who ordered the trucks the option of a AFM/DFM delete but I’m not holding my breath.
  2. They are already shipping trucks without AFM/DFM and giving customers who buy those trucks a $50 credit. There is no contract for customers who order a truck. It’s not yours until after it arrives and you purchase it. If they gave me the option, I would gladly take one without that feature. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/03/here-are-the-2021-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-models-that-will-keep-afm-dfm/
  3. Same here (SLT CC, 5.3L /10spd). Build complete in late Feb and has been sitting at 4200 status since then. No information on ETA. Wishing it was one of the trucks they are shipping without DFM, but it seems they are content to hold onto it for now until the chips are available. Wondering how many others are in the same boat.
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