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  1. Just adding a comment to the photos BowtieSquatch posted just now... The front ones he is showing is for the version with the full console. Mine has the bench seat/folding back (no floor console) version, which has the liners going over the transmission tunnel and interlocking with each other in the middle....
  2. (Administrator, please delete if inappropriate) Trying to help out any potential 2019-2021 Silverado brethren who may decide that they want to get a bed cover for their new truck (as I am trying to do). If you decide to look at the Undercover SE UC1186 bed cover and decide to purchase this through Amazon, I would recommend that you not waste your time. The issue is NOT with the product itself, as I am sure that UnderCover produces a good product. The issue is with Amazon, as they obviously have issues with their system and are unable to deliver the correct product to the cust
  3. I tend to agree with Blue 5.31,,,, mine came with a set of the actual black floor liners and my front ones actually interlock in the middle as they go across the front from door to door... and the back set does the same. Mine is a 2020 double cab, not crewcab (or Trailboss), so there might be some difference there... but I thought I also saw the same floor liners I have in the crewcab I also test drove when I bought mine...
  4. So, taking a little side slat in this subject.... with all the 'green' push and saying gas engines will be DOA in 13-14 years...along with all the "green"$$$ being spent, both by the manufacturers and (planned) by the government, wouldn't it make sense for the manufacturers to start developing true, viable motors/storage technologies that are true plug-n-play replacements for the vast majority of already existing vehicles that would be there at the 'end of the gasoline' era? Additionally, have the government and eco-groups (who are demanding the change) fund/subsidize said replacement, since t
  5. So I found this website and part earlier this afternoon. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-multi-switch-84482892?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9c3dpdGNoZXMmbD0yOCZuPUFzc2VtYmxpZXMgUGFnZSZhPWNoZXZyb2xldCZvPXNpbHZlcmFkby0xNTAwJnk9MjAyMCZ0PWN1c3RvbS10cmFpbC1ib3NzJmU9NS0zbC12OC1mbGV4 While the picture shown on the page is not the one described, they do show all the potential switches that can go into the pod. It appears that they are in mutli-switch formats of 3 (or rather 3 spaces each). The switch I have asked them about contains what they describe as an 'accessory switch', the hill descent control
  6. JimCost2014 and Transient... concerning the ability to be towed and towing... Mine is a 2020 LT Z71, with the 2-speed transfer case... which has the ability to be put into neutral mode so it can be flat towed. Additionally, my RV is a Class A and had the capability to tow the truck...and the tow bar I have is rated for over 6500lbs...and my truck sticker has it at 5200lbs... so if I don't put a ton (ok, actually a 1/2 ton) of stuff in the truck, I should be good. I was towing my 2-door Wrangler behind this RV without any hint that it was actually behind the RV. I may find out that
  7. I may have to watch to see if anyone has ideas... I am supposed to received a new UnderCover SE solid hard lid for my truck sometime Monday. I wondered the same thing about the tailgate when I went looking at Tonneau covers... and when I order the UnderCover SE... and I asked them about it. Apparently the cover I ordered fits over the entire tailgate, so the tailgate won't open without the lid being raised... which I don't mind, as I am looking for the security that is offered when the lid is locked...at least the idea of security, as everything can be broken into...
  8. No, you did nothing wrong... I think I forgot to include that in the original post...
  9. Update to all, after I received a call back from the dealership. They said they checked my VIN and also checked into their service information and database concerning the PWM function/capability for their trucks, it appears that my truck does not have this function, at least for the tail lights. They did not go into great detail, but my suspicions are that there is PWM functions active for the front headlights, as those are LEDs, but the function is not used for the rear light, as those are incandescent. Other than hooking up a scope to the wiring, as Rob suggested, I don't know if there is an
  10. Rob Mugs and kodiakdenali, thank you both for your input. I think I should have also stated that I believe my LT is using incandescent bulbs and not LEDs for the rear. I will have to go verify this again. I can understand the need for PWM usage in the LED controls, as kodiakdenali stated, the modulation of power input to the LED provides the different intensity displayed....I can't see how that would work with bulbs, as I don't believe that there is a variance, as wouldn't the filament just burn out with the application of more power? I plan on calling my dealership today to see if
  11. Needing information - I am setting up my recently purchased 2020 LT Z71 to be used as a tow dinghy behind our RV. Apparently, there is a bit of information that is needed before I purchase a wiring harness to connect the truck tail/turn/brake lights to the 7-pin connector on the back of the truck. Hopkins makes a kit that is a universal kit, but they are telling me that I have to find out if my truck uses Pulse Width Modulation(PWM) as part of the light system. theirs does not work with PWM. Roadmaster also makes a harness that works with PWM. The only real information I can find out if/
  12. I don't mean to jump into the middle of an existing discussion, however I purchased a 2020 LT Z71 with 5.3 and 8-speed earlier this month. The truck was 'used'/Certified Pre-owned.. if you can really call a truck with 1294 miles on the clock... Anyway, the truck had a hard (almost like being bumped from the rear) shift as I would come to a stop at a light /stop sign, within 2 miles of me taking the truck from the dealership. Called them totally upset and took it back the next morning to them. They took over a week to analyze. It turns out that a valve body on the transmission had been replaced
  13. History, and memories are intrinsic values that only the beholder can set...and they come with limits... The truck holds fond lasting memories for you as you grew up. It does not hold the same for anyone else who did not experience the same thing. Your wife's input is necessary to the discussion, as to do anything with the truck will require money and time, both of which are not only yours to commit. It may be that you need to decide if there is a part or two that is VERY special to you and that is reasonable for you to remove and hold on to, at least for a while. I sti
  14. Hopefully this is not repeating an older thread somewhere... I looked but couldn't really find anything... So I have a new(to me) 2020 Double cab LT Z71. I am in the process of getting it setup to flat tow it behind my motorhome. One of the things that it appears is needed (or at least a recommended convenience) is the addition of a battery disconnect switch (Roadmaster 766). This is to keep from having to disconnect and protect the negative battery cable each time that you want to flat tow the truck...according to the owners manual. Anyway this disconnect uses wiring which is run i
  15. I agree with a number of the earlier recommendations... one thing you could throw in is https://www.amazon.com/Rugged-Ridge-15104-05-Kinetic-Recovery/dp/B01NBM9ZFJ This is good for up to 7500lbs...and is fully synthetic, without any metal that can become a dangerous projectile....Additionally, being a synthetic rope, the rope itself doesn't become a dangerous whipping instrument, should it snap... the kinetic energy is dumped quickly...so it shouldn't require a weighted blanket on the strap to protect others... Having said that... I just moved from having an 07 Silverado Class
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