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  1. 2015 Silverado Demod sale

    Kicker is sold
  2. 2015 Silverado Demod sale

    Bump, any takers?
  3. Thanks! The parts I'm missing are being ordered so whoever buys this will have the piece of mind they are getting a 100% complete kit. I'll update when I have them.
  4. Truck Covers USA American roll cover 6.5' bed

    NH seacost
  5. Undercover Swing Case

    Sold already!
  6. This kit has roughly 25k miles on it and includes the installation manual and a 3.5" and 3.25" pulley. On my 6.2 they made 6 psi and 9 psi respectively. Since this is a tuner kit you will need to source your own tune from either a local tuner or one of the reputable online tuners. I understand the apprehension of buying something like this used and wanted be completely transparent so I went through the installation manual to do a kick and count to see if any parts were missing. As you can see from the pictures of the marked up manual the following items are missing: -1 M8 x 1.25x25mm hex head bolt. -1 M8 washer -1 10mm QD, can be purchased from superchargersonline or directly from Edelbrock -1 PCV hose from valley to intake, can replaced with a rubber hose from napa, autozone, etc -1 PCV hose from intake to heads, can replaced with a rubber hose from napa, autozone, etc I'm asking $3800obo shipped . If any one has any questions please let me know.
  7. 2015 Silverado Demod sale

    Bump, stuff sold and more stuff is comming. I just got the blower off and will be posting pictures soon.
  8. 2015 Silverado Demod sale

    TRS Morimoto HID retrofit kit with 4500k bulbs and one spare 5500k bulb $100 shipped
  9. 2015 Silverado Demod sale

    All these items came off my 2015 Silverado 6.2/A8. The truck has 44,000 miles on it so most of these items have less than that on them. I'll add more as items come off, if you want something that I've listed but haven't removed let me know and I can take pictures of it as it currently is on the truck and then take it off and update with pictures of it removed Dashlogic/Dash Control. It lets you turn you DIC into custom gauges to displace any OBD 2 parameter as well as two analog inputs. You can even program warnings like if over 2500 rpms & manifold pressure is >1psi (aka in boost) and AFR <12:1 sound alarm. The alarm it uses is the door chime as well as displays a written warning on the DIC. Its actually a pretty clean alternative to putting gauges on the pillar. $120 shipped
  10. My friends love to ride me because I'm a gear head who for the past two truck's has poored money into them to make them go faster, stop quicker, and actually handle because I'm a sports car guy who has way to many uses for a truck. I tow a snowmobile trailer in the winter and a couple quads in the spring/summer/fall, so towing is a requirement for me. I'm a do it yourself kind of guy so remodeling my bathroom and kitchen required the use of my truck bed constantly. I'll always have a need for a pickup bed, but I bought a 6x10 utility trailer to compensate for losing the bed. I've never had anything but a truck since college, but maybe it's time I try this whole sport SUV thing that's "engineered" as much as it can to be sporty and see if the inconveniences of having to pull a utility trailer to carry stuff in lieu of a bed is worth it.
  11. I understand where you are coming from, I have seen friends and family get blown off by the dealership, but in this case GM does know. The first dealership, the one where I bought it from, did blow me off eventually. They did a couple attempts to fix the vibration, even had the GM regional engineer (not sure if that's the correct name for them) come out and lie right to my face saying the vibration is normal and due to the road not the truck. Yet GM set a specific road force balance standard that is tighter than normal just to try to minimize the vibration. Those same exact tires worked fine of other friends trucks, we tried swaping them. When I called GM customer support they told me per the regional engineer the truck was performing as desired and there was nothing they could do. The second dealership was actually pretty good about working with me and I was open about my mods. I acknowledged that I knew my warranty was toast and I'd pay for anything they could do as if it was warranty work. I actually got to spend over an hour talking to their master tech about the issues he's seen and what they've done to fix or try to fix them. The axle vibration was never able to be fixed, just minimized. The transmission clunking was "fixed" by doing a relearn, but it came back. The torque converter shudder solution was to do a triple flush and change out the fluid with a new one. That again was a temporary fix as it came back. I wanted to order a new torque converter, but the master tech advised that with other trucks under warranty they basically throw parts at it as there is something up with tolerances. Some times new parts are better, other times it's worse. At this point I did not feel like paying for R&D that GM should have done. I by no means am saying every truck they make is junk, I just happened to get a bad one and lost faith in the current GM's abilities.
  12. Price change! $550 obo
  13. Yea it goes under the passenger side so you still have the floor under the center/driver side of the 60/40 bench.

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