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  1. GM really does not want to take special orders as it takes extra work to insure that the right parts and pieces are on the assembly line at the correct time to make it. They prefer to turn out lots of the same thing with perhaps a few variations on it. I waited 12 weeks for my 17 2500HD LTZ DMAX - ordered it in Dec - picked it up in April. It took until late Feb to get a build week scheduled. BTW The latest I have ordered a GM Vehicle was May - that was for an 89 Astro - got it in about 6wks. Lots has changed in the industry since then and now with a major model change coming things are probably even worse.
  2. 3 Camera System

    Glad you had a good outcome. So you got the two mirror cameras and the one in the center brake light - right. I still don't have mine installed yet - way too wet here in Portland.
  3. A couple more items to consider - I did a gear change on an old S10 back in the 80's and it was just under 1k to go from 3.08 to 3.73 which was the largest I could go without changing housings - I suspect that here the best you could do is 3.42 as the 3.73 comes only in the NHT HD Towing Pkg. and it is in a different axle housing. Also changing diff gears on a 4x4 means doing both of them - it also means new seals and bearings and you need to find a person who knows about how to set the lash on the gears - it is an art. As others have suggested - make sure that the diffs are indeed 3.08 - double check the options list - sometimes a gear change is part of a tow package or just on its own. Remember that your Tow Rating includes all of the Payload - which is around 1800 lbs. As others have said the 3.08 is good for a total towing of 6200 lbs A trailer of that size should have a tongue wt around 800lbs (closer to 1000 lbs with batteries ,LPG, and whatever you put into the front cubbies). So with a 6200lb trailer you would have around 800lbs for you and your passengers and cargo. I have towed a 5800 lb tt with a 99 Tahoe and it was no fun - yes I know the 5.3 makes more HP and Torque than the 5.7 in that rig and the 6 spd is better than that old 4 spd - but that rig was a real dog to drive both on the flats and in the mountains here in Oregon. I did have a huge improvement when I went to a 2500HD 6L 6 spd 4.10 gears. My advice is to scale back your trailer to something in the 4500 lb Dry Wt range (remember until you weigh it you are not sure how much it weighs). Even then I would be prepared to gear down for the hills - that engine loves to rev in the 3500-4000RPM range to make the best HP and Torque balance. Taller rear end gears would allow you to use a higher transmission gear and still maintain 50-55 MPH. With the smaller rear gears you are probably going to have to use lower gears to get the RPMs up and you will be going slower. Good Luck
  4. 3 Camera System

    I am adding a Furrion Rear Observation/Backup camera system to my 31' TT and truck. Thought they wanted too much for the Intellihaul system. I also asked my local dealer if they had installed one and none of them had any experience with it. I know that with the right tools it can be a DIY install - I just don't want to have to tear into my doors
  5. 2500Hd Rumors

    I remember the old Kodiak/TopKick trucks retained the 8.3L gasser after it was removed from the 2500/3500 trucks. Maybe they will bring back a derivative of it or the 7.4L
  6. 2500Hd Rumors

