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  1. I just got the new fluid and things seem good right now. Time will tell!
  2. Me too. Post back if it fixes it. My dealer has not received the new fluid yet. Where is your dealer located?
  3. They have tried but the problem keeps coming back. Trans. shutter
  4. I have this problem with my 2017 6.2 8 speed and I have had 2 converters and 2 flushes and the shutter keeps coming back. They will not work on it anymore until GM can find a fix.. BULLSIT
  5. I was just told by GMC management that all repairs have been suspended on 8 speed shutter. They said that next quarter that they should have a repair. I am really pissed, they have worked on mine 3 times and will not even try replacing the trans. for maybe a little relief for a few months. Anyone have any info?
  6. I have a complete exhaust from my 2014 Chevy 1500 crew
  7. Can the 2017 Denali 1500 with the mag ride struts be leveled the same way as the trucks with regular struts?
  8. I just bought a 2017 GMC Denali 1500 and the inside of windows stay fogged up unless I turn on the defrost. Any ideas?
  9. Yes, I had one on my 2014 and it was awful, shifted very hard even under light load. WOT was good, but that is only for special occasions. LOL
  10. My trans acts up too, it just shift into high way to quickly and leaves you wondering when will speed build!
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