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  1. I have the same issue and the dealership keeps saying that it’s supposed to happen since it’s “Bose it puts out a lot bass” they hear the rattles and they’re like oh yeah you have the bass to high. Keep in mind I have it in 2-4 settings anything above sounds like the speakers are going to blow. The 2018 sierras w bose sounded much better. The 2019’s + sound like total crap. Can’t even begin to understand how did the Bose engineers hear the system and thought it was amazing. I thought the kicker sub was only intended for non bose trucks. In conclusion this has to be the worst system bose has made for the Sierra let alone that little sub barely does something but vibrate.
  2. It would’ve been easier and better for Bose to put a 10inch sub on the rear rather than trying to amplify the bass on the door speakers and engineering and enclosure for the 5 1/2inch sub on the console. That itself would get rid of the door rattles. They should add more speakers to the trucks, like I’m skeptical on why only 7 speakers when the ram offers 19! It’s be bad ass if they could use centerpoint and those fancy technologies in the trucks rather than only in the cars.
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