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  1. Not yet, the new Rexing does not come with a fused lead anymore. I will eventually, not enough power ports in a custom
  2. I always record my repairs I've done in the owners manual, this coupled with receipts kept would make their proving it wasn't, even harder. I will continue to when I do my own on my 2500
  3. No, it must be the angle. I measured, there is a 7/8" difference at the wheel well top.
  4. A new Leer cap, removed 4x4 and cap labels. Also installed a dash cam.
  5. Just got a new leer, caps are way too useful when you are camping and boating.
  6. Rolling empty on the highway at 80, 15. Local rural driving mid 14s. Have not yet towed, look forward to camping and boating with it though. only 1300 mi. on truck so far.
  7. I'd hate to think of how many quarts of oil I've poured doing them myself for over 35 years. Of course now I've got 3 Chevy's and a Pilot to do, not to mention Quad, ZTR, outboard, tiller, log splitter... holy crap. If a good coupon shows up I will allow the dealer to do the wifes' Pilot. I will get my freebie and then do them myself. I recently started using the Rotella myself, buy 5.3 filters by the 6pk. I bottle the old and take it to the local tech who burns it in his shop HVAC.
  8. This could be part of it. I work at a large state university and rebuild a lot of electric pump and fan motors and the new bearings have very little grease in them now.
  9. I just did my first long trip, empty, 325 miles. It was freaking great, but I'm used to an 03 1500hd. I went down to Lake Cumberland from central Ohio, rolled 80 thru the KY hills on I 75 on cruise and there was no downshifting to climb, no accelerating when descending, just rolled 80... got about 15 mpgs. I am so glad I bought this truck, can't wait to see how she tows.
  10. I spent the last couple of months thinking I was going to get a new used truck, drove my wife crazy. Prices are flat out insane. I traded in an 03 1500HD Sierra with 107000 and in great shape, got 7500 for it and came home with a 21 gas 2500 Custom DC. Although around here, lower priced, decently equipped 2500s are hard to find in stock. I might have gotten a bit more selling outright but trade comes of the taxable value and all DMV paperwork on both ends is handled by dealer. Employee pricing, 750 rebate, plus 2.69 interest rate. It is a good time to buy new. I cant wait for camping and boating.
  11. 21 custom, double cab, all black, gas. Picked it up yesterday.
  12. I just brought home my new and perhaps last new truck, it had been 20 years since I bought my 01 silverado new. Traded in an 03 Sierra 1500hd for a stock unit. All black Custom with convenience pkg, value pkg, GN/5th pkg, cloth, floor liners, side steps, heated power fold tow mirrors, dark essentials, plow prep. Given that this unit had all I wanted and more and was a stock unit it all worked out. Plus, employee pricing incentives. 48380 was reduced to 42980 plus they gave me more than I expected on trade. So far a pretty kick ass truck. Can't wait to see how it tows boat /camper.
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