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  1. I just swapped out my steering wheel this week. My cruise control is working. The light even shows up on the dash (I haven't swapped out the cluster yet). What's the model # of your steering wheel?
  2. I figured it out. Windows would only let me format the card as exfat. I downloaded a program that allowed me to format the card as Fat32 and now the radio can read the mp3 files on the card.
  3. I installed this today. The usb works normally, I haven't tried the usb-c port yet. The sdcard slot seems to detect that I have inserted an sdcard, but it can't read the mp3s I have on it. I get a "No supported media found" message. Has anyone see this error before?
  4. From my research, the L82 is not Flex Fuel capable.
  5. I just installed the J&L Oil Separator. It's a very easy install. The instructions say to move the air box out of the way, but I didn't find that necessary. It'll be interesting to see how much oil collects in there and what it looks like. It can't be a good idea to send that dirty oil back into the intake.
  6. Here's a good close up of the wheel I bought from gmpartsdirect. I think the silver looks ok with the black interior of the custom. I also have the H1T and 4AA option codes. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-84946341
  7. Thanks, that's good info. Do you have a link for the schematics?
  8. Did you get the heat button to work on the steering wheel?
  9. Have you found a way to get the heat steering wheel to work?
  10. I ordered on April 14th and it only took about a week to get mine. They did put the order on hold at first because the part didn't match my VIN#. But I told them I knew it was different because I was swapping out the cluster and asked them to go ahead and ship it.
  11. I ordered part # 84946341 from gmpartsdirect. It's really nice. Here's a good picture of it: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-84946341 I also ordered this from harnessdoctor: https://harnessdr.com/product/2019-2021-silverado-sierra-steering-wheel-lin-bus-harness/ I haven't received the harness yet, but does anyone have instructions or a video on how the lin bus harness is installed?
  12. Even clear factory glass blocks UV. An easy way I can tell this is because the transition lenses on my eyeglasses don't darken inside the truck. That's because they react to UV light. I don't doubt that ceramic tint is superior in blocking UV in addition to blocking some IR, but it's just not accurate to say that a factory dyed glass doesn't block UV.
  13. What does the clock spring do? I see some people replacing it when they do a steering wheel swap.
  14. I found part #84946341 on gmpartsdirect.com that looks like it will work. I have a 2019 Custom. I don't really care about heat, but I don't see a black leather one without heat. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-f-wheel-replaces-part-number-84778977-84946341?c=Zz1zdGVlcmluZyZzPXN0ZWVyaW5nLXdoZWVsLWFuZC10cmltJmw9MzImbj1Bc3NlbWJsaWVzIFBhZ2UmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz1zaWx2ZXJhZG8tMTUwMCZ5PTIwMTkmdD1sdHomZT01LTNsLXY4LWdhcw%3D%3D
  15. Where are people getting their new steering wheels? I like the one in the video in the first post. I've seen a few used ones on ebay but the one in the video looked new.
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