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  1. I’m thinking about ditching my 20s and Street treads for some 18s and some mud terrains. What size tire did the all terrain x come with? Are the all terrain x wheels the same as the midnight editions with different center caps? I have a RC 2” Level so I might be able to squeeze a larger tire than what the ATX came with.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. Looks like a weekend project.
  3. Wow, that does look way easier than I imagined. I will have to try it this weekend. Hopefully that doesn’t produce any rattles afterward.
  4. My 2016 Sierra has a lot of dirt/ dust on the inside of the gauge cluster. Anyone else having that problem on their k2? How hard is it to pop the cluster out and remove the face to clean it off? My OCD is getting the best of me on this.
  5. I do like my 16 5.3 8 speed 3.42 truck. However, I believe the 0-60 time and MPG was lower than the 6 speed models. I’m always hesitant to believe the new technology will be great out of the box considering they haven’t got one right yet and I’m sure the 10 speed will be a clunky jerky POS at times too.
  6. The compressor shouldn’t of been damaged as it shouldn’t of cycled without the system pressure. Curious if it had a vacuum on it though. Without a vacuum you could have moisture in the system however.
  7. I got mine installed correctly without removing the cv shaft to drop the lower bolts in. I did have to pop the top ball joint off though. There was some pry bar use involved. No real way around that working on the front suspension.
  8. One man says the damage wasn’t there when he worked on it and the other man who washed it afterward admitted it was there. Pretty hard to deny that it happened between point a and b?
  9. Unfortunately it was kind of a perfect storm. I had to drop it off the night before after service hours, twice. From here on out any time I leave anything for service I will do a walk around video on my iPhone before hand. Either the dealership is lying about the cameras not working, or they really don’t but I doubt anyone would feel safe leaving anything there knowing it wasn’t under any kind of security. For the record, it wouldn’t of been left overnight the second night if they had called me after it was supposedly done. But, I guess I will see how GM pressures them. $1800 is a drop in the bucket compared to the bad publicity I could cast upon them.
  10. 1 star no recommendation on the review. Comment never again. GM called earlier, will know something in two days.
  11. Some of you may of seen my post the other day about my truck being damaged. I picked the truck up from the dealership Friday night and Saturday I noticed the front bumper smashed up. I returned to the dealership Monday. The mechanic who happens to be related to me said there was no damage to the truck when he serviced it. The Service Manager then gave me the story on how it probably was hit in the parking lot the night it was finished and that they were not responsible because it is a public lot. I asked to see the cameras but they claim they do not work on that side of the building. I then told them how I found a red fiber from a shop towel or something in the paint chip and they gave me the spill on how they don’t use those towels. So we proceeded over to the wash bay side where my truck was detailed afterwards and the guy who washed the truck kind of stumbles by in to the conversation and says the dent was there when he washed it. Then they got defensive and tried to say the dent must of already been there. My insurance claim is on hold, as I’m hoping to get something out of them before I blow my deductible and raise my rates for a $1800 repair bill. I’ve contacted GM about the lousy dealership but have yet to hear back. Any advice?
  12. That is exactly my thoughts. Always before unless it was something like an alignment or exhaust shop I did it myself. This is my first real dealership experience and so far it has been unpleasant. Try to treat myself to something nice and buy a 2 year old truck with a warranty and so far it’s been all hell. On a side note, I’m returning to the dealership tomorrow. Also, my slightest doubts that I did it are gone as I discovered a red fiber from a towel in the paint scuff so I know it was there when they washed it at the dealership
  13. Started the week off having my transmission flushed to remedy the torque converter shudder on Monday. Wednesday I notice that it’s leaking ATF and have to take it back because the o rings are bad on the cooler lines. I get it back Friday and notice when I am washing it off that someone has rubbed in to it. It only could of happened at the dealer lot because where I’ve been since I got it back, there’s zero chance of it being hit. I’m so freaking upset now. Looks like it will be getting a new bumper.

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