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  1. Interested in trading that tip for a chrome one plus cash on my end?
  2. What’s up guys, I’m looking for a supercharger for my 2015 Sierra 5.3, leaning more towards procharger and whipple. Is anyone selling a used one before I pull the trigger on a new one? Thanks
  3. No it's for a 5.3, I had to return the 6.2 y pipe after arh sent me the correct one .
  4. the y pipe is different , arh had accidentally sent me a 6.2 y pipe when I bought them. Headers are the same
  5. It's the sport. I'll take 600 plus the ride
  6. If I have a buyer for both I will. What are you interested in If I have a buyer for both I will. What are you interested in
  7. What's up guys, I sold my truck a few months ago and I was saving the exhaust for my brother but he is going with a turbo set up so I'm putting these up for sale. I'm asking 1750 plus the ride for the headers and corsa. Everything is boxed up ready to be shipped out. When I was removing the exhaust I had to pry open some of the ends were it clamps on because it was extremely stuck, nothing that's going to affect the install. Here's a video of my exhaust. You can text me at 713-979-728four for a faster response . Thanks Came off a 2014 crew cab, 5.3 engine
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