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  1. any reason why you didn't go with a 2.5" hitch instead of using the reducer?
  2. Thats awesome, I bought the stow and tow hoping it would fit and does not, I'm sure that was half the cost too
  3. GMC all day. And I've only owned Chevys. Picked mine up last week
  4. I was debating on tinting the side markers as well. I wish they did it from factory like the roof markers. I will say I like the look of it at night with the side markers
  5. Yeah I figured most knew about it. Mine was a 06 so it was just the 2"
  6. I had my dealer sell them to me for $50 since that was the price when ordering the truck, they wanted $150 at the dealer. He had to order them so all I have right now is a We Owe
  7. Hey guys. Many of you may know this but it was new to me as my old diesel still had the 2" receiver. Found out when I went to hook up a trailer that it had a 2.5" receiver so my hitch wouldn't fit. There is however a reducer that I found in the truck. So make sure you look for that if you need it. I will be buying a 2.5" hitch this week but they are not open today. Even my old locking pin wouldn't fit. And a picture because I can't stop looking at this thing. LOL
  8. Finally home. This thing is a beast of a truck.
  9. was size has anyone been able to fit on the stock wheels?
  10. picking mine up today, just arrived on the lot yesterday
  11. Do you have a front on look of your truck? Would like to see that view
  12. I was talking to a guy in IG and he shared this with me. Says 35x12.5x20 with no trimming. Not sure if there was any rubbing.
  13. Nice looking truck, I heard you could fit 35x12.5x20 with no lift. I am still awaiting the arrival of mine, those tires look good enough though, was just hoping to fit 35s. I don't like to level as I haul to often
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