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  1. I think you will be getting a 22.5 -- Feb 21 is the new production start date for 22.5 crew cab models. They won't be building 22 LTDs and 22.5s simultaneously.
  2. Gawd, this is so frustrating trying to do business with Chevrolet! This is a feature that is available on entry-level trims from other manufacturers. Yet when I placed my Silverado order last month I had to add +$2000 in packages to get rear park assist (which also had the effect of deleting the tow mirrors I wanted). At the time rear park assist was to be retrofitted in Q4 2022, and now not even that is a possibility?!?
  3. Have you looked at the Uniden Beartracker 885? It's a CB with a police/fire/ems/dot scanner in one unit. It has GPS so it scans the frequencies in use in your locality and will change them as you move from one locality to another. Pretty slick!
  4. I ordered the refreshed LT Trail Boss. Adding the PQB Safety Package deletes the DPO Trailering mirrors on LT and RST trims. I don't think the ZR2, LTZ or High Country are affected since they have different trailering mirrors. Looks like it is fairly easy to install the auto dimming rearview, so I'll just do that after I take delivery. I may add Boost trailer mirrors when they become available, we'll see.
  5. Flattop, what do you think of the trailering mirror? I ordered a '22 this week with the trailering mirror, but then adding the safety package deleted it along with the autodimming rearview. Not sure which way is the best to go. Dealer doesn't have an allocation yet so I still have plenty of time to make changes Nice looking truck!
  6. Been waiting to place an order on a refresh Trail Boss in either Oxford Brown or Satin Steel -- both colors deleted, lofl
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