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  1. I wanted to let you know what happened with the fuse to the steps removed. I opened the drivers door the following morning and of course the steps did not deploy but I also did not hear the pump prime. So just to be safe I also unplugged the OBD. I then turned the key on (no start) and heard the pump prime. I didn't drive the truck for the following two days. This morning I opened the drivers door and heard nothing; no pump prime although I think I heard a very faint knock or clunk type of sound from under the bed. I put the fuse back in, connected the OBD opened the drivers door and the steps deployed. I then turned the key to on (no start) and heard the pump prime. I've had the truck for nine months, the last few with the steps installed and I do not recall ever hearing the pump prime when opening the drivers door until the steps were installed. I am wondering if the there is a relationship going on here between the steps and the pump or maybe I just never noticed the pump priming. I read the other posts regarding the new for 2017 feature of the drivers door causing the pump to prime. Now its bugging me that mine may not be doing this when everyone else's does. Also, my truck has remote start; I have not tried that feature while standing next to the truck and listening for the pump. Well, no matter. The important thing here is that the step motor is ok and that the noise I hear is the fuel pump. Geesh, how do I explain that to AMP tech support? They were really helpful with sending parts.
  2. Thanks guys!!! Opening the door primes the pump? Seriously? I always thought it was the ignition key. What you are saying makes sense. I replayed the video on my stereo for some family members today. There is a difference in sound we all heard which I had not noticed before. As a quick test I entered the truck from the passenger side then turned the key on without starting the engine. The fuel pump could be heard for a couple of seconds. Hmmm. So, I removed the fuse to the steps and will open the drivers door tomorrow to see/hear what happens. Maybe both the door and the key prime the pump? Stay tuned. I will post results.
  3. 2017 Silverado LT extended cab. I recently installed the AMP Research Powerstep with OBD2 connection 76154-01A. There is an ongoing issue with the drivers side motor continuing to run once the step is fully deployed when the drivers door is opened. Also, when I open the rear drivers side door the step deploys, leave the door open then open the drivers door and the motor turns on. In either case the motor only runs for a second or two following step deployment. Once this happens I can close then open either door and it works correctly. The pasenger side works fine and has no effect on the drivers side. This problem is random although it happens mostly in the morning or when the truck has not been driven or doors opened for a few hours. All electrical connections seem to be good; connectors 'snapped' into place, same with OBD connector. AMP has been good about sending replacement parts; first the controller followed by a clutch gear which unfortunately neither made for any improvement. I am at a loss; could this be the trucks fault, the BCM or door switch sending an extra or too long signal? Or maybe the AMP controller(s) has an issue; software or electrical? What do you guys think? Am I the only one to experience this? Here is youtube link of the motor overrun in action where I open the rear door followed by the front: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cidiuCnInLk

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