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  1. Meanwhile the only thing in the news about the Silao plant is the ongoing labor dispute. Which my truck was made in the USA!
  2. Your only option at this point is to pay full price for a truck 6 months to a year old or pay over MSRP for a new truck. I would rather have the truck and pay less for it than pay more and hope that I can find a new one. You’re gonna have to pick which flavor of hell you want. Didn’t I read that your truck has been finished for 3 weeks now? Imagine it being finished since February with no info since then. That’s the situation I’m in. And I ordered from a large volume dealer. This is a huge log jam and I have resigned to standing in my spot in mine until it’s resolve
  3. My truck has been in this status since late February with no updates from GM chat or the dealer. I am surprised that trucks are still being affected by this.
  4. I ordered my truck in January. Order accepted immediately and truck built by late February. Still waiting on it with no end in sight. I think you have a snowballs chance in hell getting it this year. You are not only competing against the other thousands of GM trucks stacked up but also Ford, Ram, etc. This is not ending any time soon and almost no one knows it yet.
  5. GM says the dealer is the best source of info. The dealer says that GM is the one building the truck and they only have the info that GM gives them. Good luck. What a failure of customer service.
  6. Thanks for the info. The specific language I received from GM was that the vehicle is on hold for quality inspection waiting for a module impacted by the Micro Processor shortage. So yea, it’s widely reported that there’s a semiconductor shortage. But this is like the difference between calling it a transmission shortage versus a gear shortage.
  7. Has anyone had their event status code change to “MP”? Presumably this is for “Microprocessor” but GM will not provide any indication of what it means beyond that in terms of timing or having the truck completed. In my case, the event code went from 4200 back in February to 4D00 and now recently to MP.
  8. The chat won’t tell you if it’s being held due to the chip issue. My truck has been built and “awaiting shipping arrangements” since February due to the chip shortage. I’ve had a VIN since mid-February. My truck was sitting at status 4200 for a while, and then 4D00, and now I just learned that it was assigned a new event code “MP”, presumably for Micro Processor. Still no idea when any of this will be resolved. The dealer should be able to tell you the status and whether it is truly on its way to you.
  9. This is the best article I have read so far. This issue will affect truck buyers for years to come. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2021/05/06/gm-strategy-has-hordes-vehicles-parked-awaiting-chips/4924733001/
  10. Thanks for the info. Do you know which factory your truck came from? What transmission do you have?
  11. Well, I’m not just making this up. "The microchip crisis is probably the worst crisis I’ve seen in the auto industry, at least in my career, in terms of supply chain," General Motors President Mark Reuss told Fox Business. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/gm-president-ruess-chip-shortage-auto
  12. That’s only part of the story. The are “unaffected” because they are shipping 5.3L with 6/8spd transmissions without the chips. Trucks with the 10spd transmission are being held and for a long time. There are less of those trucks being built compared to all of the other configurations, and they are still building them but not shipping them, so they continue to say that production is running “full speed”.
  13. I ordered a SLT CC, 5.3L /10spd back in January. The order was accepted immediately and was built by late February. It has has been sitting at 4200 status since then waiting for a module impacted by the microchip shortage. The truck was built at the Silao plant. No ETA has been provided to date. I have been in contact with GM several times and they all but deny the chip issue. They say that it is in “final quality checks” before shipment and that my dealer is the best source of information for when it will arrive. My dealer says that they have no idea when the truck will be a
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