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  1. Has anyone found a solution to repair the inside door handle of the drivers side door, all of the internal plastic has broke on mine and the vinyl keeps coming out. Trying to repair rather than purchase the whole panel? 2012 Sierra Duramax
  2. 2012 Sierra Duramax/64000 miles, A check engine light came on and the message 165 mile until 65 mph was displayed, then the Service emissions system came on and check owners manual. Thought it may be the DEF fluid, so i bought some and added 5 gals worth(Warning light for DEF never came on). Once fluid was added the check engine light went away but message still appears, can't check anything in the DIC because it won't let me. Question is how or when will the message disappear?
  3. Sorry for not getting back sooner, the trim package is SLT
  4. Looking for a solution to the failing interior door pull handle on my Sierra 2500 HD, seems all I can find is that I need to replace the whole interior door panel. Seems like someone would make a repair kit for the inner pieces of the pull handle that is breaking apart?
  5. Thanks, but that the handle to open the door, the one i'm looking for is the pull handle, just behind the Power Window switches?
  6. Does anyone have a fix for the failing interior pull door handle besides replacing the whole door panel? My truck only has 60000, and drivers side door pull handle has come apart.
  7. Anyone know where I can find a schematic of the tail and brake light wiring for a 2012 Sierra 2500 HD, i am sure its nothing complicated, but my right brake and turn signal is not working on trailer plug in?
  8. What is the most economical way to level my 12' 2500 HD, wanting to raise the front? Looking to put the front end the same height as the back.
  9. What is the cost of the tool to reset position of tires?
  10. How do I reset the tire pressure monitoring system myself on my 2012 Sierra 2500 duramax?
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