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  1. I paid cash for a used SUV to drive, for now. IDK what I will end up with eventually, but knowing my tastes it will be a full sized pickup, USED, prob GM.
  2. GM bought it back. Im finally rid of that 2014 Silverado vibrating POS. GM, stick that POS where the sun dont shine.
  3. GM bought it back. Im finally rid of that 2014 Silverado vibrating POS. GM, stick that POS where the sun dont shine.
  4. GM bought it back. Im finally rid of that 2014 Silverado vibrating POS. GM, stick that POS where the sun dont shine.
  5. GM bought it back. Im finally rid of that 2014 Silverado vibrating POS. GM, you can stick that POS where the sun dont shine.
  6. https://www.google.com/#q=final+repair+attempt+letter http://consumer.georgia.gov/consumer-services/lemon-law-complaint-process/step-2-final-repair-attempt Also, https://soundcloud.com/stevelehto/lehtos-law-ep-1-lemon-law-overview https://static.ark.org/eeuploads/gyba/Consumer_Guide_to_the_Lemon_Law_2014.pdf
  7. I don't have the address with me, but there are two addresses in your warranty book to inform GM in writing of warranty complaints. One is for CA, the other is for outside CA.
  8. ^^ A lemon law buyback demand letter from an attorney and a complaint filed with BBB will get GMs attention. Otherwise, they know they can dick you around as long as they want. Im speaking from experience.
  9. ^^^^ If they are using Lemon Law guidelines for your state, look them up and see what they are. Im paying ~150.00 total for my "usage" on my buyback. Thats one hundred and fifty dollars. AL lemon law, thats the formula that GM is using for my buyback as stated in the buyback offer letter, allows the following for usage. "A reasonable allowance for use is that amount directly attributable to use by the consumer before his first report of the nonconformity to the manufacturer, agent, or authorized dealer, and must be calculated by multiplying the full purchase price of the motor vehicle by a fraction having as its denominator 100,000 and having as its numerator the number of miles that the vehicle travelled before the first report of nonconformity." I first reported my "nonconformity" or "vibration" at ~400 miles and bought it new at ~200 miles. Theyre also giving me credit for every payment I made. Im only paying the usage fee and nothing else. Im getting credit in the buyback for taxes, registration, all payments and dealer fees. Basically making me whole as if it never happened. Im NOT getting paid back for over 1500.00 in PTO taken from work and time and gas back and forth to the dealer to deal with my 2014 POS. Dealer is 60 mi round trip from me and Ive made umpteen trips. Im willing to let that go in light of the fact that Im only paying ~150.00 usage to drive this truck for 6 months. When we finalized the figures, I said DEAL.
  10. Funny thing happened on my way back from buying another vehicle to replace my lemon. I asked a friend to ride with me. I made a good deal and bought an SUV on the spot. My friend drove my 2014 Silverado lemon back home and I drove the new to me SUV. Ive never followed my Silverado before. As I was following the Silverado, I noticed it was dog tracking. When looking at the truck from behind while driving, the front wheels are not aligned with the rear wheels. They are off to the left of the back wheels by a few inches. This is sometimes caused by a bent frame after an accident, or by a misaligned rear axle, or other causes. No damage to the frame that I can tell. Not something I expected to see on a brand new truck with 3K miles that Ive never even taken off road, much less wrecked. I bought it new with ~200 miles on it. I was told it was a dealer transfer. Now, I wonder..... Oh well, it will soon be GMs problem since they are buying it back.
  11. Advice? Yes. Keep at it if you arent satisfied. Dont let them buffalo you. File a complaint with BBB Autoline and follow through. Send GM a certified letter ASAP and offer a Final Repair Attempt. Templates are available online for what info that letter needs to include. Contact a Lemon Law attorney and get some free advice. My Lemon Law attorney is Alex Simanovsky and he does great work. Yes. The buyback offer letter from GM arrived today.
  12. You dont have to be stuck with that vibrator. I felt the same way about my vibrating 2014. Sick to my stomach that I might be stuck with it. File a complaint with BBB, check my signature for a link. Im almost to the end of the process and I WILL make GM buy it back, going all the way to lemon law court if I have to.
  13. Going through the BBB process now, headed for lemon lawsuit. Started it all about 6 months ago. Read my signature and check out my posts here, http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/user/113532-mikeinmobileal/ Good luck, and my unsolicited advice is to be extremely patient. It will help you get through a lengthy involved process.
  14. Havent updated this thread in a while. The final repair was unsuccessful. More tire balancing and false declarations that it was fixed. I notified BBB that I wanted to continue my complaint and finish with the Autoline process and go to arbitration. Waiting for the wheels to turn and get me there. Once I finish with that, if GM hasnt stepped up with a buyback offer by then, lemon lawsuit.
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