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  1. Wow, I didn't expect so many responses, so quickly. Thanks for that; there is a lot of good info here. I've ordered my last couple trucks, and would not do it any other way. I want what I want, so I get frustrated sometimes if an obvious feature is stripped from the high end trims. For example, i was looking at F-150s and one point and realized there was no 6-1/2 foot bed for their highest trim! That was a deal breaker. I love the high end comfort, but it's still a truck, and I use it as such. After driving a Denali for 4 years, I know what I'm getting with that trim. At the same time, I think I'd be willing to sacrifice the Adaptive Ride, as long as I can option everything else. I'll be doing some more research as I pave the way for a buyback or other settlement on my current rig. I drove a, '02 Silverado, base model, 4.8, LS for 15 years, and that's still my favorite truck, so maybe I'll jump back to the Chevy side. We'll see...
  2. Hey guys, I am in the market for a new truck after very briefly jumping ship from GM. I used to drive a 2016 Denali, and now I am regretting the trade-in, after having irreconcilable issues with the new truck. I am at the point in my life where I want all the bells and whistles, but it seems like I am limited in choices of both interior and exterior colors by going straight to the High Country or Denali. Am I losing anything, features-wise, by optioning out an LTZ or SLT to be equivalent to the HC or Denali? In other words, is there anything that comes with the Denali or HC that is not available on the lower trims? I am trying to do the proper research, but after 6 moths of research that i though was behind me, I'm finding myself confused. Thanks
  3. I'm wondering if there is anything quality out there that would give me a tray attached to the back on the front seats. I'm talking about something like what you'd find on an airplane. We are about to embark on a road trip with the kids, and I think it would be nice for them so they can set their tablets on them, build their Legos, etc. Thanks
  4. I have the exact opposite question...How do I activate mine? I thought the manual said that they are active if the lights are on Auto. But I've never seen the intensity of my beams automatically change, and when I push the lever to manually turn the high beams on, they do. 2016 Denali, BTW.
  5. 2016 Denali: About once a week, the stupid a$$ infotainment system re-indexes my USB media, even though I have not removed it or made any changes to it. That means that I need to wait 15 minutes sometimes before I can pick the album I want. It happens at random times. The rolling-to-stop, low-speed transmission clunk. Seems to happen more as time goes on. HVAC icons on screen do not always match what is actually going on My auto high beams have NEVER come on. No at any speed or in any amount of darkness. Not sure if they are broken, don't exist, or what. Otherwise, I generally love the truck. I wish I would have waited a month or two to order so that I got some rebates, but oh well.
  6. Interesting. I wonder if there is any chance this would be available with the 6.5' bed. I doubt it, but that could be intriguing.
  7. I noticed no other changes; just the Android Auto update. That's not to say other items weren't updated, I just haven't noticed anything. Ironically, immediately after getting my Android Auto update, my Driver Assist system went wonky and said it needed serviced. I took it in, and they had to order a "module" for the Driver Assist, whatever that means. I take it in Monday to be fixed. My sensors now beep loudly, even though I have it set to vibrate!
  8. I had my 2016 6.2 Denali in for a problem with the Driver Assist system, and I asked them to look at the transmission for the hard shift when coming to a stop. They performed this Bulletin. I've only driven it about 15 miles since the update was done, but so far, no hard shifts. That being said, it only happened once in a while, so i wouldn't definitively say this made a difference yet. #16-NA-019.pdf #16-NA-019.pdf #16-NA-019.pdf #16-NA-019.pdf
  9. Whoah, didn't know it did that! How do you set that, or should I just RTFM...?
  10. My experience over the last day is that the functionality works just fine. I had no problems at all connecting my Nexus 6, and it connects every time I ask it to. It works exactly like it's supposed to, at least as far as I can tell. My disappointment is the limited options available, but it's purposely crippled because of the car interface and with safety in mind. I assume Car Play is the same, but I have no experience with that. I'm reserving judgement until I have a chance to try messaging and everything else on a longer trip than my 5 minute daily commute. It seems like as long as I have the radio playing, or music from my USB key playing, going into the AA interface and Google Maps allows the music to continue playing. There are some volume things I need to work out, but I think it's all working fine, and it's nice to have the option. I will NEVER use the factory nav, and never planned to, even without the AA update. I'd love for Waze to come to AA, but for now, Google Maps is far more than adequate.
  11. My appointment for the update is this afternoon. My lovely wife is taking it in for me, so I hope they make the process as short and sweet as possible. I'll report my findings after I have a chance to check it out. Wish me luck. Update: everything seemed to update fine, and I now have Android Auto. I can't say I'm overwhelmed, but I only spent 5 minutes with it so far. My biggest disappointment, i think, is that Play seems to be crippled for music. If I am seeing things correctly, I cannot browse Artists and Albums, but only Playlists? If that's true, that's just silly. Until I have a chance to try it, a question: if I want to play music from my USB key or the radio, can I still use Maps through Android Auto? I am thinking maybe I need to start the music, then connect to Maps. Ah...a lot to learn.
  12. Yeah, the connectivity on these things is unreliable for sure. I gave up on my ipod, and I now only use a USB key and occasionally Bluetooth audio from my phone. At least once a week, I come out to the truck and find that it does not recognize the USB key. When it does find it, it needs to recatalog the entire library. Very frustrating. Something so simple should just work. I was hopeful that this update may fix this problem, but it sounds like it might not. Disappointing. I hope it does not add new problems, because I was really looking forward to using Android Auto.
  13. My dealer does not have the update disk from GM yet, but told me to call back Wednesday. Hopefully that means they're getting it soon.
  14. That's just the thing. In this day and age, updating a nav system should be free and easy, but it is not. You have to pay hundreds of dollars over the life of the truck to keep updated. That's why I am looking forward to Android Auto. Maps is always current. And you can dictate your destination. Granted, it's not a live human being, and the voice recognition is by no means perfect, but it generally works pretty well. I am going to call both of my local dealers tomorrow and see if I can get the truck in for the update. My wife even offered to take it in for me and wait with it!
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