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  1. They have a satin silver metal stem and were never used or activated. They come as a set of 4 and I have two complete sets. $90 obo shipped
  2. It's definitely not cheap, but you gotta pay to play if you can afford it. I'm pretty particular so I always order my vehicles. The Durango had an MSRP of $70k and I got it for $65k. A Trackhawk optioned as similarly as I could was $98k. The lowest I could get that was $84k. That's a difference of $19k, outside my comfort zone. I work hard to make good money, but I'm far from being independently wealthy. Plus the cargo volume in a grand Cherokee is way to small for me. I've had the middle row folded down and the whole area full on the Durango a couple times already.
  3. Just thought I'd give an update. So far I'm loving this thing and I'm not missing the truck bed what so ever. This thing goes, stops, and handles like my truck never could. Maybe one day when I "calm down" I'll get a truck again, but for now
  4. Sorry, I forgot to put in enough detail. I updated the first post. They are for low beans only
  5. TRS Morimoto HID low beam retrofit kit with 4500k bulbs and one spare 5500k bulb. These are for any 2014+ Silverado with the projector housings. They do not fit into the reflector housing headlights $100 shipped
  6. The kit is P/N 15690. It's the tuner version of 1569, aka no tune included. It will work on a GenV 5.3, just the boost will be a bit higher, more like 8-9 psi with the bigger pulley. You can also buy the pulley that came on the 5.3 kit to get back down to 6 psi if desired. This kit will not work on any gen III/IV LS motor like your 2012 as the intake ports are different and this doesn't have provision for the fuel injectors for port injection
  7. Bump! I figured these would be one of the first things gone . Shows you what I know haha
  8. Haven't got around to getting the missing hoses, so price drop to $3600 shipped to account for that.
  9. Nice, I bet that blower whine sounds divine! I really wanted a Trackhawk bad, but between the massive price difference, the loss of practicality I just couldn't let myself do it.
  10. She finally came in. Reactor Blue with Demonic Red interior and Matte Vapor wheels. Dodge sure does have some interesting names haha
  11. Bump for the HID's and dashlogic!
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