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  1. on my 07 the actual module was located on the frame rail behind the drivers side rear tire.
  2. Apparently there is a TSB out about this related to the need to re-program a module in the steering column. If not done in time the module needs to be replaced. Just read about this on another forum. A camper was stranded when he went to start his new truck to hitch up and go home and it failed to start. Ended up being towed to a dealer for replacement of the module - the only difference is his batteries were drained.
  3. I think the days of having several rear end ratios is long gone - I know on my 2007 HD I was suprized to have two choices by 2008 the 3.73 was NA and only the 4.11 was offered. GM is looking at optimizing the drivetrain computer systems for the best MPG/HP/Torque combination. It also simplifies the build process. There are some times with my truck that I wish I had a 3.42 or even 3.08 for better MPG when I am not towing.
  4. I have seen this come up in the fall/winter, my solution is to just add some coolant to the burp tank, I usually take a cup or two and the warning goes away. This has happened only twice in 3ys and 35kmi
  5. I recently got the second letter stating that they were ready for both the emissions and the heater cord mods. This was also done in conjunction with an oil change. So far I have not noticed any real change - except that the in the past the regen raised the idle RPMs to around 1k, now they are a bit less. I think the frequency of the regens is about the same- for me it was about every 400 miles or so. Now that I have retired, I am not necessarly driving it daily and using it more for hy and towing.
  6. My 07 tow mirrors never moved out - even after 10 yrs of use. My new 17 mirrors are so tight I can barely extend them.
  7. My 07 6.0L with the 6speed and 4.10 rear gears towed my 6000lb TT with ease. That motor loves to rev to 3000-4000 in order to get max torque. In 4th gear this rev range resulted in a speed of 55-60 - I felt nothing wrong with that. The only way I would do this kind of change is if I went to larger wheels and tires that effectively reduce the rear end ratio.
  8. I have not looked on my 17 but on my 07 2500HD the guts of the controller were located on the frame behind the rear drivers wheel.
  9. I went from an 07 2500 gas to a 17 2500 diesel loving the difference. The 07 was lucky to get more than 14 MPG on the hy and 8=9 MPG around town and towing a 6000 lb Travel Trailer. The diesel easily gets 20 MPH hy doing between 65 and 75 MPH. around town I get 14 and towing my new 8000lb Travel Trailer 11-12 MPG. I have more power and can easily climb any hill I have found. I have used my local dealer for oil changes at around 100.00 ea - I buy BlueDef at about 12.00/box I usually go around 11000 miles on the 5 gal. All in all I am happy with my 17 250 DMAX as a daily driver, weekend hauler a
  10. Do you have a remote start? does that work? In fact that could be part of the problem - newer trucks with or without remote start have the capability of it. So you don't have to hold the key in the start position-- just spring it there for a second and let off. I would also try a different dealer or call GM directly
  11. Well I went from an 07 2500 gas to a 2017 diesel - part due to a want and the fact that I was moving up to a larger TT and looking to do more traveling in the next few years. I will be retiring at the end of next year and plan on doing longer trips. Currently it is a daily driver that sees about 20mi a day and does towing duty on the weekends. Even on the daily grind it gets better fuel mileage than the gasser did - I am talking almost double - not to mention on the hy. I average 13 city and 24hy and about 14 towing. I have way more power to climb hills no more screaming at 3500+ in 4th - it
  12. I love it for long downgrades - when used with the cruise control - it keeps my truck and trailer at the set speed - don't have to touch the brakes. I usually engage it along with tow/haul mode every time I tow my TT.
  13. I started with a cheap back up camera - would not pass a signal through my 31' TT and truck. Spent 3X on a furrion rear observation system and it is night and day difference. I think that you get what you pay for. BTW I did get my money back on the first system, but it took some time.
  14. Agreed that the Fords were the worst - but I have seen photos of early GM trucks with melted plastic bumper steps.
  15. My 17 DMAX does a regen every 400 mi or so and as mentioned above all I notice is the slight raise in RPM and a hot exhaust smell. The whole process takes about 10mi or so. I only notice it when driving around town. Early DEF equipped trucks did have a message on the DIC that told you to keep driving until the regen was complete. They were also known as flame throwers as in the beginning of all of this, these trucks (all brands) often shot fire out the tailpipe. Regen is the process of burning out/off the particulate trap/filter. DEF is used to scrub them from the exhaust and into
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