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  1. BUMP. Anyone have any of these stock parts, willing to pay for shipping?
  2. Whats up guys, Im going to be trading in my 2018 High Country and I am looking for some stock parts. I need the complete exhaust system and airbox for a 14-18 6.2L Silverado crew cab with a short bed. My truck currently has ARH catted longtube headers and a cross exhaust. Im willing to work out a trade if you are local. I can send pics/videos of my set up, the parts are still on my truck. My parts have less than 10k.
  3. Interested in trading that tip for a chrome one plus cash on my end?
  4. What’s up guys, I’m looking for a supercharger for my 2015 Sierra 5.3, leaning more towards procharger and whipple. Is anyone selling a used one before I pull the trigger on a new one? Thanks
  5. No it's for a 5.3, I had to return the 6.2 y pipe after arh sent me the correct one .
  6. the y pipe is different , arh had accidentally sent me a 6.2 y pipe when I bought them. Headers are the same
  7. It's the sport. I'll take 600 plus the ride
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