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  1. I have been looking at the PML aftermarket transmission pan for the truck. However it is six inches high and will hang considerably low on the truck below cross member and all skid plates. I do not off-road the truck at all, but still am not comfortable with that hanging so low. Has anyone installed this pan and not had issues or found one that still holds extra fluid without hanging so low? This is the one I am looking at: http://www.yourcovers.com/transpan_11025.php I also found this one that is 1 QT over stock, but don't know how low it will hang. I also don't want to go through the hassle of 1 QT over stock if its worth the cooling capability or not. Website is awful but it's found halfway down. http://www.partshp.com/Pans.htm I want this capacity since I will own the truck for awhile and do cross country moves every 2 or 3 years towing my Jeep and household goods.
  2. I have owned a Jeep since I was 15. Did not think it would safely tow a boat when I moved to TN and I wanted to buy a boat. I had a Pontiac G6 as a second vehicle with my jeep. Wanted a boat so I bought my truck. Realized a boat and a truck that was not paid off was rather expensive. Come to realize after moving twice that buying my truck is the best idea I have had for pulling my jeep around the country. I may eventually get an SUV but I like the option of having an open bed for whatever I may need to haul. My wife can end up getting the SUV later and I'll keep my truck.
  3. Recently moved to El Paso,TX from VA. My normal wash and wax is just not holding up very long. I feel as though the ICE synthetic liquid I have been using does not last nearly as long as it did in other parts of the country. Truck sits out because the garage is not long enough and I'm trying to protect it since this truck will be with me awhile. Is there anything you hot weather guys use that lasts a bit longer or is better at protecting paint and the truck in this type of 90-100 degree weather with no clouds in the sky most of the time?
  4. Stock tires. 5.3, 3.42 gears towing a 4480lb jeep wrangler plus u-haul auto transport trailer and loaded down with gear from TN to VA. Stayed around 60-65. Running 89 octane with a black bear tune. Hand calculated at 12.3-12.4. Very happy considering what I thought I would get in the single digits.
  5. I just wanted to post up about the recent road trip we took from Clarksville,Tn to the Richmond,Va area. I rented a Uhaul trailer and loaded up the jeep and strapped everything down the day prior. Started our trip the next morning. Put tow haul on and went. I actually stayed in V4 mode for a bit on the drive. Quite surprised by this. The hills of Eastern Tn were not great on the truck. It definitely struggled on the long hills, kicking down gears and keeping it going at speed. Got an average of 12.4 MPG on the trip. It felt a lot less since it felt like I was filling up all the time. I have a black bear tune and used 89 on the entire trip. I think both of those things helped immensely. Starting out and merging the truck was screaming to get going and at those times I wished I had the 6.2, but honestly my 5.3 did fine just fine overall. Very happy with the way it performed. Transmission never got over 200. It did not like some of the traffic we encountered and it started to get hot, but stayed right around 190 during those times. The jeep was weighed at 4480 lbs plus whatever the trailer weighed in at. I was also loaded down in the bed and back seat with other gear. Just wanted to post up and let everyone know that the 5.3 is still a decent engine and the 6.2 is not always needed. Thanks all.
  6. Truck is at the dealership. The front whine noise was teh front bearings in the differential that went bad. I think the truck has only ever seen a dirt road and maybe a field going to a concert. The "clunk" is apparently normal GM says. Asked about the TSB and they said it was normal. Been on this site for three years and read up on it and I know its not normal and there is a fix. They took out another truck line mine and it did the same thing. Any way around this? I'm going to find the TSB and bring it to them.
  7. I'm not going that in depth, looks like once I've got some time I'll be making a call the the dealership. Yay. ugh.
  8. Did not know they actually had a fix for it besides just grease.
  9. Truck has been great for the almost three years I've had it. I have noticed some stuff lately that I would like looked at or at least figure out if its worth taking in. I did all my own maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations as long as I've had it. I am almost up on my 3 yr 36,000 mile warranty. Does anyone take them in for TSB's right before just to have it fixed? Some issues I have been having Passenger rear door top panel is rattling. I thing my dog jumping up and sticking his head out caused this. I will end up fixing it I think somehow. There's some sort of low speed whine from the front end at 20-30 MPH. Not sure what that is. Rear end clunk. Is it worth checking out just to have it come back in a month from greasing it. Thanks all for the help.
  10. Need this out of the garage. Make an offer and at this point I won't probably refuse it.
  11. Still have it. No one needs something like because of an accident or anything?
  12. Moving soon and really want someone to use this before I just trash it.
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