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  1. The reproductions being made are all just like original and electrical. Paul Jr @ GMCPauls
  2. 1st check the tank and make sure that there are no plugs in tank openings that should have vent hoses, as the most common thing for causing slow filling is owners plug the vent line openings instead of using all for venting air. These vents are all needed due to the 1 1/4" fuel filler neck being so small when filling tank enough air can't escape through vent used or filler neck causing back pressure to build quickly resulting in having to fill tanks very slowly to prevent them burping gas out fuel filler neck. There are a total of 3 vents minimum on the tanks, 1 connects near top of fuel filler neck ( as close to top as you can get ) and then 2 smaller vent lines connections with 1 of each on either side of tank. Connect fuel vent valves to end of vent hoses so that it allows trapped air to escape but prevents outside debris, moisture, etc.... from entering tank. Heres a link to one by Holley at Summit Tank Vent Valve Paul Jr @ GMCPauls
  3. Probably a bad fuel pump in tank. Listen near fuel tank as someone turns key on to run position but not fully to start and you can normally hear the fuel pump come on and prime system with pressure.
  4. Very nice truck that's been well taken care of by previous owners also. Congrats!! Paul Jr @ GMCPauls
  5. I don't understand the Glamour Line / Action Truck label for the 1967-72 model year forium since they were actually known as The Custom Sport Truck Series So why not use what the series was actually called?? Paul Jr @ GMCPauls
  6. You have a Drum Brake Distribution Block not a prop valve. The distribution block warns of low brake fluid. This is a part we carry if you haven't located 1 yet. Paul Jr @ GMCPauls
  7. The only way to remove ignition lock without a key is to damage it. Stick a screw driver into slot for key and twist it against the stainless steel face plate on opening face of lock cylinder to pry it off lock cylinder, once that stainless steel face is damaged enough ( bent twisted ) the lock is then loose and can be removed by finishing unscrewing the ignition switch chrome bezel.
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