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  1. Alexa and MyChevrolet

    Yup, Alexa has been enabled (finally) for awhile now on GM's. There is a mychevy and mygmc variant, which is actually handy since we have a silverado and acadia. Works great to start up, lock doors, etc. Yes, this is kind of a fun feature, but to those saying "just use your keyfob", well, I don't carry my keys around the house with me everywhere I go. So being upstairs and remembering to warm up your rig and asking alexa to turn on your vehicle is kind of useful. Especially when your hands are full trying to get a toddler ready to leave the house.
  2. Following out of curiosity. What do you mean when you say voice pass through? Are you saying that if you long press the voice button on the wheel, the phone goes into "listen" mode so you can use voice function directly from phone? Never even thought to try that but would be handy. -Evan
  3. Thanks everyone, appreciate all the feedback. Very helpful. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Hey all - looking for all your great experience and knowledge here. I've recently noticed an intermittent power steering issue, where the PS will cut out in situations like pulling in and out of a parking space (where it's most noticeable). I also noticed that while the PS was cutting out, and as you cranked the wheel back and forth, you could see a correlation with the headlights noticeably dimming in concert with the wheel being turned (and the PS struggling). Later I noticed that even when the PS seemed to be operating normally, turning wheel back and forth still caused the headlights to dim. Then a day ago, drivers side headlight bulb goes out. I figured the bulb just went out (3 year old Sylvania silverstars), however the dealer is saying that light is no longer getting any voltage. Take it into the dealer for service appt, and want to have these issues investigated. And of course, they come back saying they are all mysteriously unrelated and need to be addressed individually. I had them do a charging system test, and they identified that my alternator was on it's way out and needed to be replaced. Couple questions: Do these symptoms sound like they are all stemming from a bad alternator/charging system that isn't performing? How does an alternator on these trucks just die at 40k miles???? How can a headlight just randomly stop receiving voltage one day? Any input and feedback is helpful! Thanks all! Evan
  5. New Side Mirror needed!

    Awesome! I'll go check as soon as I get a chance. Drop me a line in email, [email protected] If anyone else is following and has a good vid on swapping mirror caps out or if they just snap on and off, lmk. Thanks all!!!!
  6. New Side Mirror needed!

    Thanks! Let me check if my cap is still salvageable, and if so, sounds like a deal to me. Just to confirm, it's power adjust/heated, but NO power fold/turn signal. Correct??
  7. New Side Mirror needed!

    Maybe different in later years, mine is a 2014.
  8. New Side Mirror needed!

    and most LT (non Z71) trims as well. I believe starting in LTZ you get paint matched mirror caps.
  9. New Side Mirror needed!

    Yup looks right to me, but doesn't specify if it's textured cap or ready to paint (smooth). But yes, pretty close. Thanks for the websites! Funny those don't come up in standard google search for chevy parts.
  10. New Side Mirror needed!

    I believe what I'm looking for is the "DL8" Mirror.
  11. Hi All - put my first "ding" on my 2014 silverado this weekend backing out of a tight spot in a parking garage. Caught my passenger mirror on a pillar and busted it up. Looking for a replacement passenger mirror assembly but not having a lot of luck. The exact one I need seems to be non existent or out of stock everywhere. What I need: textured black cap, power adjust, manual fold, NO signal/puddle light. What I am finding: Textured black cap, power adjust, manual fold, WITH signal/puddle light. Question: Does anyone know if the signal mirrors will plug and play with the harness that doesn't have those features from factory??? Thanks all!!! Also, if anyone has a great reco on sites to find this part at, let me know. I've been searching but not finding much. Cheers, Evan
  12. Alexa skill

    Thanks for the update! I lost track of this, since it requires calling in to call centers. I'm trying mine out now!
  13. I as well suffer from the "marbles in a can" noise coming from the driver's side firewall/under foot area. It sounds like it's right down by the parking brake/door speaker (which inexplicably blew, and now sounds awful). Curious if anyone has any updates on this or things to check other than the exhaust clamps. Also, where do you all find 93 octane gas? All the stations around where I live in the Redmond, Wa area only have up to 92 octane. Cheers! Evan
  14. Alexa skill

    UPDATE: Called in to gm/onstar customer support. After 37 transfers, IT DOES EXIST, but brand new. Currently waiting for connected car team to call back to share setup instructions. So new that it's not publicly available yet in the skills section. Will report further when hooked up. Coooool Evan Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk

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