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  1. 2005 GMC Yukon XL slow to refill

    The most common reason tends to be actually with the gas station. Have you tried another station? If not that then you will need to check the vent line in the filler neck. The pumps nozzle looks for fuel backing up in the tank fill tube. If the vent line in the tank that goes to the fill tube is obstructed, no air from the tank can get out, causing the fuel to backup and kicking the pump off.
  2. GM Offers 18,000 Salaried Employees A Buyout

    It was the slump in the housing market that killed truck sales back in 08/09. I remember thinking that I would never have linked the two until it happened.
  3. They stole the show for sure, but, the cost will limit the sales. Would like to see Ford offer the GT350 flat-plane crank engine in a standalone crate engine package.
  4. GM Offers 18,000 Salaried Employees A Buyout

    Autonomous vehicles are the future, like it or not. They will be a huge amount of talent needed in that field. It's tough to get people set in their way to change their way. GM is doing this in the best way for the target group. Getting turfed while in your 50's pretty much puts you into early retirement, or a change career. By choosing people in their 30s and 40s it makes it easier for them to get a job. Haven't read their proposal on this, but, I would imagine they will be providing resume courses, as well as job hunting skills. Don't know the rules in the USA regarding pension plan contributions, but in Canada any self contributions that are matched by the company become locked it and fully vested at 10 years. If they are let go at 35 yrs old, they will still get a pension at 65. It won't be the same pension as if they stayed, but, added to the pension they get from their new employer it will still help. The offerings that GM is making is for their salleried employees only, so that means non union employees. Those employees don't have the same benefit load that union employees have. The jobs will have set wage levels that will be applied to new employees. I don't think GM is doing this for money reasons, they are simply looking to cut redundancy, and pick up new employees with a better fit to emerging technologies.
  5. Oil pressure gauge low at idle

    Did they program your TCM or did you get a tune put on it? I have a Blackbear tune on mine, it was done at one of their in person appearances where Jason would get in the truck with you and do the TCM tune. It's been just over 8 years, and my 4.8 will get rubber on a WOT 1-2 up shift more times than not and Jason recommended not altering the line pressure as much for the 2-3 and. 3-4 upshift. Are you getting a flare up berween gears? By that I mean does it feel like it hits neutral for a millisecond or two before it completes the shift? Is this situation more when cold, and a lot better when fully warmed up?
  6. Oil pressure gauge low at idle

    I know this will appear to be heading off topic, but I think it may be connected. When you say the transmission is starting to slip, what are you doing when it appears to be slipping. Does your truck have the 4L60E? Are you seeing any random misfires codes set in the ECM?
  7. Oil pressure gauge low at idle

    Something I noticed over the past 40 to 45 years is that once you notice something that only happens occasionally under very specific conditions, it will start to happen more often until it happens all the time, but only when you are driving. Anyone else driving can not make it happen. For whatever reason, your driving habits will alter themselves so whatever noise, vibration, roughness in engine etc will happen all the time. The human brain can work against you sometimes. Could that vibration you are feeling be something like a bad u-joint instead of a engine vibration?
  8. Oil pressure gauge low at idle

    That's not low oil pressure. Cars with oil lights used to have oil pressure switches that would trigger the light at 7 to 10 psi. Used to be a good oil pressure on a race engine was typically 10 psi per 1,000 rpm.
  9. My ‘02 6.0 won’t start

    Back in the carburetor days, any customer having a fuel filter last 3 years was unheard of. I realize filters are a lot larger, but they are pumping fuel through the filters many times more due to the pressure regulator just dumps fuel down the return line to the tank. That pretty much ensures all the dirt that is small enough to get past the sock in the tank, will get trapped in the bigger filter eventually.
  10. My ‘02 6.0 won’t start

    Plugged fuel filters on efi engi e's can do some bizzare things. If you don't recall when you last changed it, it may very well be time to check it. Surprised I didn't mention that, it's usually first thing I mention. Perhaps GM moving them to the tank has made me forget about them.
  11. My ‘02 6.0 won’t start

