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  1. I got my truck back from the dealer on 8 Feb 2021. They had it for 15 days and replaced the entire 3rd brake assembly. We had a very light rain for about 15 minutes last night. I had water in the cab again. So three days later and it leaked. I specifically asked the service writer if the checked it for leaks after the repair. I am not happy. I called Chevrolet customer care and opened a case file.
  2. Also joining the club. 2021 Silverado 3500 bought 11 Dec 2020. 5 minutes or rain here in the California desert and it is leaking.
  3. My new 2021 3500 just did its first regen at 813 miles,I was in regen for 31 miles and stopped regen at 844 miles. I had the MPG screen up and I dropped from 17 to 8-10 MPG during the regen. My 2018 L5p would regen between 250 nd 600 miles and would be in regen for 17-20 miles.
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