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  1. Curious if this is going to be pushed over the air. I haven't had any audio issues in my 1500 miles so far but l have had some of the other issues listed in the improvements list. Don't really want to go to the dealer until I need a service so hoping I can get it before then
  2. I just walked out to look at mine since I hadn't paid attention to that piece. Mine looks like the right side of your picture all the way across. I would have dealer adjust it
  3. Elevation, purchased. Lease was only about $30 cheaper per month
  4. Does your blinker still work since they are now switch back leds
  5. Yeah the question is if there are any micro2 that are switched since I have them before I order a micro3
  6. Has anyone hardwired a dash cam into a 22 refresh truck? In my elevation it appears that in the passenger fuse box there is only 1 switched fuse (F26 USB Ports/Special Equipment option Retained Acessory Power). The heater steering wheel fuse that was recommended appears to be always hot now. Am I doing something wrong or is that what others are finding? Wanted to ask before ordering a micro3 fuse tap since I already have micro2 taps
  7. Refreshed 5.3L Elevation with ETA of 5/14 picked up yesterday! Already moved the Sierra badge on the tailgate to where I beleive it looks better. I already love this truck! It feels so much bigger than my 2004 Avalanche
  8. Ordered my refreshed elevation 1500 on 3/4. Moved to 3000 on 3/22 3400 on 4/2. TPW of 4/18. Built as of 4/20 and heading to Metro Detroit from MX. ETA 5/14
  9. According to chat: Congratulations! Your vehicle has been produced. It is important to know that shipping arrangements will take place next and your selling dealer is the best source for additional detail on that process.
  10. On March 25th I got an email from GMC with my order number. I hadn't really asked or bugged the dealer prior for it.
  11. Ordered my refreshed elevation 1500 on 3/4. Moved to 3000 on 3/22 and 3400 on 4/2. TPW of 4/18. Hoping to see a Fort Wayne build as I am in Metro Detroit.
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