    There has been much discussion on the forum for the past few years about the 6.0L No plausible rumors have surfaced - lots of suggestions for GM engineers - Turbos, more displacement, better tune, etc. I would think that if there were a major revision in the power plant there would be prototypes being put together now and just like with the L5P Dmax there was speculation based on parts orders from various shops known for doing GM prototypes. There has been nothing on the 6.0L. My 07 HD with the 6.0L was a great improvement over the 5.7L it replaced - made a huge difference in towing my 6000lb Travel Trailer. Now that I have upgraded the TT again (8000lbs) I also upgraded to the DMax - and have not looked back. While the 6.0L could have done the job, I feel that the DMax does it way better.
  7. I watched the TFL video on the new Sierra and they went over the new plastic bed - the GM engineer referred to it a s the 5'3" bed associated with the crew cab models.
  8. When I ordered my 17 Dmax the order was placed in Dec and I picked the rig up in April. It stayed at 3000 for quite awhile and the next sticking point was between Bayment and railhead - and they have now added some codes to the 4000 series to see how long it sits at the receiving railhead - mine sat there for two weeks or more. Things came to a head when GM called my dealer and asked why 10 cars ordered and at the railhead had not been delivered to customers to close out the month of March. Long story short, the dealer went to the railhead and brought back the 10 rigs for delivery the first week of April. When I went in to pick my truck up, there were three convoy trucks in their drive. It seems that the convoy drivers are paid a flat rate for deliveries within our metro area so they cherry pick the loads for the dealers closest to the rail head as they can make more $$. The outlying dealers get theirs last. This goes across all three US brands - not just GM.
  9. It was there in my 17 2500 LTZ 4x4 - no Z71 - just follow the instructions in the video.
  10. I agree that 6500 lbs sounds high for a dry wt - but a bit light for a Max Wt or GVWR. My old Arctic Fox 22H (24') was less than 6000 when fully loaded for camping. I towed it with a 99 Tahoe that had the older 5.7L 4spd and 3.73 rear gears. It was underpowered and the TT tended to push the Tahoe around. I did try new HD shocks and Tires - but what solved the push around issue was stronger bars on the WD hitch. I traded the Tahoe for an 07 2500 with a 6.0L 6spd and 4.10 rear end - world of difference. Now there is more correlation between the 6.0L and the 5.3L than the old 5.7L esp in the torque curves - both the 5.43 and 6.0L have wider torque ranges and work very well between 3000 and 4000 RPM - and on my 2500 that was 4th gear and between 50 and 60 MPH which allowed me to climb hills with minimal effort. I found that the 6spd in the 2500 was quite smart for downshifting when in tow/haul and I rarely had to use the manual control - grade braking on the downhill also worked very well and the truck was still on its OEM brakes at 92k and still had pad left. I suggest that you pull hills using the tach - keeping it between 3 and 4k - don't worry too much about the gear or speed..
  11. I will have to agree that the one and only time the DEF low indicator came on for the 1000mi warning I was near the middle of no where and had just fueled up. I thought I could make it back home with my trailer without another warning - I was only 150 miles from there. However I got about 75mi out and the second warning came on, by the time I got home it was threating a slow down. Added 5gal of DEF and all was good. Dealer topped off the tank at the first oil change - have not added any more since. I suspect that my selling dealer did not fully fill the tank upon delivery.
  12. I am sure that others will chime in but I remember some one else here ordering the parts for the scoop hood - but it was $$$ and I am not sure if he made it working or not. To make it work, you would also need a new air box with the top opening. I would be curious as to why a Denali would be on constraint - hope it doesn't last long.
  13. 9600 trouble free miles. Had the dealer do the ECM TCM re-flash - did not really notice any changes. My daily drive to work just get it warmed up to operational temp - but I have noticed about once a tank full it does a re-gen. The exhaust gets hot and smelly - but I have yet to get the "drive more" message. It seems like the regen is able to start and start at will. I saw a video where Gale Banks did a tear down of the L5P and from what I saw and what Gale said these new engines are well built - Gale feels that there is 20% more in the engine without much work - including the bottom end. They also tore down the top end and it was equally impressive.
  14. According to the GM engineers you won't find the shifter anywhere but the column. The console real estate is way to pricy. Now if you take a look at the new Terrain Denali (and maybe other trims) they have a push button R-N-D and an L with a +/- button on it. Then on the console is a rotary switch for 2WD/4WD/Mountain/Towing etc
  15. From what I have seen about these and other aftermarket camera installs they are not the easiest things to put in - lots of disassembly/reassembly of dash and door parts. For most shade tree mechanics it is a full days job - which means at shop rates, the install would cost more than the parts. I doubt if GM has a Standard Rate for this install so if you notched them down in labor they probably told the tech to make it quick. In 20/20 hindsight, I would have negotiated more on the parts price and not on the labor. At this point you have corrected the issues you found and Echomaster is aware of your issue so maybe they will support you going forward. As for the dealer - I think I would let them know about it - I would have taken photos of the install prior to fixing it - or once discovered - taken it back and let them work out the bugs. My dealer of purchase is about 2hrs away - my nearest dealer is 5min. I was interested in this system when I bought my new truck last year - my fleet buyer told me he and the dealership he worked for had never touched one - to me this was a clue to not have them do the work. I asked around at some other dealers and they also claimed to have no experience with these systems - or for that matter any training on them. I see where the 2019s are going to have a couple of plugs on the back next to the trailer plug for cameras. They still won't have the cameras under the mirrors - except through the Echomaster system. I think that if GM is going to continue to promote it, they need to find an easier way to integrate it.

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