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Buick Avista or Lexus LC 500 - Your Choice?

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    The two coolest cars form the Detroit Auto Show may well be the Buick Avista Concept and the 2017 Lexus LC 500. If the Avista becomes a production car, it will go head to head with the new Lexus luxury performance coupe. We'd like to know which would be your choice and why.


The Vista is a wide, low coupe with no B-pillars. Automakers just love to show off concept cars without the roof support next to the driver, but they very rarely make it to production. However, if Buick did go that way it would be one of the defining style elements of the car. Under the hood of the Avista is a version of the ATS-V's twin-turbo V6. That means gobs of torque and horsepower between 450 and 500. Inside the Avista would be a modern luxury car with a sleek look.



The 2017 Lexus LC 500 is not a concept car, but a production model slated for release late this year. Its looks are more polarizing. There are some that don't like Lexus' signature grill and overall look. However, when Lexus moved to this look sales of the IS and GS doubled and sales of every model that has received the new styling increased. Lexus has now passed Mercedes Benz in sales. Under the hood is a version of the V8 that powers the RC F and GS F. That means about 470 hp. Lexus is also planning to use an industry-first 10-speed automatic with shift speeds to rival a DCT.



Imagine yourself shopping for a luxury performance coupe. Given the looks and what we know, which car would you prefer to own and why?

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The Buick Avista is definently the better vehicle. Allowing for 4 adults to comfortably sit in a coupe is a rarity that allows for greater enjoyment with more people. The interior design is far more beautiful with curves to the dashboard and the seats. Love the screen in the dashboard. The viewing angles aren't as cramped the way the Lexus LC 500 is. Your just a sardine in an ugly can in that car. The wheels looks much more refined and sophisticated. The Avista exterior is sleek yet powerful. Refined and elegant from exterior to interior. The color is just so hypnotic! The car just gives an overall sense of being regal! Its not a childs toy like the camaro. The new camaros look nice and tiff on the exterior but they have completely impractical viewing angles making it hard to see the ends of the car as well as what's around you, and therefore produces a poor driving experience. The Avista solves all that nonsense. It would be great as a coupe!

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