    It would cycle the fuel pump each time you do it. If you have so etching wrong with the priming of the pump that would show that. It's my guess.
  12. My ‘02 6.0 won’t start

    I misunderstood "kinda does a couple strokes, then nothing" and "fires on a couple then the starter slips" to mean the engine would turn a couple of revolutions, then something would happen with the starter. Most starter issues are usually diagnosed by voltages first.
  13. My ‘02 6.0 won’t start

    If nothing has been done in the injector area, I would suggest you grab an injector flush kit. It will include a can of cleaner, an adaptor with a pressure gauge. I was disabled by the the time fuel injection became the norm, but what was around for the big push for injector flushing. And something you need to check is battery voltage when it is acting up while cranking.
  14. My ‘02 6.0 won’t start

    It would be helpful if you used proper terms to describe what is happening. I am reading this to say: If engine does not stert, the engine turns over a couple of times, then stops turning and will not turn over at all. Does the dome light not go out, or does go out when key is turned to start.but does not turn over? I don't know what "Some times it sputters real slow" means, are you saying it seems to fire on one or two cylinders before it finally starts? That is something I haven't heard of since carburetors and distributers went away.
  15. Stuck lifter

    $1800 for labour? Just did a quick google search and found mention of a document called #PIP4568S:. Perhaps it is the reason for the high to me labour cost. Here is a cut and paste of the text: - Reprogram the ECM with the latest calibrations if you are working on a 2008­/2009 Full Size Truck/SUV or a 2007­/2009 Chevrolet Tahoe with the Police Package - On the 2008­/2009 Pontiac G8, 2010­/2011 Camaro, and 2007­/2010 Full Size Trucks with AFM, also determine if the AFM pressure relief valve shield that is listed in the latest version of 10­06­01­008 has ever been installed for anything else. If not, remove the oil pan and install the AFM shield. If the shield has been installed before, disregard this step. On Passenger Cars with the LS4 engine, determine if the updated oil pan gasket that is listed in the latest version of 11­06­01­007 has ever been installed. If not, remove the oil pan and install this updated oil pan gasket. It is also important to thoroughly clean the inside of the oil pan while it is removed. Due to oil pan differences, this shield and gasket will not fit Mid­Size Utility Vehicles with the LH6 Engine. - Carefully inspect the camshaft lobes through the lifter bores with a pen light or bore scope to ensure that they are not obviously worn. It is suggested to rotate the crankshaft and camshaft so the entire circumference of all cam lobes can be inspected. Also inspect the lifter bores for any obvious scoring/damage that could be a concern. – When reassembling, ensure that the lifters are properly aligned to the new plastic lifter guides before they are installed. If they are not aligned properly, it may damage the plastic lifter guide once it is torqued, which may allow the lifter to turn in the guide. – Clean out the related lifter control oil passages (item 1 below) while the old lifters are removed. Generally, it is only necessary to blow through the passages with shop air but if a lot of debris is noted, it may also be necessary to flush the passages out with brake cleaner. The oil should be changed after doing this since the cylinder heads will be off to replace the lifters anyhow. – Low oil pressure to the VLOM can also cause AFM lifter damage. As a result, it is suggested to note the Tech 2 oil pressure parameter at a hot idle. This is located in the Cylinder Deactivation Data List of the Tech 2. Generally most known good vehicles will have around 25 PSI (172 KPA) or greater oil pressure at a hot idle with new engine oil. As long as there are no oil pressure sensor DTCs, such as a P0522 or P0523, the oil pressure sensor is fairly accurate. If the sensor reads 19 PSI (131 KPA) or less while at a hot idle with new oil, also perform the Cylinder Deactivation (Active Fuel Management) Oil Pressure Relief Valve Diagnosis and Testing as outlined in SI and repair as necessary. In some cases, the new VLOM could correct a low oil pressure concern if there is an internal leak or plugged VLOM filter screen. If all the previous steps have been done and there is a Repeat AFM Lifter Concern, replace the oil pump (to correct for a possible aeration of the oil) and the lifters for the cylinder with the Tick Noise and/or Misfires concern.

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