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  1. buddy who had a 17 raptor crew raced a 6.2 and lost. said the 6.2 got the jump amd they held even. He did not brake boost. He ended up selling his 17 for a 14, Didnt like the v6 and had a ton of issues with it overall.
  2. I don't want any money out of them but according to law, in a repurchase you get refunded everything you purchased and any products at time of purchase for the truck. Not only were they calculating the usage fee wrong but they were trying to out me in the hook for an extended warranty I bought for the truck. Why the hell do I want to pay for an $800 warranty on their faulty truck that does me not one ounce of good at this time in its life.
  3. Law in my state is 4 times for same issue or in shop for 30 days. In my case I have 43 days out and 15 shop visits.
  4. Under lemon law, manufacture pays, if you lose...you owe nothing. Gm offered to buypack my truck under their vehicle repurchase department. What a joke, they were trying to nickle and dime me and not even follow state law! I negotiated out of good faith and they wouldn't budge. Finally signed the legal documents to let the lawyer loose who had been extremely helpful in guiding me on what to do. Honestly man, just find a lemon law lawyer. GM is a joke. Last GM I buy after my 6th GM truck in a row.
  5. They've done the exact same things on mine. Steering gear helped some but made it worse in the wheel. They still have Pico readings they can't fix. Currently in a lemon law against GM. Hope they can fix yours. Mine is a 16 that started pretty much from day 1. My 14 and 15 were great but this 16 has assured these issues are real and do exist.
  6. Can't really say, not sure I was supposed to say. I've Been told little peices of info like this in the past that have always been correct for whatever that's worth.
  7. The 19s will have the 5.3 and 6.2 but paired with the new 10 speed. A new 2.7 turbo 4cyl and a late relase 3.0 diesel. Personally couldn't pay me to buy another k2 truck and I'd also want to wait until the second model year to make sure all the k2 bugs have been ironed out for the T series trucks. I'd expect a roughly 500lb weight savings and an extra mpg or two as well completely redesigned interiors.
  8. I want it to be vibration free! but we do know its Aluminum. Has the 6.2 and 5.3 with 10 speed. A 2.7 4cyl turbo and 3.0 diesel. Dont shoot me, just the messenger.
  9. 6.2 and 5.3 get the 10 speed at least. But diesel will follow suite with both ford and rams 3.0. Turbo engine will be a 4cyl. Not sure how I feel about that.
  10. Man should have held out 1 more year for the new truck. Could have gotten that first 4 cylinder 2.7 turbo! ... If you think I'm kidding just wait. Nice truck, miss my 6.2 all the time.
  11. ^this. Ive had a few 3.08 loaners and couldn't get the mpg I did out of my 5.3 3.42 or 6.2 even. It wouldnt even turn 2k rpm until 88mph. If driving 55-65 you have to use m5 or any throttle prod would initiate a downshift.
  12. It is true GM seems to be unable to program a trans to save its life. GM basically reverse engineered the ZF 8 speed, the goal is to find it's flaws and make it better but GM also can't build a trans to save their life. The only saving grace is that the 10 speed was once again codeveloped with Ford like our old 6 speeds were. My buddy loves the 10 speed in his raptor, but I bet once GM puts their programming on it, it will most likely suck.
  13. This is the last step GM will do. PI1354E updated steering gear bushings. This part was just released, many dealers won't know about it, but have them call GM service rep.
  14. Go 6.2. The hemi and 5.3 are pretty even power wise. With the ram you can never fully defeat the traction control and they dont have a true locking rear, which in my eyes makes a truck like the rebel useless. I have to admit they do look great though! The 5.3 is a dog compared to the 6.2, believe me, ive owned a 14, 15 and now 16 GM trucks...15 had the 6.2. Every time I drive my 16 I'm disappointed in the utter lack of torque and how it hunts gears. And a 5.3 in e85 or even a tuned 5.3 still doesnt come close. Its not all about peak numbers but just the sheer amount of torque the 6.2 has all around. But word of warning, if you buy a 6.2 then nothing will ever feel good enough after that!
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