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  1. Got my hands on a set of brand new SLT rims with tires.
  2. Does anyone know which woodgrain a '14 Silverado LTZ would have? I figure I'll just match the upper console trim to my door wood grain, and I can't seem to get google to help me. These are my options: - Quilted Maple - Grand Lace Wood - Mineral Caster - Curly Koa Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I just installed my Morimoto HID 35w, with the xb bulbs H11 kit, and I am wondering if this is normal? I just have everything sitting on the rad cover while testing, and when I hit unlock on my fob, both ballasts buzz, but the buzz fades after about 5 seconds. Is that them just warming up, or should that not happen at all? Also, I have the capacitor link, not the error eliminator.
  4. Is that picture with the Putco Optic 360 fogs? They don't seem very white in color, more yellow like stock.
  5. He's looking for low beams and fogs. Unless you meant fogs but said high beams
  6. Put in an RC 2" level on my truck last night, already noticing my gas mileage took a decent beating. I was getting 8.5 - 10 L/100km, now it's 10 - 13 L/100km (highway). I Don't think it will be worth the money in gas over years of having it(kit) on, even though it does make the truck look a lot better.
  7. Keep! I love my truck, maybe should have gotten a crew cab, but double cab works just fine!
  8. I just traded in a summit white cruze for a black silverado, they both suck, they both show dirt. White is bad for scratches, the grey metal shows easily, don't know about black yet. I do like Chrome with black, and I like blacked out pieces on white. Personal preference I think. Good luck though!
  9. I just got an email from my dealership with a 10% off accessories coupon, so I wonder, do I g ahead and get the GM soft or hard folding cover, or go for a bak roll x? Hmmm
  10. Perfect, thank you for the quickly reply. I'm gonna order some diodes right meow
  11. Just to confirm, the high beams will flash on then off when you active the fogs while in low beam? Ps check valve (one way valve)
  12. I always have my dash display on my speed, so a small icon showing v4 or v8 would be nice instead of having to switch to the trip options to see it. That's all for me.
  13. Rough country sells a level kit that is just 2" to the front, that will make it level for you. I just bought one, I didn't want more height to the back.
  14. Thanks! A quick google search said they are aluminum, but I just went out there with a flashlight to check the color, and what I'm pretty sure are the control ares, are black.
  15. Planning on buying the RC 2" front levelling kit for my Silverado LTZ, but it asks for aluminum or steel, which should be chosen for my truck? Thanks in advance! Edit: aluminum
  16. I had to get a Silverado, those wheel well trim pieces on Sierras ruin them for me, except for black. They're ugly once you notice that they're there. My wife's parents also got me hooked on the Silverado, they got a loaded white diamond LTZ. Around here though, not many new trucks other than Fords!
  17. Anyone who uses an iPod or even a USB stick have like a 2 second delay when switching to the next song? I'll use the steering wheel controls, and it takes that long to change, and I really have to make sure I push the button all the way in. Anyone else?
  18. Just picked up my first truck ever yesterday, a Silverado LTZ! Sticker was $50 900, but with employee pricing, 4000 credit, and a 750 trade in bonus, it came down to just over $41 000, + good old Canadian tax.
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