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  1. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    Your question will only hit people that belong to this forum and are reading this thread. Not really the audience size you are hoping to reach.
  2. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    The dealer had a brand new. 3 year old old truck? If it was a used truck, why was it etraded in?
  3. Temperature sensor

    You sure the ATC even looks at external temp? It should be reading internal temp and cooling based on internal temp compared to desired temp. External temp is not really an issue.
  4. I doubt they would ever use gasoline in brake lines. I don't even understand how hydrogen gas ended up in the brake lines in the first place. I don't see the advantage over any other gas. Surely they could have used an inert gas.
  5. Premium Fuel With 6.2L?

    I live just outside the largest city in Canada. My 2010 GMC came with the 4.8l engine, that by default came with support for a fuel that is not even sold in my province. Not sure why GM did not bother checking to, see if that fuel was even available. . I can see having it as an option, but to force it into a region where they should have known it was not available. They seem to have fixed it now, E85 support is an option now.
  6. Premium Fuel With 6.2L?

    Just because you can say it does not mean it can be done. I have lived/worked through all the ways they have tried to get the power while meeting fuel economy and emissions numbers that were dreamed up before the technology required to meet those numbers existed. I don't think the majority reading this remembers how it really was in the 70s. Cars and trucks at times were just downright scary to drive in temps below freezing. It was quite the experience when you would step on the gas at 30 mph and if you were not careful you came very close to bouncing your forehead off the steering wheel. The power and mileage are what we see as consumers, we do not see emissions. VW proved that. I still don't know how they managed to fail emissions with their diesels. You never saw or even smelt the diesel. The early VW diesels were loud engines, the now gone current models were very quiet, that actually provided power and mileage numbers.
  7. Sounds like GM uses hydrogen on the brake system to help bleed them. They must use a sealed system to perform the bleeding though, that big blimp in the 30's demonstrated what hydrogen gas can do.
  8. 2012 Yukon SLE Interior door handle/grab bar

    If you do go to the wreckers do not tell them the dealer wants $700 for it until after you have paid for it. Every wrecker I have ever gone to looking for parts expect 50% of retail for like new parts. If wreckers do not work out, it looks like you may be able to take some radio strap and put that broken bar back in place then take a short piece of the strap and lay it over the break, then drive a short sheet metal screw through one of the holes in the strapping and repeat on the other side of the break. Repeat this on as many ides of that broken piece as you can. The radio strapping I speak of is just a thin piece of metal about a half inch wide with holes in it about a half inch apart. It used to come with radios I bought in the 70s and 80s and was used to supper the back of the radio when installing a universal fit radio in the dash long before manufacturers came up with DIN standards. Who has been slamming the door so much?
  9. P0300 03 sierra 6.0

    It was pretty common back in the old days with GM pickup coils inside the distributers. The thin wires would look good until you gave a little tug, casing would stretch, then go right back again. I was always amazed those cars drove in like that.
  10. Stuck lifter

    Mushroom a roller lifter? Are these lifters not in a tray, and they get removed in that tray? I may be confusing this engine with a different generation, but pretty sure they have been roller lifter for over 20 years. What about trying one of the various throttle body sprays to dissolve and oil crap on the lifter body?
  11. Duel battery setup

    This is one of those things that yes you can do, but, you should use a proper dual battery setup with an isolator. You want the battery only for lights and stereo, not to start truck. That's what an isolator is for.
  12. 5.7 Bogs at full throttle when warm.

    You may want to take a look at your exhaust to see if it has something restricting flow. You can try putting van park, and using some common sense, floor the gas pedal and see if the engine revs cleanly, or does it simply refuse to rev past 3k to 4k? Fuel pressure being 10 psi low can't be good either. Your van has throttle body with that spider injection system. Is it all original?
  13. Do I need dual catch cans on GM 6.0L?

    Where are you seeing this oil? If it is in the CAI line, which end of the hose do you see the oil? While you are in there, pull the drivers side line from rocker cover and see if you have vacuum on the hose with the engine running.
  14. It doesn't really sound normal to me. What is the idle speed in park? If you want to experiment some more, turn the a/c off and see if it does the same thing. Is this also with a hot engine and cold? I my mind your idle rpm should be held when put in gear. By this I mean the max engine speed if you never touch the pedal should be no higher than 1,000 rpm.
  15. Do I need dual catch cans on GM 6.0L?

    And just so we are all clear, do not bother putting a can between cai and rocker cover.

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