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  1. When you tested "your relay points test" did that test with the vehicle in Park or D?
  2. Well first thing to do is stop letting your wallet from teaching you that simply opening it up and tossing money at the truck is not the solution to your problem. The time to troubleshoot the issue is when the truck won't star. If it does not happen when the mechanic is their, what is he supposed to do? Just guess and install some part that may or more like will not fix the issue. I have had customers tow their car who arrived before their car did, and they came into the shop to talk to me to explain the issue. The car I was working on was a buddies 66 Nova pro street car, which when started eliminated conversation. my buddy tapped me to tell me their car was just pulling up. I got the tow truck driver to just drop into the empty bay next to mine. Just as the wheels hit ground I stuck my arm into the window to put it into park, but instead I tried to start before putting it in park. I turned the ignition to see what would happen. Car started right up, and idled just fine. I put the car in park and told the customer that since it started right up and it would very likely be expensive. The odds of catching the solution in less than an hour is slim to none. Personally I would do all the single issues. By singles I mean all items that can operate on their own.
  3. I reread thread and the OP already knew why none of the gears engaged, he just didn't know it. About three or four posts later he says the torque converter bolt pattern was so different none of the holes lined up. If that was true, then that was why the transmission was not working. Torque converters also drive the oil pump, so, no connected, no go.
  4. You may also want to take a look the parking brake to make sure it is fully released.
  5. As much as you want to insist that there is nothing wrong with your tire pressures, have you checked to see what the pressures are showing up as in Drivers Information Centre? If one of the sensors is reporting a tire being low, and you go check the pressure and it is not low, that does not really fix the problem. Perhaps the sensor's battery is on its way out and is not reporting the correct pressure, and that tells the Stabilitrak that it cannot trust what it is seeing, so take a nap. If your tire gauge is reading different to what is being reported, then that is your issue, likely time to replace the sensors.
  6. When you say "applying the brakes itself" exactly what do you mean?
  7. You won't get engine oil pulled in simply because it is the engine creating the vacuum. You can get brake fluid pulled in, and it is usually very easy to see, it will usually leave a trail down the front of the booster as long as the booster/master are somewhat level. I have not seen brake fluid hurt a booster though. I have far more Chrysler experience than GM, that maybe why.
  8. Nice truck, congrats.. why do I feel like watching that Chevy Chase movie "National Lampoon's Vacation" now?
  9. If it was me I would have taken a look at the brake pedal hanging up under the dash, or the adjustable length drive pin that goes between the brake pedal and the brake booster being adjusted too long in length and not allowing the master cylinder to fully release. I have seen that happen, but even then it was not the original problem, original problem was some weird issue with the bushing on the brake pedal rotating. Maybe I have lived a sheltered life, but I have never heard of a brake booster ever actually failing, and now you apparently have seen two, on the same vehicle no less. I have seen brake booster diaphragm (when the hell did spell check start sticking a "g" in diaphram) leaking so bad you could hear the vacuum leak in the passenger compartment, and still give what appeared to be full assist on braking. Car was a two stepper at idle though.
  10. Only asking since you didn't mention it, you did clear the trouble codes didn't you? They are history, and need to be cleared manually after dealt with.
  11. Whatever became of the OP? His thread got hijacked by so many people that it should have been shut down. That is likely something the OP needs to complain to admin about before they will shut it down. Did he get the girl or not?
  12. I'll bite, what are 1kcd and 7TAD transmissions?
  13. You may try playing with your antenna location. There is also Jsdirts and my standard answer to anything wiring related, check all your grounds. Especially your antennas ground wire. Don't just look at it, remove and clean it.
  14. Have you ever asked yourself how did we ever get along before the internet was invented. Answer is we got along just fine. Take any advice you get with a grain of salt (no idea what that means, I'm old, that is stuff we said before internet) and get the warranty work done. Just because a couple of people did not see an improvement does not mean it won't work for you. You have no idea what is driving their complaint, and you have no idea what their driving habits are. You also need to remember that some people are easily led. Back when I was the transmission mechanic (this was before "techs" were invented, but after grease monkeys were gone) at a Chrysler dealership I got to see what it was like when new technology came out. Chrysler went to lockup torque converters in 77. Between the shuddering converters and the results of putting Teflon rings with overlapping ends instead of the cast iron rings with interlocking tabs I made a good income due to those 2 issues, 4 years at the first place, then another 2 at the next place. Those Teflon rings were maybe 3/16 square ring, they would wear 2 grooves in the reaction shaft support (part #4202089, part number that paid me 8hrs warranty time to replace, could do 2 and a half cars a day). I purchased my first brand new car in 78, and it wasn't a Chrysler product. When management asked me why didn't I buy a Chrysler product, I said all I ever saw were broken ones.
  15. Well, it had to happen eventually. This is the first time I have seen a post from someone actually trying to fix the DRLs since the internet opened up for widespread public access.
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