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  1. A Look Inside: 2020 Silverado Revealed In Flint

    So upon further investigation it appears they must of stuffed it in a 1500 chassis for this reveal.
  2. Had to see what it looked like with a flowtie and less chrome.
  3. I’m kind of amazed that GM even bothered to go on the defensive. On a side note, their focus groups haven’t worked very swell in the past. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/02/08/gm-says-focus-groups-loved-chevy-hd-design/
  4. I'm available if you need a new designer, Mary.
  5. That was me. I’d have to see if I still have it.
  6. The swoop annoys me because they have it on the cars and it’s almost like it’s a cookie cutter style they have to apply across the board. I can live with it, but the aero curtains are still my biggest gripe.
  7. Fuglyrado is more like it. I’m not sure why Chevy has got it wrong so consistently lately, but they continue to amaze me.
  8. Having seen the rest of the lineup for the new HD Silverado, I’m a little depressed. I thought some of the other trims might look better but they all seem to adopt the ugly family truckster look with CHEVROLET spelled across the front. I think GMC won this one.
  9. No you can get them in double cab as well as regular later on. I seen another article that mentioned 6.2 gas as well.
  10. I said whole air curtains, meaning not the part that hangs down stupidly to the bottom of the bumper.
  11. I’ve been advocating for the air curtains to disappear since the red trailboss first dropped from the chopper last December. This is the first modified truck I’ve seen that doesn’t incorporate the whole air curtain in to the design. I’m digging it.
  12. Sorry about the quality. That was a screen shot of an already blurry drive by video.
  13. Someone on Facebook has posted another regular cab short bed spotting. Anyone else seen one?
  14. Allison 10-speed

    The Allison took so much power it was not offered with 6.0 was my understanding. I don’t see any reason not to offer the 10 speed with both gas and diesel and be done with it.
  15. I like the black vinyl on the hood. It’s a nice contrast,especially with the black front end.

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