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  1. I baked them and opened them, sanded all the chrome and painted black, then clear coat. Replaced stock projector with 2.5" fxr. Probably my favorite mod, right up there with the wheels and tires
  2. Think fast has a package deal with fxr kit and bracket. Thought maybe there was a group buy going on here too, but check in with him and he can let you know
  3. I would recommended the fxr projectors. They are bi-xenon. I used the 2.5" projectors cause I had a set lying around but 3" is a better fit for the Sierra and probably Silverado Fast headlights has a bracket to mount the fxrs easily too The fxr is the bigger badder one vs the stock projector in the pic
  4. If you have plug and play hids now and aren't impressed go with a full on retrofit such as the fxr I first put in the 4300k morimoto elite kit and although it was an upgrade over stock, I did the retrofit a year later. Wished I had done it right off the bat. I would recommend morimoto, have had their kits in my past few trucks and everything has held up good for the most part and any issues have been replaced hassle free
  5. It was loud, like shaking a coin around in an empty can. It was really intermittent though but drove me crazy when it happenedDealer denied warranty cause I chopped the muffler but I figured that would be the case. It's been fine without it though
  6. I did the muffler delete on my 6.2 and it sounds good. Shortly after the flapper would rattle occasionally so I had it taken out. I also had the resonator removed but it was too loud so after awhile i put just the resonator back on I think the resonator helps with the chopper too cause it was worse without it on and now I don't notice it at all
  7. Undercover Lux. Comes on and off easy and has a led light mounted underneath
  8. Correct, I do have a standard amp and separate sub. Also have a LC2 converter to integrate with the Bose.Sometimes I am able to pull on wires and get the bassy feedback sound to happen, but there are so many wires and in a tight area I can't tell which one moving was causing the sound because the sound doesn't last long. Might be able to do some disconnecting and try and move wires around to see if I can get the noise to come without driving around and waiting on it. It's a fairly loud bass feedback sound, not a little buzz so can't miss it. Thx for the suggestions
  9. Yea I snipped those wires during initial install. Still haven't figured out why it happens, it can go weeks without doing it then show up again. Loose wire somewhere maybe
  10. I've had the LUX on my truck for a year and a half and would recommended it. It is very easy to install and remove but you do need 2 people since it's more big and awkward than heavy. I chose this cover cause it was priced better and easy to remove vs my last tonneau which was a Leer on my old truck It is waterproof but if conditions are really dusty some will get into the box. My only complaint is that it is rubbing on my paint on one corner but I know that is from taking my truck off-road and having it bounce around a bit. Still wish it wasn't the case, and where it is rubbing is hidden
  11. Guys looking for some help. I have had an extra 10" sub in my 14 for a year and a half and have randomly had thumping, bassy noise from the sub over the last few months and it drives me crazy. Doesn't matter if music is a on it off, but only when it has power. My ground is good and I've tried tracing other wires the best I can but can't find a problem wire. Then the thumping will be gone for weeks, even a month then show up again. Any feedback or experience with this would be great thx
  12. Thanks. I think I'll leave the spacer and see how it rides, and can always pull spacer later if needed
  13. Like the previous poster, I have a 2.5" Rc kit with 1" in the back. Interested in upgrading to 5100s all around. I don't want to go any taller, would I just replace the ranchos with the 5100s at the stock setting since I have the level already? Or would I need to crank up the bilsteins cause I have a level installed. What would be my best option? Would also be interested in the 6112s but who knows when those are out. Thx
  14. I have 305/55/20 now on 20x9 0 offset and had to trim. Rub is worse on driver side vs passenger for some reason.I could be wrong but 305/55 might not fit on a 8.5" rim.
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