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  1. First brake job?

    since changing the front rotors and pads I have gained roughly 2 mpg in mixed driving.
  2. First brake job?

    I'm disappointed too but clearly some folks here have had the inboard front pads wear out rapidly due to some kind of binding issue from the factory. I've had it on both sides and it clearly led to premature wear by at least 10-20k miles
  3. First brake job?

    at 61k miles I have now changed my front brake pads twice, and rotors once. Rears are still good. First brake change at 30k miles the inboard drivers' pad was down to metal, rest were 30% - changed front pads only. Second change the passenger inboard pad was down to metal and the rest were 20%. Rotors all badly grooved. Replaced with Carquest Platinum rotors and pads
  4. Its hard to conceive that they would not offer the LT Trailboss with the 6.2l and a 3.42 rear diff
  5. Rear air vents!

    Great info!!
  6. FS: 6 ea. AC Delco PF63 Oil Filters

    PM sent
  7. K2 Diablo Tune

    I've recently done the 93 Diablo tune on my 14 Sierra with AFM off, speed limiter off, firm shift. Haven't messed with the throttle values. I also could not update the unit on my Macbook, had to use a windows computer at work. Agree that the tune really livens up the truck significantly
  8. I just installed mine yesterday along with a Diablosport tune. Install is quick - maybe 15 minutes if you have the necessary T-15 bit to remove the MAF sensor. Makes the intake growl a bit upon throttle. My kids love it - sounds like a Vette. The combo really woke up my truck. Seat of pants maybe 25 hp between the two. I was also considering the Volant and SBS - both $100 cheaper on Amazon, but the smooth taper of the intake tube was unique on the AFE which in my mind would improve flow rate and reduce turbulence to the intake For those using the AFE - do you use the plug or not? I left mine plugged
  9. I recently had my truck in for service to do small 4-5 recall items. Not sure if the BCM flash was done. The new lights are strong enough that I don't notice my ProBox/Rigid fogs adding as much to the throw as before
  10. after a weekend of usage, its clear to me that the Denali LED lights are far superior to the stock 14 lights, brighter than the LED bulbs I bought, and brighter than the 35w DDM HID kit I started with. Very pleased with them
  11. Katzkin Leather Upgrade

    I had Katzkins installed by the dealer upon deliver in 2014. No issues with loose fit. Love them
  12. $2300 thru dealership, but insurance is covering it

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