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  1. Hi, I got my USB port and hmi module. I was also able to update the radio and hmi to the latest version via gm sps. So every thing is working except from Siri is not talking...... so I had the text app in the old hmi, but just the radio update doesn’t help. Has anyone an idea or did I need the radio module? Thanks Pierre
  2. My bed break light ist on both sides not working. The 3rd is working. Is there a fuse? Thanks Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. Hi, Thanks for the feedback, it’s not the ground on the a pillar, both are checked. This is very annoying. Cheers Pierre Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. Hi, I have funky electric problems with my Silverado, when I am turning the steeringwheel, it throw the steering wheel back and radio shuts off and or the speedometer. This is a problem especially when making turns. This doesn’t happened all the times, but it looks like when the volt drops I have this problem. Did some one has a idea why this happend? Cheers
  5. Hey, I could need some help, I got a Silverado 2015 Ltz z71 and I have the electric rear window, but it’s not working. As far as I can see there is no power, the button has no power at all except from light. I checked the fuse on the passenger side and it looks okay. I run out of ideas so what could be the reason that there is no power on the system? Thanks Pierre Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  6. E-85 Refueling Events

    Hi, Maybe someone can help me, I have a Tahoe 2007 and if I fill in e5 gas it end up with a calculation from 15-20% ethanol, which is far away from 5 %. I made a reset of the pcm, which doesn't help..... Does someone know which sensors are needed for the calculation? Cheers
  7. So i tried to Programm it again, but nothing happend - the usb port is dead, but i dont know why. Maybe someone can help. Cheers
  8. Hi, i checked it with a second cable but nothing worked. I also tried it with different USB Sticks, nothing..... it looks like there is no power on the USB Port. The led on the sticks are not blinking. Cheers.
  9. Radio/alternator whine and backup camera

    So nothing worked, I switch to a new unit, because I don't need the Nav it is not working in Germany. But new problems, I got unit with USB but I cant get the USB to work, I opened a new topic in the audio section. Cheers and thanks for the help.
  10. Hi, as my Headline describe, I have a new Radio(GM 20934593) with USB Port in my 2007 Tahoe. I programmed this device with my VIN and my RPO Codes and the unite start working, but I cant get USB to work. I tried it with a USB Stick and my Iphone - nothing. if I switch manual to USB it said there is no USB device. So I tried it with my VIN, I tried it with a 2010 and 2012 Vin, the programming give me different options, but regarding the USB Port nothing worked. I read in this forum that a few people here in this forum did this swap to get USB in a 2007 Car. So I need help. Can someone give me an advice what I can do or how can I program this unit. Cheers
  11. Radio/alternator whine and backup camera

    I tried to ground pin5, i will try number 4 but not sure that this is correct as 2 and 4 are for that audio signal. But I will try.
  12. hi, i need help. my 2007 Tahoe came with a factory bose radio, i replaced the radio with a navi Bose radio and installed a backup camera and install the additional wiring for vss and onstar module. After the installation of the wiring for the onstar(vcim) module i hear a alternator whine in the radio, i cant get rid of this whine, it is horrible! so i checked all cable but i cant find any error, if i removed the wire from the vcim no whine but also no voice commands. so i installed the old radio which is working fine, but has no display........ So i need help. i also thought about an alternativ, which is install the backup came in the inside mirror, so i would install a mirror out of a 2010 isch tahoe or chevy with the drc rpo. but i found out that this mirror has no temp gauge, so the other question is can i reprogram the cluster to display the outside temp? i have access to a tech2. so i need help to find a way to get rid of the whine or reprogram the dic to display the temp. i hope someone could help me. Cheers. Pierre
  13. Service Park Assist Message

    Hi, did no one had the same problem with the park assist and a non factory radio? Cheers
  14. Service Park Assist Message

    Hi, the next small update. the last Problem is the Radio. i conneced the factory Radio and the pdc start working. So my last Problem is just, how to use a new Radio with new amp and pdc, i have a gmlan-01 module and it made sounds, but no pdc. Does anyone have a solution for my last Problem. Cheers
  15. Service Park Assist Message

    Hi, Just a small update. I got 4 new sensors and harness. No dtc except from no communication to the radio. I got now park assist off, with status inhibit, I don't know what this means, I hope somebody can help me. Cheers.

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