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  1. I considering pulling everything myself and having a shop do the swap, but I'm slow, didn't have a shop lined out that would take care of me, and didn't want to burn an entire Saturday. Thanks for the video. Can confirm, Bilstein 5100 is the way to go. My '16 no longer rides like a horse drawn carriage. I'm super happy with it! The shop took care of labor and alignment for $304, which is acceptable for me. I do not recommend the any leveling spacers. The shop told me that my struts were most likely making noise and damaged due to being over extended. I had the MotoFab 1.5" installed and I had them remove it. Plus, the ride is just incredibly better! FYI the Bilstein 5100 settings you can choose close to 1.5" is either 1.26" or 1.85". I went with the 1.85". I could do the rears myself, but I didn't plan on swapping them unless you all have info that says it's worth it. I'm about to head over to the Bilstein shocks thread and start reading.
  2. Thanks for input and replies. I kept checking and finally found a shop for about half of what everyone else was quoting and they included the alignment which is neat. They had a slow morning so it’s in the bay now. www.jandttruck.com for anyone that’s stumbles on this thread later.
  3. My factory shocks/struts are making a lot of squeaking noises and I've read a ton of good things about the Bilstein 5100 so I bought a pair on Amazon. I don't really feel like doing the work myself, but most shops around NW OKC are quoting me around $600-$700 to swap them out for me. This seems way to extreme to replace some shocks so I haven't got them replaced yet. Am I crazy? Is the job really that hard and worth $600, or do I need to man up and get some tools to compress the springs and do it myself? I put a leveling kit on so I've had these half way apart before and I didn't think it was that difficult. Any suggestions of a competitive mechanic in the area is also welcome! Thanks Edit: Truck is a 2016 Silverado 1500 4x4
  4. I made a video for you:
  5. She might be dirty but she looks good! Looks aggressive but not over the top.
  6. I took a few photos today and tried to grab as many relevant measurements as possible. It was easier for me to upload everything to my blog to keep from getting the thread off topic. Head over to https://roodeebee.blogspot.com/2019/02/silverado-ride-height.html for details. You might be able to go 1" larger diameter than the 275/70r18, but that would probably be pushing it. On my next set I'm probably going to look at going a bit wider just for a tougher look. The next size up in the Cooper AT3 XLT is LT305/65R18. I recommend looking at https://tiresize.com/calculator/ and clicking the "tire comparison" tab. Also go to http://us.coopertire.com/tires/discoverer-at3-xlt.aspx and click "full specs" for all sizes of that model. Good luck.
  7. From my calculated/corrected odometer numbers I think my math is still buggy, but going off of the trip meter readings at every full-up, it looks like my average MPG went from 17.55 to 16.15. I expected it to be worse! I'm going off of this guy's formula. Again, I think something isn't right, but I can't get my head around it.
  8. I agree with you. That comment bothered me as well. I’m actually glad you woke this sleepy thread. I was unaware of this and have done some very imbarrasing donuts the last two winters. I’m unplugging the steering position sensor ASAP 🤣. I use mirrors for reverse. Also, there are probably ways of flashing a BCM. If not, there are modules that will spoof signals from the BCM to operate different functions of the vehicle. Example: http://speedturtleengineering.com/
  9. Thanks! I have a running spreadsheet for mpg documentation. The numbers did drop, but I have not reprogrammed the ECM or BCM for the change in tire size (looking for advise to get this accomplished), and I have not put a formula in the spreadsheet to correct the value. I’ve had that on my to-do list so I hope to have an accurate answer soon. Something I noticed is that the transmission seems to be confused by the new tire size. I don’t really know how to explain it. It gets about 13mpg when the cruise is set anywhere from 65-69. If I set the cruise on 64 or 71-72 the mileage seems to go up to 17-22.
  10. I dig it! What’s going on with the black/red vinyl back by the rear fender? Can we get more pics?
  11. 1.5” lift in the front. Still has a slight rake, not completely level, but I like it. Running a 275/70r18 no rub full lock. Don’t judge my crooked bumper. I still haven’t got the hit and run damage fixed.
  12. I finally got some warm weather and covered the bow tie and door pillars in black vinyl. One of these days I’d like to color match the front end.
  13. AirPods: cleaning methods

    My AirPods are ~3 years old now and the sound is quite poor. I’m sure they have ear wax smashed into them. I’ve researched ways of cleaning them but I’m just not sure how well alcohol is going to work. What would happen if I sprayed a bunch of electrical contact cleaner in the screens? Anyone here a pro on how chemicals/materials react? Thanks.
  14. 1,000 is waaay overkill for that driver. Click the sections tab. It says max of 300. Also, JL always under rates those specs, probably so they don’t have to fulfill any replacements because you over powered it. I ran 1 10” JL under the rear passenger seat for years on a 500 watt alpine amp that probably delivered 250 on average and it sounded great. IMO 2 10” JLs would just shake stuff apart and make your cab rattle prematurely. I’d stick with one.

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