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  1. Tons of info, use the search tool and hang on! I may need to be replaced, it may need to be calibrated. Sounds like its working some of the time. The actuator that is giving you problems is located just above the center hump of the floor towards the passenger side under the dash. Youtube is your friend as well. Good luck!
  2. I cut the stock muffler out of my 2011/5.3 and installed a Flowmaster 50. A little rumble to let know its not stock. Put your foot into it and it wakes up nicely! NO cab drone at all unless pulling a heavy load, then you will notice it more but that is the territory expected.. You may want to get rid of the AFM so you don't hear when the V4/V8 switches.. Good luck!
  3. Looking for some directions here on a 2000 S10 2.2l that has a difficult time starting first thing in the morning or after sitting for a few hours or more.. If only like a run to the store, it starts right up. Most info I have found pertains to the 4.3 engines spider/fuel inj. module or the pressure regulator.. I have not checked fuel pressure yet as it appears to get fuel, it just acts like there is nothing in the line for the primary start of the day.. Thoughts?
  4. WD40 the passenger door latch assembly. Move it by hand several times while soaking it up. It doesnt know if it is fully engaged or disengaged. Worth a shot...
  5. The blacked out rims just seem kiddish and only look good on a blacked out truck. There are times when they look pretty good but I am not a huge fan of aftermarket rims either... I like a nice factory rim with a more aggressive size and look tire..
  6. On your truck, I would not go with all black. What you have showing will look good (for aftermarket) !
  7. If not, check the hub bearings........ If it is the hub bearings, DO NOT REPLACE WITH THE CHEAPER STORE BRAND ONES!!! You will be replacing the hub again in 4-6 months!!!
  8. Something about the sync with Android based phones (older ones) that I have seen have issues with them. I can not get mine to call based off of voice commands like saying names listed in my phone. Someone told me that I can load the name into the trucks system but that is too much of a pain. The regular people that I would call while driving I would have to say the number to get it to take.. Push the button, say "call" then say the 10 digit number if the phone is sync'd to the truck. Good luck!
  9. Front caliper pins are hanging up and not releasing the brake against the rotor on one side for a bit while rolling.... Had a Ranger that was very good at this... My wife would call is a squeal as well. Just a thought since the obvious has already been stated with belts and tensioners.
  10. There is a fine line between when the right time is to replace parts that have not failed and when the money makes sense to spend it... Good for you!
  11. 2inch level on mine and running 275/70R18 without issues on stock rims. Its pretty darned close though...
  12. If one side is fine but the other is having some issues, you may want to replace everything on that side at one time and wait for the other side when it starts to fail. For the price of the parts and the labor difference of doing it at one time, it may be more cost effective for you.. Doing both sides and all parts at once may be a bit of a money commitment that most would not want to endure.... Its all about the money.... Moog makes fine parts! Do NOT buy the store brand components to save a buck unless you are looking to sell the truck soon.... I am not a fan of those parts for any reason a
  13. What components were you thinking?? Your asking a somewhat loaded question with you are not giving many details... Is the trucks suspension fine now, but your just concerned it will be needing work? Or is it getting a little loose and you do not want to do ball joints to find that in a few months you should have done more??? How long are you keeping this truck? I like the idea of just going through it all at one time if you are keeping the truck long term etc etc etc...
  14. Cool. I just didnt want to spend the money on the mirrors without knowing that they couldnt be manipulated level some how.. Never gave it much thought apparently.. Good for you!
  15. LOL! What did you do to level them? Just space out the top mounts? I never did put them on my 03 2500hd because of that look and just used the slide on ones when towing. Figured it would only look that way when I had them on and the permanent ones would always be that way!
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