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  1. I went back to the dealer to have them take another look. The answer is that my truck does not have a hard drive which would store the music index. With the key off and after a few hours or so memory is lost for the music index. The next time the key is turned on the index has to be reestablished. The other vehicles I mentioned have hard drives and therefore do not exhibit this behavior.
  2. The dealer upgraded the software. For the first week or two all was well then the problem returned. I may have discovered a cause. I think that bluetooth from my phone may be having an effect. I noticed that with bluetooth turned off on my phone then start the engine that the problem does not occur. My phone is Samsung Android. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I did try a Patriot 128GB NTFS with no improvement. The 256 FAT32 continues to hourglass from time to time. I have an appointment with the dealer for this Tuesday. Stay tuned. My brother has a 2015 Sierra which does not exhibit any issues with his flash drives; 128GB FAT32. And, my 2017 Stingray does not have any issues using my other Patriot 256GB NTSF. Different software? Strange
  4. Well that was short lived. The erratic behavior has returned. This past week it reverted back to loosing the 'folder view'. When turning on the key it did not continnue with playing the previous days song but rather went into random mode. Apparently the index was lost as folder view was not available. I pulled the USB then reinstalled then waited a half hour or so as it hourglassed which I believe is the index process. I spoke with the dealer. His suggestion was to only use a flash drive as new and not one that has had song deletions. There may be a software upgrade other than the automatic one. I will bring the truck in next week for a software check/upgrade.
  5. There are 16,933 files and 1,430 folders, 122GB. I replaced the 256GB with a 128GB NTFS. The 128 wasn't quite big enough so I had to remove a few albums prior to copying. There was no improvement. I reformatted the 256GB to FAT32 and guess what, that seems to have solved the problem. It was questionable the first day; indexing took maybe 20-30 minutes but then folder view was not always available. Sometimes it would show 'unknown' and slow to recognize the song. However, for the past week and maybe a dozen or so on/off cycles it has been consistent in picking up where it left off. It does not start up instantly; it typically shows 'unknown' but within a few seconds or so recognizes and displays the song. So for now I will consider it a success.
  6. I too had been looking and recently found this Gogear storage CNSLPLUS-BLA which fit perfectly on my 2017 LT. http://www.gogearmobile.com/organizers.html
  7. As the title suggests the USB music is exhibiting erratic behavior. Sometimes folder view is not available (it is not indexing as the flash drive was not removed). When returning to vehicle and turning on key, the music played will typically be what I was last listening to; sometimes it will randomly play something else. Sometimes it shows “No Media Found” then after a period of time when it does recognize the USB it shows “No Artist Info”. The song title will display but no artist or album title. When this happens there is no sound and adjusting the volume control has no effect. If I press radio the sound works, then pressing media and now the sound works and the song title, artist and album display correctly. 2017 Silverado LT. The USB is Patriot Slate 3.1 256GB NTFS. I have another one which works fine in a 2017 Corvette. The owner’s manual page 203 states USB format FAT16/32 or ex FAT is recognized but NTFS is not. Page 201 states USB 2.0. However, page 27 of the Infotainment manual states that it supports file systems FAT32 and NTFS. So, what to believe? What do you guys think? Anyone have the same or similar issues?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like one vote for sink and one no sink. I will have to decide if it is worth pursuing. Or if I am being too (butt) sensitive.
  9. If you need a chiropractor I'll cover the first visit.
  10. That would be great, thanks. The more the better. Also, I recall reading here somewhere that GM contracted with a new seat supplier. I think it was to start with 2018. FYI, when checking the distance from top of my head to ceiling I would place my hand on my head and adjust the number of fingers accordingly. Hey, whatever works.
  11. I can't give an answer to the passenger side. It is rarely used. I would think that if the same material was used throughout then all seats would suffer.
  12. Good thing my fielders mitt was handy. I caught your drift but you'll have to throw a bit harder to take it wrong. To answer your question I am 5'10" and 170lbs. I have never had this problem in my 2003 Silverado or any other vehicle. Maybe like PMurray said that it is "normal" for this truck. But normal doesn't make it right.
  13. I have a 2017 Silverado LT with power cloth seats. Initially the drivers seat had a comfortable feel to it; nice suppport and firmness. After six months or so and a few thousand miles one day I noticed that I was not sitting at my usual height. The view out the windshield was different as well as the view out of the rear view mirror. My first thought was that the power height adjustment had changed so I raised the seat. The next day I was sitting way too high so I lowered the seat. I began checking the height position of the seat in relation to the floor mounts and discovered that it was not moving. It must be the cushion sinking. If I do not drive the truck for a few days the seat height is right where I expect it to be and the firmness is improved. After an hour or so of driving I notice that I am sitting lower. I check this by gauging the distance from top of my head to the ceiling with my fingers. The longer I am in the truck the greater this distance becomes. The change is about one to two inches. Don't drive for a day or two and height and firmness returns. I brought this to the attention of my dealer and of course they can not see anything wrong. I expect I would have to leave the truck with them for a few days. I'm thinking that one way to prove this would be to place a piece of wood on the seat then measure the height and photograph, go for a drive then measure again. What do you guys think? Has anyone else experienced this?
  14. I wanted to let you know what happened with the fuse to the steps removed. I opened the drivers door the following morning and of course the steps did not deploy but I also did not hear the pump prime. So just to be safe I also unplugged the OBD. I then turned the key on (no start) and heard the pump prime. I didn't drive the truck for the following two days. This morning I opened the drivers door and heard nothing; no pump prime although I think I heard a very faint knock or clunk type of sound from under the bed. I put the fuse back in, connected the OBD opened the drivers door and the steps deployed. I then turned the key to on (no start) and heard the pump prime. I've had the truck for nine months, the last few with the steps installed and I do not recall ever hearing the pump prime when opening the drivers door until the steps were installed. I am wondering if the there is a relationship going on here between the steps and the pump or maybe I just never noticed the pump priming. I read the other posts regarding the new for 2017 feature of the drivers door causing the pump to prime. Now its bugging me that mine may not be doing this when everyone else's does. Also, my truck has remote start; I have not tried that feature while standing next to the truck and listening for the pump. Well, no matter. The important thing here is that the step motor is ok and that the noise I hear is the fuel pump. Geesh, how do I explain that to AMP tech support? They were really helpful with sending parts.
  15. Thanks guys!!! Opening the door primes the pump? Seriously? I always thought it was the ignition key. What you are saying makes sense. I replayed the video on my stereo for some family members today. There is a difference in sound we all heard which I had not noticed before. As a quick test I entered the truck from the passenger side then turned the key on without starting the engine. The fuel pump could be heard for a couple of seconds. Hmmm. So, I removed the fuse to the steps and will open the drivers door tomorrow to see/hear what happens. Maybe both the door and the key prime the pump? Stay tuned. I will post results.
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