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  1. I have a NBS silverado 1500 custom. I have the onstar WiFi package, and have on a service ticket started with onstar/ AT&T. My WiFi will just stop working, usually after more than about 45min of driving. If I make an onstar call, it will briefly work while on the call. If I shut the truck off for more than 10min, it will start to work again. A search online with similar issue, stated to pull the fuse and replace to do a hard reset of the module. I’ve googled, and checked the owners manual, and can NOT figure out which fuse would control the cellular module for onstar.
  2. Bough the listed LEDs off amazon, and after some scraped up hands and brief panic that I had my arm stuck, I swapped out to the new ones. Worked great on the drive home from dinner, nobody flashed! Thanks for the post and info!
  3. ".......but we will no longer address communication pertaining to this issue." Wow, thats not even a polite way of saying, "don't even think of trying to ask again nicely, or further explain the problem, because we don't give a shit!"
  4. If it was a vehicle speed sensor, you would more then likely get a pulsation and delay in the brakes, the last 10ft before stopping. It would feel like you were stopping on ice. (When a VSS is bad, faulty, or not reading correctly, the ABS thinks the wheel is spinning at a different speed when braking, like when on ice and one wheel may lock and the others spin-which triggers your ABS to kick in.) I'd take the wheel off, and just follow all the wires to connectors, and make sure they are all seated properly.
  5. Have you tried driving it? Is the anti-lock doing anything goofy? Before taking the shocks on and off again-I'd recommend these "shot in the dark" attempts first- 1. Disconnect battery to allow ECM to reset 2. Take THAT wheel off, and see if any wires are loose or disconnected 3. Get the code read Hearing that you had wheel well liners you pulled and replaced, is making me more comfortable in guessing that you bumped some connection for the ABS, where it connects right by the wheel.
  6. I don't think any part of the leveling would have caused the warning lights. I think its more probable, that there is a sensor that is disconnected dealing with ABS.
  7. Jacksonville is the armpit of FL! A lot of folks there, didn't hear that the civil war ended, and America won.
  8. My post was sarcasm. Read it again, and maybe you'll catch it this time.
  9. Try pressing the pedal. I don't think playing with flowers is going to make a difference with your oil reset light.
  10. 27K and all original everything except for washer fluid, gas, oil, and oil filter!
  11. I don't think your issue is the vehicle speed sensor. If it only does it when you hit bumps when slowing down, the system is doing what it is supposed to. ABS senses when a wheel is moving at a different speed while braking. If your hitting a bump while braking, one tire is likely getting some lift off the road, and therefore changes speed, activating the ABS. A faulty VSS will activate consistently, not just on bumps. And thanks for bring up an old post. I find it refreshing to see people searching before posting the same topics over, and over. It helps for others to see whats already been posted about the topic you have a question on.
  12. That sounds like an error. I can't see anyone charging $300.00 for shipping a radio.
  13. I know its a $50 difference, but I didn't screw around, and just ordered the whole piece. I consider myself pretty handy, but wasn't willing to mess up a panel, and end up spending the $70 anyway, after already spending $17 for just the switch! Just order the whole panel, and you have no worries.
  14. Seat belts, airbags....what could possibly go wrong!!
  15. I had a 1991 Silverado that had the same noise. I checked my push rods, as that was my guess. Ended up getting progressively worse, and determined it was a lower engine bearing.
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