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  1. looking for a new cover mine is all dented up from hail damage it's a fold-a-cover , i'm looking for something different i do like folding covers 2014 silverado 6.6 bed and the lomax cover looks great
  2. nothing it is stock i have put electric boards locking tail gate latch and a couple of other little things, but nothing to the engine
  3. love my truck , have 99000 on my 2014 with no problems at all
  4. I had to move the rear mounts forward to clear the cab mount , works great had to move it 6 inches and drill new holes it puts the rear mount right where i step so works perfect i cut the boards 44 inches
  5. I installed amp boards on my single cab this last weekend and love them , had to make them fit since they don't make a set for single cab
  6. service manuals are to high

    ordered set from helm.inc just got the other day for 350.00 plus freight . those guys on ebay can keep theirs
  7. service manuals are to high

    i found a couple of used service manuals for 2014 silverados on ebay they want over $500.00 for them so i made an offer of $300.00 for them witch i knew he would turn down. you can buy the same manuals for $350.00 form helminc.com i even sent a note to that effect . i guess he knows there is a sucker out there somewhere
  8. wtb 2014 service manual

    i'm looking for a 2014 service manual would like to buy a used one . looked on e-bay they want 5 to 600 for them when i can buy new for 350 , just thought i would look around before i bought a new one
  9. has anybody put amp boards on a single cab i don't see why you couldn't cut them down , you have to cut them for the double cab
  10. head light

    the fenders are the same already checked that. i do know the hood has a different part #
  11. has any done or thought about putting 2016 head lights and grill on a 2014 i thought about buying a new truck but i like my truck and i couldn't find the one i liked i've already done some checking . the radiator support and the fenders are the same i know the wiring would be different. i do like the looks of the 16's
  12. i used gatorhyde it's been around i know over 15 years its thicker then line-x and cheaper . it only cost me $300.00 to have it installed . my brother-in-law has line-x in his so we compaired the liner and mine was almost twice as thick . when i priced line-x it was almost $700
  13. no i was looking at aftermarket boards
  14. Has any body installed retractable running boards on a regular cab truck . i would like to install a set on mine
  15. 2014-2015 GM Bed Lightning

    do you still have the lights and how much

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