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  1. Bilstein shocks 295 65 20 Nittos Had to do a norcal mod to keep the rubbing down and it still rubs a little bit prior to turn lockout. Other than that, the tires fill the wheel-wells which was the look I was going for. Didn't effect mileage or ride feel much either.
  2. Yes, with adjustable shocks.
  3. Here's mine 17k miles later.
  4. Also comes with a hood closure sensor. I think total it was about $500 with parts. I can't remember the break down.
  5. Yes sir. Ordered the factory kit on Amazon and took it to a dealer for install.
  6. Just added the height adjustable Bilstien shocks to mine. It's amazing how much a 2" lift on the front makes! I'll try and get some pictures up when it stops raining everyday here. As for price, I got mine for 30k brand new and it's a 4x4. From my research that was work truck price.
  7. Use photobucket or one of the other 3rd party apps.
  8. Is that all we got here? No other rallies?
  9. Oh ok, maybe it's the angle. Looks good! Any customization plans?
  10. Nor have I, do they come in black?
  11. One could also say that Ford stole the concept from GM and inverted it.
  12. 275/55/20, weather has been nasty and is supposed to stay that way for a few days so they're dirty right now.

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