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  1. Anyone have any info on the 2016 2500/3500HD Sierra Denali HID headlight part number set up? Quite obvious they are HID. Saw one last week myself. Would like to know the cost of the GM parts to install on my 2015.5.
  2. What wheels are those? I bought a 2015 Denali 3500 and they had only one option on wheel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yes, with little air the stock ride quality was still there. The bags have air lines going from the bags to a air valve (same as a tire). I ran the lines to the license plate (removed the stock screws and used the air valves as the license plate holder. That way, I had easy access to the valves. Just fill or release as you need.
  4. I only had about 25 psi in the bags and they pushed the truck up at least 2". The bags can hold 75psi. Leveling kit and these bags would be a perfect fit. You do get a little stiffer ride, but nothing like the 2500hd or the 3500hd that I have now. My 1500 with bags at 25psi rode like a Lexus compared to my 3500HD. Greg 704-634-0185
  5. Nice. 75 miles on my new truck and its vibrating. Saturday I traded my 2014 GMC 1500 All Terrain for a 2015 GMC Denali 3500HD. Today was first drive at 75 to 78 mph. Passenger seat and my 5 yr old sons car seat were shaking like the mounts we're going to snap out of the floor. I am on the Michelin LXT tires and the interstate is freshly paved. The 1500 was smooth as silk on same stretch of road running 85. I took a video of it to show service dept. I saw these posts before getting my truck and hoped I would get lucky as I love the truck. I really dread taking this for constant troubleshooting. I'll update with progress.
  6. I just installed these bags on my 1500 two months ago. We ended up deciding to purchase a larger trailer and a 3500HD. I pulled the bags off before trading in the 1500. They are boxed up and ready to go. I will include ground shipping at no charge in lower 48 states. These helped a tremendous amount for towing. Greg at 704 634 0185 or gmaviation at live dot com $240 http://www.sdtrucksprings.com/firestone-2430-ride-rite-air-bag-kit-chevy-silverado-1500-07-15
  7. Just got a copy of TSB PIT5374. Dealership could not find it until I told them it was not a recall. Had to clarify twice it was a TSB (assuming that is a technical service bulletin). Not sure how else to post it except in .jpg. Dealership has ordered the bulbs.
  8. MotoMedic. I am in for this also. I don't like just the lower LEDs and I always push in on the fog light button during the day so that both rows are on during the day. Phil at fast headlights said he spoke to you on this and he has not had time to dedicate with the investigation. Let GTPprix know to review the module behind the glovebox (for the touch screen) as I noticed when the auto lights illuminate, not only do the DRL LEDs dim down, but when in NAV mode, the screen goes from blue sky to dark sky. There is a tie in there with that system. Maybe he can isolate to just turn on both rows of LEDs to full bright and the remaining functions stay factory setting.
  9. Stopped by GMC dealer and looked at the 2015 yukon's. They have same yellow headlight with LEDs for daytime running lights. Sales guy thinks the 2015 Yukon Denali will have HID projectors. Anyone know for sure. If so, I would have to think we could order those from GM and retrofit our Sierra's ??
  10. Yes. Had it covered three days owning the truck. You really cannot tell the entire windshield is tinted from sitting inside looking out. No difference at night either. As a matter of fact, my 4 yr old son has to have the right rear overhead light on at night and since that light does such a good job as a spot light, no noticeable glare or issues seeing out the tinted front windshield. I think it is more of a UV protector than tinted. I recall Russo's Tinting stating it was 55%, but I could have misunderstood. I will ask him again. I do need all the overhead lights off to back into the garage. A little difficult seeing out the 20% on the side windows when the overhead is on. Greg.
  11. Thanks OJ. I live 5 miles from them and did not know about them. I have an appt and looking forward to results.
  12. How does the seat know that someone is sitting in it? Sensor maybe? if so, just wire the sensor so that it thinks someone is in the seat? We should be able to find out what makes this thing think someone is in the seat.
  13. Moderator, please delete this post. Iron765 can read up on how to post pics and learn to describe the modifications, which I am interested to hear since I plan to go with Full Throttle Suspension 7" for mine.
  14. As mentioned in a post earlier today, I absolutely love the BakFlip VP for the functionality and smooth appearance. I have been in some very heavy water and no water on the BedRug. Installation was great and the complaints about the cover rubbing on the cab is not applicable on the 2014 since I installed the nice rubber bumpers to rest on the window when the cover is fully open, as noted in the pics.
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