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  1. Back up, surely somebody has been down this road
  2. I'm looking to replace my spare tire with something of equal height on my 2019 Silverado. Anybody happen to know if I can fit something the same height (295/60/20) where my current spare tire is located? Before replacing my wheels and tires I had factory 20s so I believe the current spare rim is a 17x8.
  3. 4/3 Readylift, 295/60/20 Nittos, side molding, blacked out emblems, roll up cover, side steps. I was unsure about what color to get initially but I'm happy I went with what I did.
  4. Takes a little fitting but somebody posted that they used these: https://amistyling.com/demon-brackets-chevy-19-silverado-1500-19-gmc-sierra-1500
  5. Neat! Not bad looking for what they cost. Now if they'd just make one for the customs.
  6. I can't find any pics of these from an end user. Surely somebody has one?
  7. I saw that too. I wonder what the gap would look like on the custom models without the C shaped side lights?
  8. Guys at my local lift shop swear that you need spacers to run factory rings with the 4/3 readylift. Anybody else successful in running factory w/ no spacer?
  9. Did you have to use spacers to keep the factory rims?
  10. Sorry if I missed it somewhere but do the replacements (84647286) have USB plugs inside? Also, anybody know where they are actually in stock?
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