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  1. Add a leaf

    Don't add a leaf. I had the same idea as you and did it to my 2000. I pulled a boat in the summer, and a car trailer maybe once a year. The ride quality was awful without a load on it. I finally took out the leaf, put in blocks, and lived happily ever after.
  2. Headlight Removal

    Sorry to wake this sleepy thread, but did they change the display format of each post? Am I blind? I am looking for post 901 in the sticky mentioned above... Are they not numbered anymore? The only thing I can find that uniquely identifies each post is "comment#=" For example: the post above me would be "comment-1602609" or https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/171219-headlight-removal/?tab=comments#comment-1602609
  3. shifting issues

    Sorry to hear about your situation! I haven't experienced the grade braking engaging unexpectedly, but my transmission definitely acts up. It seems to be linked to my driving style. If I grandpa around drive the truck easy like I want it to last 15 years, it shifts like dog crap. Example: One road I travel home is 40mph speed limit. I let off the gas for a red light up ahead, truck speed slows to 32-35mph, light turns green so I press my foot into the pedal just slightly as if I wanted to gradually speed back up to speed limit. The trans will downshift violently and whip your neck. It seems to happen randomly at other times, but mostly 30-45 mph and around downshifts. In contrast, if I drive it like a race car (100% throttle leaving corners or red lights, 100% braking into corners or stops) it shifts just magically and it's quite pleasing. It flows from gear to gear, smooth as butter. Never a shortage in power, keeping you sucked back in your seat. I can't help but wonder if they tailored the transmission design to that majority of ass-hat drivers that we all see everyday. It's a shame too because that's not how I want to drive at all. I'm mostly over here trying to beat my high score fuel mileage. I did 10 under on a 5hr drive a while back and averaged 27.2mpg. The only way to beat it is to grandpa around and I don't think this pickup was made for that. Oh, I also have a 2016 Silverado 1500 6-speed. 4WD double cab LT.
  4. I had a question that I could not find an answer to on this forum. I found the answer in the manual and figured I would post here to help others in the future. My pickup: 2016 Silverado LT My manual: part number 23133519 Information for Keys, Doors, and Windows begins on page 32. My negotiating skills when purchasing my used pickup were not the best, so I left the dealership with only one key and one fob. I purchased two blanks from amazon and had them cut at a local lock smith as most of you have done ($10 per blank, $15 per cut). I used the instructions previously posted in this thread to program one of the keys, and I received the message telling me that 3 keys have been programmed. I wanted to program the next spare key but I was worried about the limit of transponder keys that could be programmed. The answer to this question was found on page 45 of the manual: "It is possible for the immobilizer system to learn new or replacement keys. Up to eight keys can be programmed for the vehicle. To program additional keys, see Keys -> 32. To program additional transmitters, see Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system Operation -> 35." I went a bit further to see if I would be able to program a new fob, too. Page 36 explains that up to eight transmitters can be programmed to operate with the vehicle, but instructs the owner to see the dealership for programming.
  5. 2019 Silverado

    Soooooo many fake 2019 Shakerado pictures floating around. Don't worry; I fixed it:
  6. Silverado Fuel Log

    Alright, I'm with ya. Sorry you had to break it down for my tiny brain lol. I've had this truck for a few months and I still haven't broke out the manual. I'm still not sure if I can run e85. I dont have any yellow around my gas cap so I'm guessing I can't.
  7. Going Led Crazy

    I sure wish I could see images of this install. Sadly, the good folks over at photobucket don't have a big enough yacht.
  8. We're in a hole! We're just going to have to dig ourselves out!
  9. Lol, Sorry I couldn't help it.
  10. Silverado Fuel Log

    I live in Oklahoma. What is this winter fuel blend you speak of? You can get 93 for .0015 a gallon more? It's like 20-25 cents higher for 91 and 50 cents higher for 93 here. I don't think my truck will run E85.
  11. Silverado Fuel Log

    Thanks for the replies. I've seen Fuelly before and it looks nice, but I didn't see where you could track oil life. I'll be checking Road Trip out soon!
  12. I used to check my mileage every time I filled up, but I never wrote it down or anything. It was always just a mental thing. As my 2000 Z71 aged, the mileage got worse. I always wished that I had kept track so maybe I could see trends or be able to pinpoint when something started going wrong with my truck. I would also be able to see the effects of leveling out, larger tires, or other mods. Soon after I got the '16 I started recording this using a spreadsheet on my phone. Do any of you do this? Has this ever helped you? Is this a waste of time? Date Total Mileage Trip Miles Gallons Octane 10% Ethanol MPG Oil Life Summary PPG Cost 10/11/2017 43193 10/16/2017 43577 383.9 22.815 87 No 16.83 91.00% Trip home. Pulled Sean's boat to Norman. $2.59 $59.09 10/28/2017 43879 302.1 18.762 87 No 16.10 88.00% Work, Okarche, Work $2.59 $48.59 Total Miles 3776.4 11/04/2017 44220 341 18.713 87 No 18.22 83.00% Work $2.59 $48.47 Total Gallons 220.177 11/16/2017 44607 386.3 20.457 87 No 18.88 78.00% Work and Watonga $2.55 $52.17 Average MGP 17.15 11/23/2017 44757 150.8 11.028 87 No 13.67 76.00% $2.49 $27.46 Average PPG $2.40 11/30/2017 45208 450.8 22.55 87 Unsure 19.99 71.00% Work and Watonga $2.49 $56.15 Total Cost $527.40 12/11/2017 45543 334.9 20.464 87 No 16.37 66.00% Work and Watonga $2.39 $48.91 12/18/2017 45822 267.9 15.571 87 No 17.21 63.00% Work and Watonga $2.39 $37.21 Average MPD 71.25 12/26/2017 46186 375.1 22.218 87 Yes 16.88 58.00% $1.94 $43.10 Projected MPY 26,007.28 12/28/2017 46515 329.3 18.633 87 No 17.67 54.00% Marietta and Work $2.49 $46.40 12/30/2017 46761 245.8 14.849 87 Probably 16.55 51.00% Marietta and Watonga $2.12 $31.48 1/3/2018 46970 208.5 14.117 87 Probably 14.77 48.00% Marietta and Work $2.01 $28.38
  13. I tried. I spent several months looking for a pickup. The problem is that I am too damn picky. Criteria for a suitable purchase: Make: Chevrolet (I don't care for the Sierra front end, plus I knew this wouldn't be easily swappable) Model: Silverado 1500 Trim: LTZ Z71(had to settle for LT on this one) Odometer: <52,000 Drive Train: 4WD (will not own 2WD) Color: Summit White (would not settle on anything else) Cab: Double (would not settle on anything else) Price: <$31,000 Not from Texas (hurrican truck) There were plenty of crew cabs out there, but I didn't want that short of a box, and I don't want a long bed. I found one Sierra that fit the build pretty well, but I stuck with the Silverado because I already knew the front would be swappable for 2014-2015 parts and I could get rid of projectors. That wouldn't work on the Sierra. I found a few others that were close, but the dealers didn't want to sell them at a reasonable price. I'm not going to pay $3,000 over market value for something just because the dealer is stubborn. I ended up with a 2016 that matches most of my criteria. It is an LT, but it only had 42,000 on the odometer and I paid like $27k. If I could have snagged a low mile 14-15 for the right price I totally would have. Although I think it would be pretty neat, I think most of you are right. It would only hurt the resale value, and be a pain in the butt. The hood and grille wouldn't be hard to swap, but I'm sure the headlights have different harnesses, and it would be pretty silly to go chopping wires on a mostly new truck that currently has no issues.

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