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  1. My brother has a tendency to obsess over things and think the worst case scenario. Like I told him hardly nobody is going to pay MSRP for a truck and dealerships know that. If the want deal then let them keep it. There are to many out there that are willing to make the sell as long as it is with in reason.
  2. Ok here is the dilemma. My brother wants a new Denali and where he lives there are two GMC dealerships. He placed an order with the one closest to him. They did not require any deposit and used one of their allotments being there is no pricing yet they said they will work with him on price when it gets here no guarantee on invoice pricing which has him worried that when it comes in what stops the dealership from asking full MSRP. He is now considering ordering the same truck from the other dealership just in case one of the dealerships is not willing to negotiate on price. His only problem is he hates to order from both knowing he is only going to buy from one. He is not ordering nothing crazy he just wants to make sure the truck he wants is available for purchase before the end of Oct. which is when his current lease is up. What do yall think.
  3. I know some people use the adjustable pedals but i have had them on my last four trucks and have never used the adjustment feature
  4. Ok everybody tomorrow is suppose to be the day the dealerships start placing orders for the 2019's. I have yet to hear anything about pricing and I thought that was going to be released today. I talked to my dealer today and they seem to be clueless. Has anyone had any luck on getting pricing or if the dealerships will be placing orders tomorrow 5/17?
  5. From what I can tell the stock tires coming on the Silverado's and Sierra's will be 33X11.2 So I would not think a 33.29X11.69 would be a problem without a lift. But like you said we will not know until we have one on the lot and can check the clearance of the stock tires.
  6. I wonder if the Nitto Ridge Grappler or Terra Grappler will fit without a lift? They are 33.29x11.69
  7. I was looking at the order guide again and the tire size for the 20" rims are 275/60 for both regular and All-Terrain options. This comes out to 33X10.8 according to my tire size calculator. So are we able to put 33's on without a lift? I though maybe it was for the AT4 but it looks like this is the standard size unless I'm reading something wrong. I know on the 22" wheel option the standard tire size is 275/50 which is a 32.8X10.8.
  8. I have looked through the ordering guide for the 2019 Sierra and have found no option for All-Terrain tires for the 22" rims. The current model you can upgrade to All-Terrain tires with the 22" rim. I also noticed the 18" and 20" wheels on the 2019 have a All-Terrain tire upgrade option. Just surprises me they are not offering this option for the upcoming models with 22's.
  9. Both GMC and Chevy's websites state arriving fall 2018. This date has even be stated in interviews. Gm plans on launching the Crew Cabs this fall followed by the double and standard cabs which are scheduled for the beginning of next year. I guess this is all subject to change but I have yet to here anything about the fall delivery of the Crew Cabs being changed by GM.
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