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  1. I have an update on my story. After 7 months of waiting on a a vehicle that I ordered and was produced back in February, I decided to cut my losses and get off this roller coaster ride. I found a dealer that had a truck that was already enroute. It is almost identical to the truck I ordered, plus/minus a few options. Best news was it was built in Ft.Wayne instead of Silao like the truck I had ordered. Took delivery and ironically the VIN sticker says it was built 8/21 so it’s a fresh one right off the line. I ended up paying MSRP, minus GM rebates. Not as good of a deal as the one I neg
  2. What sort of Costco discount is available? I see this mentioned all the time but can never find anything useful on their website despite being a member.
  3. Mexico here. Looks like the three of us are in the same boat. Let’s try to each other informed of any updates. Any news is good news at this point.
  4. Same exact situation here, so at least you’re in good company. What has your dealer done to “escalate” it?
  5. GM doesn’t care! They tell you to call the dealer like they’re the ones building it. Meanwhile it sits in the parking lot beside the factory and GM tells you they can’t talk to anyone who works at the factory to find out when it’ll be completed.
  6. With the announcement over a month ago from the GM executives that “help is on the way”, I expected there to be a lot more movement. My dealer and my order have seen none. The only thing working in my favor at this point is the deal I negotiated on the truck back in January when I ordered it. I would much rather have the truck though. Never thought I’d see the end of July without seeing the truck. GM must be ok with absorbing the cost of building it and letting it sit with 6 months.
  7. Still no word about my truck - 2021 SLT ordered in January, built in February. Sitting since then due to MP shortage. Seeing the GM incentives slowly decrease each month sure are adding insult to injury. They are $2000 less than when I ordered it.
  8. Meanwhile the only thing in the news about the Silao plant is the ongoing labor dispute. Which my truck was made in the USA!
  9. Your only option at this point is to pay full price for a truck 6 months to a year old or pay over MSRP for a new truck. I would rather have the truck and pay less for it than pay more and hope that I can find a new one. You’re gonna have to pick which flavor of hell you want. Didn’t I read that your truck has been finished for 3 weeks now? Imagine it being finished since February with no info since then. That’s the situation I’m in. And I ordered from a large volume dealer. This is a huge log jam and I have resigned to standing in my spot in mine until it’s resolve
  10. My truck has been in this status since late February with no updates from GM chat or the dealer. I am surprised that trucks are still being affected by this.
  11. I ordered my truck in January. Order accepted immediately and truck built by late February. Still waiting on it with no end in sight. I think you have a snowballs chance in hell getting it this year. You are not only competing against the other thousands of GM trucks stacked up but also Ford, Ram, etc. This is not ending any time soon and almost no one knows it yet.
  12. GM says the dealer is the best source of info. The dealer says that GM is the one building the truck and they only have the info that GM gives them. Good luck. What a failure of customer service.
  13. Thanks for the info. The specific language I received from GM was that the vehicle is on hold for quality inspection waiting for a module impacted by the Micro Processor shortage. So yea, it’s widely reported that there’s a semiconductor shortage. But this is like the difference between calling it a transmission shortage versus a gear shortage.
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