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  1. They make one now? Dang it! Can you show some pics?
  2. I had my dealer sell them to me for $50 as that is what they would have cost if ordered with build. Then I paid i think only $20 to have discount tire install, programming is a breeze.
  3. Anyone else getting this code? Ive been to the shop 6 times already and under 4k mi. Everytime I go in its not in failure so there isn't much they can do... plus they don't seem to know what that code is. The above and these two are the last three codes pulled.
  4. Engine light came on... again... already had the ECM reprogrammed twice. This time it brought up a code that comes up under the GM system as unassigned... my service writer didn't know what its was. I am dropping off next Tuesday, just curious if anyone else has seen this code?
  5. what he said ^^ It does turn off when you press the start button, and I drive an AT4 HD as well
  6. cargo lights, if switched on, will come on in park and reverse
  7. Thats what I did. Discount only charged $5 a wheel. With the trailer up there they can use the tool to help program so you don't have to walk around letting air in and out
  8. Yes there is another post about this. There has been a recall now. They will need to reprogram
  9. Hey Guys I've had mine 2020 AT4 HD in the shop twice now for engine light coming on. Code is P20EE which has to do with to much NOX in exhaust, or bad DEF mix or something along those lines... When I took it in Monday because light came on again and I wanted to see if it was same code, which it was, service writer said a recall had just been issued that had to do with incorrect information being displayed on DEF fluid. Not sure what all that means. But they did it, took maybe 15min and light has not come back on since. Curious if anyone else has seen a similar issue or know what the recall details was?
  10. Nice! I got mine done with lifetime ceramic pro and ppt on front bumper... get to finally wash it today
  11. Hey Guys For those of you that still haven't purchased your new truck. I had the dealer order me the 4 sensors for $50 as thats what it would have cost if ordered originally. They did so if you want them just push for that. It was the last thing we did after getting to the price we wanted. Just FYI
  12. I'm with you on the info system being behind. I enjoy using apple car play buy hate having to plug in, what's the point of the wireless charging if I have to plug in every time I want to use Waze
  13. All the freaking time! It seems to only happen when at home, and I do have it connected to my home WiFi. Wondering if it’s updates or what not but geez it’s annoying. I was coming here to post about it as well.
  14. any reason why you didn't go with a 2.5" hitch instead of using the reducer?
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