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  1. Hi, is it possible that this is a problem with the speed sensor. When i start, i can see that the speed sensor is not recognising the speed correctly till about 25mph then it kicks in. Where did the speed sensor sitting? Thanks Pierre
  2. Hi, Problem is to find some one in Germany wo want to touch those cars. What confused me is that its not happening all the time and what i saw in the data is that the pedal position is stady but the throttle position is dropping, which makes no sense for me. Also some information which i missed, is the car was staying for 10 days as i had contact to a person who had Covid, so i didn’t left the house, when i parked the car, all good and after that it started. Thanks Pierre
  3. Hi, after a while i have now again a problem with my truck. I will try to explain what the problem is. if i accelerate from stop to 35mph, the rpm start going up to 1200 and then there is a hard jump about 200rpm to 1400. This only happens from stop, not from slow speed. I had this morning a problem which disappear but the speedometer showed the wrong speed till 25mph and then it jumped up to the right speed, while i had this problem the transmission worked okay, after work started the truck and the RPM jump is back and the speedometer is correct. I am not sure, if its a engine or transmission problem, there are no dtc in the truck. I am happy to get some ideas what the problem might be as i am stucked. Thanks Pierre
  4. Yes, I have a Voltmeter but didn’t had it to hand. So I used what I have in the car. I also want to check the voltage without belt and see if there is also a problem, but didn’t had a chance so far. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. I have a check lamp, which I used on the fuse box and the check lamp is also flickering, if I do the same on the battery terminals/cable no flickering. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  6. Battery ground wire is changed, already. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  7. It’s a 2015 and battery is from last year. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  8. Hi, I need help, i guess i know the answer but just to be sure. I have the problem, that if headlights on and i turn the wheel, my volt drops and sometimes it drops so low that the steering assist goes off. I also checked the voltage in idle and its around 12,x to 14,5 and its going up and down, all the time. Also the light is dimming, when i turn on the turning signal or hit the breaks. I think it is the alternator but not 100% sure. Happy to get some ideas. Thanks Pierre Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for the feedback. What did you think could happened down the line? And what would a custom cluster cost? Thanks
  10. so i can share my experience. I had a HMI out of a 2016, I updated this with a 2016 vin plus lates update – I didn’t got the app store and WIFI, as my Radio Module came out of a 2017, I also updated the HMI with a 2017 Vin, I now have the app store and wifi in my HMI. So it looked like some of the functionality is only available on certain models and not for all of them. ALSO I need now some help – everything is working, I can hear siri, which is fab, but how can I answer calls in carplay, I cant do it via the steering wheel buttons or I didn’t found the right button. Also did we found a way to get Siri Activation working? Thanks Pierre
  11. Hi, so small update from me, I installed my radio module and programmed it with the gm sps. The trick is to use a vin from a 2016 or 2017 Silverado. So I got everything working. did someone find a way to use the Siri voice button? thanks pierre
  12. Hi, I got my USB port and hmi module. I was also able to update the radio and hmi to the latest version via gm sps. So every thing is working except from Siri is not talking...... so I had the text app in the old hmi, but just the radio update doesn’t help. Has anyone an idea or did I need the radio module? Thanks Pierre
  13. My bed break light ist on both sides not working. The 3rd is working. Is there a fuse? Thanks Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  14. Hi, Thanks for the feedback, it’s not the ground on the a pillar, both are checked. This is very annoying. Cheers Pierre Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  15. Hi, I have funky electric problems with my Silverado, when I am turning the steeringwheel, it throw the steering wheel back and radio shuts off and or the speedometer. This is a problem especially when making turns. This doesn’t happened all the times, but it looks like when the volt drops I have this problem. Did some one has a idea why this happend? Cheers
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