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  1. I also had a really hard time getting some of the clips on the tops of the letters to click. But I figured out a good way to do it, so I figured I’d share. I stuck my hands through the grill at the spots I highlight in the picture and run my hand behind the grill as far as I can get. Then feed a flathead screwdriver through the grill to my hand, and use that to get the clips to click. Word of caution: don’t drop the screwdriver. I have average sized arms and didn’t have any problem doing it this way.
  2. I’ve been trying to think of ways to make my truck look a bit more aggressive...this powder coating might be a good option! Have you guys seen someone powder coat these stock SLT wheels?
  3. Did you ever do this? I would also be interested in doing a mod like this
  4. Noticed this AC line today when installing an autostop eliminator. I wish they ran it to the cup holder to keep drinks cold!
  5. A few things I’ve noticed. Keeping my smart watch (garmin instinct) disconnected from my phone helps a lot with the skipping. also, I like to leave the truck running when I’m running into a store for something quick. Imo better to not turn off/on the diesel any more than I have to. But when I do this and take the phone with me, when I get back and it reconnects it skips a lot. If I leave the phone in the truck, so it doesn’t disconnect/reconnect while truck is running, it doesn’t skip. Not sure why but this helps
  6. My suspension is really soft too. ‘21 Sierra SLT with X31, 4x4, duramax. After doing a lot of research I’ve learned that every one of our trucks feels this way, and it’s just a poor suspension system. But I am interested to hear if you can get any more information from the dealer about it. I’m thinking that bilsteins are in my future...
  7. Had this happen to me today in my ‘21 SLT. Passenger side. Intermittently coming on for no reason. Occasionally my camera system goes down too. Usually fixes on a restart so I’m hoping it’s back to normal tomorrow
  8. I was getting this in my 21 SLT. Then read on a forum that having an Apple Watch or some other sort of smart watch could be the cause. I disconnected the Bluetooth on my Garmin smart watch and it hasn’t happened again. So I’m guessing that it’s somehow related to the phone/bluetooth
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