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  1. Hey, I could need some help, I got a Silverado 2015 Ltz z71 and I have the electric rear window, but it’s not working. As far as I can see there is no power, the button has no power at all except from light. I checked the fuse on the passenger side and it looks okay. I run out of ideas so what could be the reason that there is no power on the system? Thanks Pierre Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. E-85 Refueling Events

    Hi, Maybe someone can help me, I have a Tahoe 2007 and if I fill in e5 gas it end up with a calculation from 15-20% ethanol, which is far away from 5 %. I made a reset of the pcm, which doesn't help..... Does someone know which sensors are needed for the calculation? Cheers
  3. So i tried to Programm it again, but nothing happend - the usb port is dead, but i dont know why. Maybe someone can help. Cheers
  4. Hi, i checked it with a second cable but nothing worked. I also tried it with different USB Sticks, nothing..... it looks like there is no power on the USB Port. The led on the sticks are not blinking. Cheers.
  5. Radio/alternator whine and backup camera

    So nothing worked, I switch to a new unit, because I don't need the Nav it is not working in Germany. But new problems, I got unit with USB but I cant get the USB to work, I opened a new topic in the audio section. Cheers and thanks for the help.
  6. Hi, as my Headline describe, I have a new Radio(GM 20934593) with USB Port in my 2007 Tahoe. I programmed this device with my VIN and my RPO Codes and the unite start working, but I cant get USB to work. I tried it with a USB Stick and my Iphone - nothing. if I switch manual to USB it said there is no USB device. So I tried it with my VIN, I tried it with a 2010 and 2012 Vin, the programming give me different options, but regarding the USB Port nothing worked. I read in this forum that a few people here in this forum did this swap to get USB in a 2007 Car. So I need help. Can someone give me an advice what I can do or how can I program this unit. Cheers
  7. Radio/alternator whine and backup camera

    I tried to ground pin5, i will try number 4 but not sure that this is correct as 2 and 4 are for that audio signal. But I will try.
  8. hi, i need help. my 2007 Tahoe came with a factory bose radio, i replaced the radio with a navi Bose radio and installed a backup camera and install the additional wiring for vss and onstar module. After the installation of the wiring for the onstar(vcim) module i hear a alternator whine in the radio, i cant get rid of this whine, it is horrible! so i checked all cable but i cant find any error, if i removed the wire from the vcim no whine but also no voice commands. so i installed the old radio which is working fine, but has no display........ So i need help. i also thought about an alternativ, which is install the backup came in the inside mirror, so i would install a mirror out of a 2010 isch tahoe or chevy with the drc rpo. but i found out that this mirror has no temp gauge, so the other question is can i reprogram the cluster to display the outside temp? i have access to a tech2. so i need help to find a way to get rid of the whine or reprogram the dic to display the temp. i hope someone could help me. Cheers. Pierre
  9. Service Park Assist Message

    Hi, did no one had the same problem with the park assist and a non factory radio? Cheers
  10. Service Park Assist Message

    Hi, the next small update. the last Problem is the Radio. i conneced the factory Radio and the pdc start working. So my last Problem is just, how to use a new Radio with new amp and pdc, i have a gmlan-01 module and it made sounds, but no pdc. Does anyone have a solution for my last Problem. Cheers
  11. Service Park Assist Message

    Hi, Just a small update. I got 4 new sensors and harness. No dtc except from no communication to the radio. I got now park assist off, with status inhibit, I don't know what this means, I hope somebody can help me. Cheers.
  12. Tahoe Flexfuel Problem

    Good Morning, so it is definitly not the chip Tuning, i restored the stock Image, but this changed nothing. i also checked the vacuum hose, but i cant find anything. My Car has 180tkm maybe it is a Problem with the oxigen sensors, but the sensor results looks good. cheers
  13. Tahoe Flexfuel Problem

    i reset the calculation with a tech2 and the calculation is correct for e85 but not for e5. while reading, there came 1 question in my mind, why it is important that the tank is empty? i mean if i have 10% gas with 5% Ethanol in the tank, if i reset the calculation bevor i fill up the tank, why there is a Problem? is there a common vacume Problem that i can check? oh befor i forgot, i have a chip tunig, but i have this Problem with or without the chiptunig and i have a open k&N air filter, this was installed by the pre owner.
  14. Service Park Assist Message

    hi, you are right i spend enough money, but finding here a good Person who can help is a bit difficult. yes it is the Tahoe. I tried but they cant help, the mechanic try to get into the car with there mdi tool, but no Chance. they used the wrong Software and at least the wrong car. and some Chevrolet dealer dont know the car, they know the asia cars, so what should i say, i have to figure it out on my own. I have Access to a tech2 and i cant find any calibration posiblity.
  15. Hi, need help finding the problem with my Park Assist Module. I got the message in the dic, and read out the dtc and found out that i have random error messages, so i checked the cable and the cable are fine, so i bought 4 new sensors, no change, so i replaced the alarm module. So now i am stucked, still have the problem, that i got random error messages, starts with shorting to ground or 12V or i got Bxxxx 08. Does somebody had the same problem? I can not find the problem, because it change depending on the installed combination. Cheers.

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