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  1. Volant Air Filter Box: Our Cross-Link polyethylene box is engineered to each specific application for low restriction and an increase in air volume. It insulates and protects the filter from engine heat, moisture, dust and debris to provide colder air to the engine for an increase in horsepower.Volant Air Duct: Factory air inlet ducts use sound baffles and awkward bends which restrict flow. Our Cross-Link polyethylene air ducts are sculptured to give the engine less restrictive breathing. Incorporating larger diameters and unique bends, that can't be duplicated with metal ducts, allow for maximum airflow velocity and throttle response.NEW Volant Filters with PowerCore® Filtration Technology: This air filter is the most revolutionary on the market. Manufactured by Donaldson® to Volant's applications, this filter uses advanced technology for improved efficiency. This material is a high-quality synthetic, that won't deteriorate as easily as traditional paper element and cotton/gauze filter media, while also providing vastly improved filtration up to 99.97%. In addition, it's water resistant and never needs oiling. PowerCore Filtration Technology works by directing air into the front of the filter, where it is channeled into its fluted design. The channels are alternately sealed, allowing air to enter through an open flute and forcing it to exit out an adjacent flute. This allows the air to be filtered in one pass through the filter media with less restriction, allowing clean air to enter your engine for increased airflow and higher filtration efficiency. This technology allows the filter to include a 4 year or 100,000 miles warranty when used in urban conditions.Volant offers Polished Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Look lids. (Some of our older applications and low production intake kits have the carbon fiber look lid.)High Performance Silicon Connectors: Our silicone hose connectors provide flexibility while maintaining strength and thermal stability. They won't crack or deform over time like rubber connectors.Stainless Steel Clamps: We only use marine-grade, stainless steel clamps that provide optimal performance to provide a solid seal that
  2. No you dont If they are refusing you service take it back 3 times or for the same complaint. Then call BBB Nd file lemon law.
  3. You starting to see what am saying now. And I have been dealing with since the first update before fire recall
  4. Its starting to become a big issue now that people are seeing for themselves now as well.
  5. Service Manager told the AFM system is using more gas instead of less gas. So it comes down to the sensors now.
  6. They had me take it to another Dealer to check it out. They reprogramed it again they said there is a problem with the Active Fuel Management System the manager has one and he said his MPG has went down as well and customer are starting to come in and complaining. But I looked my truck up by VIN there was program issue before it left factory. This will make the 3rd time for reprogram now be understand if they have any problems when reprograming it can damage the ECM.
  7. Well guys I live in Arkansas and I got my truck in Sep 2013 and mpg was great til they did these updates and ive had several post about this issues for a while now. It doesnt get as cold south and reads have been the same no matter what fuel I use. But before I was over 16 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on hwy. I getting better in my 2012 silverado and driving hasnt changed.
  8. Vibration is coming is not coming from the tire. I can tell you that. I test drove 4 trucks on lot and they all had the same problem. I think its either in linkage or steer housing.
  9. Its more then just Temp playing in on this. It will to a degree. Atoms slow down when its cold so it doesn't cause fraction and so you don't have much fumes. So when you have warm temp above 30 degrees atoms move faster and get more fraction and expanded faster. So if in theory what if the truck having to use more gas to get fraction between cylinders. that might account for lower mpg. So it could throw your gauges off because its reading alcohol per volume. and not mile per tank.
  10. Ive had 305/40R22 Flaken on both of Tahoe and the last Silverado and it didn't affect the gas mileage if anything it was better the EPA. I think the longer they go the worse they get. 6.2 are do great from what my cousin showed me yesterday he getting above average. and he has 24' in tires and rims on his truck. So once again whats GM saying about this NOTHING.
  11. Is that just on E85 or both fuels. GM keeping a long stick away from issue. More reports are complaints are coming into dealerships about the drop in in MPG. Might get worse as it warms up. 60 degrees here yesterday and both meters are dropping to down in 14 mpg.
  12. 1 12663390 Main Operating System for Product Safety Recall 14008. 2 12659528 New calibration with diagnostic enhancements for DTC P0128. 3 12642488 Fuel System 4 12642600 Speedometer 5 12660170 New calibraton to address abrupt deceleration after an aborted shift. 6 12659743 New calibraton to address abrupt deceleration after an aborted shift and improve active fuel management operation. 7 12625016 Slave Operating System 8 12642481 Engine
  13. Just funny how GM hasn't said anything on this matter yet. I looked my truck up there was a problem with AFM before it left factory. website TIS2WEB input VIN# and show all the recalls and update before and after it was. built.
  14. If you've had the "fire Update" GM fattened the mixture, hence the black smoke. Others have reported a significant loss in MPG. I have also, but I would say it's a combination of extreme cold temperature, my new exhaust and a lead foot and the new calibration This a member that lives up north and I seen more. GM trying to stay with originally spec for fuel setting on this engine but when u reprogram it that goes out the window.And I agree 50% might not have problems and thats why GM calls it a win. But there is a problem when truck starts off great and goes bad come on now. We all are customers and chevy die hearts but we deserve better.
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