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  1. Wanted to update everyone on the new tune (or should I say new truck) !!! What a transformation, all the inconsistencies, lack of power, unknown which gear it should be in is all gone!! It really is a totally different truck and I really enjoy driving it now! I do drive a fair amount on the highway everyday so I had Justin leave AFM on above 60 MPH but even at highway speeds with the AFM on it still seems so much more responsive!! If anyone has been on the fence, stop what you are doing and order a black bear tune! You will not regret it!
  2. Just got my black bear tuner in the mail today and plan to learn tomorrow morning. I have heard some rumors about pulling the fuse for on star? Is this required? Thanks Jim
  3. Looking to sell a pair of GM mirrors off a 2016 Chevy Silverado for a buddy of mine. They only have power tilt, and heated. No power fold, no blinkers, no puddle lights. They do have the painted caps (which are silver). He had them removed by the dealer so he could run the tow mirrors. Truck had 20 miles on it when they were removed! Only looking for $150 for the pair plus shipping OBO Thanks Jim
  4. Nice truck! How is the lighting output at night with the LED's? I am thinking of trading in my 2015 for a 2016!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately 6061 is a lot more expensive then you think. I have received several quotes for 2 pieces 4"x12"x24" being in the neighborhood of $1200-$1400. I received one quote from a company who priced the material and to machine it. The total was $3500 for both pieces!! This is why I think it would be cheaper to cast the parts especially if I am making the pattern! With regards to the angles, without seeing how the part is used and how other components mate up to it it's difficult to understand why it is designed as it is. Trust me, there is no error with the CAD!
  6. Looking to have 2 parts sand casted in aluminum. Pretty simple parts and no tight tolerances. Anyone ever had any parts cast using sand molds? Just trying to get an idea if we are talking hundreds of dollars or thousands? I can provide the template (made out of wood). This is what the part will look like with dimensions. All dimensions are in inches. Thanks Jim
  7. Planning a sub/amp upgrade! This thread was a huge help!! Thanks!!
  8. Yeah the look kind of bland. Maybe they will look better once installed?
  9. Okay I will play! You will notice some pics have mods and others don't as I had just got the truck and was going mod crazy!
  10. Just throwing this out there..... What if you started an email discussion with GM complaining about the poor shift quality. Explain in the email that this can be fixed with a custom tune, when they tell you that a custom tune will void the warranty you can push back on them for not fixing the issue. If you do go with a custom tune maybe you can use the email as justification when you are battling with GM to keep your warranty! Just a thought!
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