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  1. Did you have any luck with this? I want to upgrade mine too. I have the 4.2 with Mylink, and XM, I just want to upgrade the screen size. Thx
  2. I think I have symptom number 4. Forgive me, but I'm not sure what the TPS is, or where it is located?? My 04 will sometimes shift hard into 2nd, only when I take off slow. All other gears are smooth and no slipage at all. I stumbled on to a youtube about the 1-2 Solenoid being bad?? I do not trust transmission shops, any advice much appreciated!
  3. I actually just purchased the truck a few months ago... Everything was working, then it quit. I just want the keyless entry to work again. I could care less about the auto start. I'm hoping I can just tear out all the aftermarket stuff (auto start) and put it back the way it was, and everything will work the way it originally did. I just don't know where to begin???
  4. What about those poor "body grounds"??? I've heard this mentioned in several internet searches too.... The cables appear to be perfect, and the battery is a new NAPA 7year, and as I already mentioned, it WAS running perfect..... Thanks for the help/advice!
  5. SOUNDS LIKE GREMLINGS... I DID TAKE IT OUT FOR A SPIN EARLIER AND NOW THE IDLE IS ROUGH (SOUND LIKE IT'S ABOUT TO DIE WHEN I STOP)... It was running flawlessly, until I started messing with it....
  6. update: I disconnected / reconnected the battery again (after 3 Hours). It started right up all the lights/accessories, every thing is back to normal. The Factory Keyless Entry is still not working, but I can live with out that.
  7. I just purchased a used 04 Silverado. I've been having issue with the keyless entry (it suddenly stopped working). I thought if I re-set the computer (unplug the battery for 30 minutes) and plug it back in, maybe it would work again... Tried that, now it won't start. It sounds like it's going to, but nothing... Let it set 30 more minutes, same procedure, same result. WTF??? It has a new 7 year battery too... It was running and starting perfectly all week.
  8. OK. Finally got some time to look at this again. I unplugged the battery, let is set for 30 minutes, plugged it back in and tried to start it. Now it will not start!! I tried to start it 3 times. Let it set for 30 minutes, tried to start again. same thing. it sounds like it's about to start, but doesn't. WTF!! It was running fine, until I unplugged the battery.....
  9. any idea what this costs? may just have to live with out keyless....
  10. Tried that too. I was going through the previous owners paperwork, and noticed they had installed an aftermarket Auto Start kit that uses the factory key fobs. I bet that's the culprit. Now if I can just figure out where it is and what it's tied into.......I'm not much of an electrician. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. My Keyless entry stopped working this morning on my 04 Silverado. I used both key fobs and put new batteries in each (same result). I replaced my front headlights last night and all the bulbs, could that have something to do with it??? I tried re-programming the fobs, no luck there either. All the power locks work properly, and everything else seems to be working, no warning lights....
  12. I just hope the Leather is better and the radio is decent. Those are the only complaints I have with my 11. I think I like the current Body Styles better on the exterior...
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