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  1. eBay or Amazon.. remember this is the sealant and not the detail spray
  2. Clean truck super duper clean and wax with 303 sealant.. it helps a lot. I water blade and blow with a 36V Makita blower
  3. Good luck, I am also on order with a loaded (my retirement gift) LTZ... 9/20 build date.. hopefully it happens
  4. I too have an order accepted back on 8/5 for a 2022 2500 Midnight Edition Crew loaded up good.. awaiting the build date
  5. Thanks, Nope no dead battery.. just a push button start system that I’m not used to.. I’ll try the key fob thing on it later..
  6. How come I can not get new 2021 Trail Boss into neutral with out starting it? I’ve read the manual.. oddly I can’t roll it out of my garage..
  7. Seems that expensive Apple app is somewhat problematic.. Using the hardwire firewire to the usb port will play fine..Ill bring to the dealer at some point
  8. i hear the tick as well on a new 6.2.. Sounds like part of the fuel system... maybe
  9. Just picked up a 21 Trailboss and wouldnt you know.. skipping after connecting phone.. Thx for the tread
  10. I had a shimmy at 65.. changed my tires and it fixed the issue... I had some Pro Comp junk on and they were awful..
  11. 2017 - I only hear when initially taking off in the morning...
  12. Stock was fine on my 2500 truck, switched to 285 ProComp.. big mistake, couldnt balance out after 4 tries...sold the chrome rims and tires and switched to new black rims and Nitto terra grapplers. Everything good so far
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