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  1. Where's the fun if one can't stir the pot a little! I have no doubt there will be things I miss from my Silverado, aside from it's "issues" I really did like it. I looked at a RST Tahoe in an attempt to stay GM, but they were even more expensive than the Durango SRT and didn't match the handling. I mean it's body on frame vs unibody it was never mentioned to
  2. I'll try to keep my opinions to myself but if the SRT being better than GM is a fact, I'll be obligated to tell the facts... 😉(Referring to your signature)
  3. I feels like what the TBSS would have been if it were made modern
  4. The 2011 to 2019 Grand Cherokee and Durango are unibody. They are actually heavily based on the Mercedes ML Class and GL class back when Mercedes Benz owned Dodge. This is why for a 5,000+lb Suvs they have amazing driving Dynamics. They also feel very German in how solid they are. Internet rumor is the redesign will go back to body on frame
  5. With a heavy heart I'm leaving the GM team for the first time since I started driving. I have seen numerous threads of people abandoning GM and never thought I'd have one Between the 8l90 clunking, the torque converter chattering non stop, and the rest end giving me a back massage I couldn't deal with it any more. I knowingly voided my warranty with my mods so I rolled the dice. I have paid for a rear end rebuild and triple transmission fluid flush with the updated Mobile 1 fluid without success. Had GM found a guaranteed way to fix these issues I would have no problem paying out of pocket for what would have been warranty repairs because I love the truck and all the mods I put into it. I wish all of you the best and those that still are having issues with your trucks I hope you get them all figured out. GM can really build nice stuff when the bean counters don't force quality cuts and avoid admitting bad designs. In the next couple months I'll be taking as much off as I can so anyone that wants some well taken care of mods for a fraction of the cost new, look me up. I'll also start a thread in the classifieds once I do the teardown. I'm moving on to a Dodge Durango SRT. It checks all the right boxes, rear biased awd, adaptive suspension, massive brembo brakes, 475hp V8, AND it can tow 8,700lbs!
  6. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    I just went to order an updated torque converter (p/n 24285996) and was told the new part number is 24290214. I've Google searched for that updated part number and can't find anything. Anyone have that updated torque converter installed?
  7. My 15 had the shudder and they did the tripple flush last summer. About 11,000 miles later it's just as bad as it was. I'm hoping a new torque converter will fix it.
  8. First timer Truetrac install

    I ended up paying a shop to install it. They said it was a pain to get the contact patch right and make it quiet, but it's been on for about 8k miles. The only hiccup was the shop didn't use any thread locker on the cover bolts so driving back from hauling the ATV trailer It came loose. I smelt it and noticed a fine oil sheen on the back of the truck and on the trailer along with the smell of gear oil. I replaced the missing bolts and used a threadlocker that's designed to cure in the presence of oil. When I refilled the diff I was had about 2-2.5 qts in there so it was far from dry. As far as operation, I fricken love it. It puts power down through the corners like crazy and when both tired are on tar or dirt it will light em up. The only time it doesn't do so well is when one tire is on dirt and one is on tar, or when one tire is either up in the air or does not have very much weight on it. So basically if there is a big traction difference between the tires it just one tire fires. Supposedly a quick jab of the brakes will lock em back up, but I keep forgetting to do it in those moments.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    I wanted rake from the start because I tow and put heavy stuff in the bed. Having the front end higher than the back even when loaded is a pet peeve of mine. Hope this picture gives you more of an idea of the rake it has now. I forgot to take before measurements, but after I'm 3" higher in the back.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Here is my truck with 5100's on the third setting (one down from the top) and 1" rear lift blocks (2.25" total) with 285/55r20 tires (just over 32" tall.). I think it gave me the perfect stance. When I hook up the ATV trailer or snowmobile trailer I'll see if it squats past level. If that's the case I may swap out the rear blocks for add a leafs or install hellwig helper springs. The ride from the shocks is so much better. Much firmer and controlled.
  11. Last oil change I just started running 0w30. I tried 0w40 and while the oil analysis showed a very happy engine, fuel economy definitely dropped and you could notice the truck feeling more sluggish on cold mornings. The 6.2 in the vettes have always called for 0w30 or 5w30 and those motors are built the same. I'm glad to see GM smarten up!
  12. I did this the first winter I had the truck, but I found out it still turns itself on when wheel speed exceeds roughly 30 mph. That wheel speed is quite easy to achieve when having fun and when it engages mid slide/drift it puckers you up real quick. What I also found out is if you unplug a wheel speed sensor the system faults and turns itself off for good. To make this easy to do, I cut into the wiring harness and wired a switch into the dash. I call it my "fun button", when I hit the switch, the dash lights up, the door chime comes on, but then I can drift to my hearts content with zero intervention. Simply flick the switch back and everything goes back to normal! Just don't re-engage it while braking because it momentarily activates ABS and you lose braking for a split second haha
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    I just installed the 5100's on the 3rd setting (one down from the top) and readylift 2.25" (1"lift) rear blocks. I was too excited to get before measurements but the after are below. FL: 37-3/16 FR: 37-1/4 RL: 40-5/16 RR: 40-1/4 Just the 70 miles drive after was night and difference, the ride is much firmed and more controlled without being harsh. Before the front end was soft and pogo'd while the rear was stiff and harsh. I can't believe I waited this long. I have an alignment scheduled in a couple days to give the suspension time to settle.
  14. Help me pick my oem 22's

    Definitely the "smarter" thing to do, can't argue with that. I suppose I can put that money into my 401k or maybe a Roth IRA.... My adult life motto has been "Save for the future, but live in the now". I have put 15% of every paycheck I've made since college towards retirement and then I enjoyed the rest. It's always a toss up I guess, life is a one way trip, but I agree one can't be foolish.
  15. Help me pick my oem 22's

    I'm more interested in peoples reasoning than their actual answer so a poll wouldn't help much. Otherwise though, a poll would probably be a better way to get results. The way I look at it is people's opinions may give me another aspect/point to look at.

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