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  1. how often are yall changing the oil if your running full synthetic? are you going by the percentage meter?
  2. on the 2014 sierras, when our tires are rotated does something have to be reset in order for the display on the dashboard to be accurate as to the pressure in each tire? if so how do we reset it? Also, when installing new tires and wanting new valve stems, would we also have to change the tpms because they are attached to the valve stems? what do those run?
  3. I had to drill a hole on each side of the bed for the two drain lines. the seal seems to be pretty tight as I do not get any water in the bed. As far as taking the cover off goes, keep this in mind. The undercover folds up three times and then there are two little dials that unscrew and then the cover pops off from the railing. It is very easy to do for one person and takes approximately 2 minutes. I think what gets most people is they think that they would have to remove a 6 ft bed cover all in one piece and that its too much of a hassle to do. This cover also has the ability to strap the cover after folding it up twice or the poles that hold the cover up without it leaning against the cab and rubbing on the paint.
  4. I have the undercover flex. I wanted one that was low profile but also that could fold up easily or be easily removed to put the 4wheeler in back the truck. I am extremely happy with this cover and I will never own a truck without it.
  5. which 20" rims did you have? are they for sale?
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  7. I have a line x bed liner in the 6'6" bed and want to put the undercover flex. Can anyone tell me how it fits with the linex? And how do you run the drain lines with the linex installed?
  8. Ended up going with the 285/55R20 ATII Xtremes. I have the 2" RC kit and there is a slight rub at full lock but nothing to be concerned about. I absolutely love the tires, so much better than those stock Continentals Ecoboosts.
  9. i just called to get my second oil change and they informed me that they have 3 recalls they need to fix when I bring it in. It is a 2014 SLE double cab 4 wheel drive model. I already had 2 recalls fixed, so this will make 5 total since I bought the truck in January. My question is, I know that there is a transfer case recall that i need to have fixed, but what are the other two??
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