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  1. Trail Boss 18 or 20" wheels?

    I personally thought those 20s with Street treads was the worst pick for the trailboss. Something about those 20s I just don’t like.
  2. After seeing all of the memes and front end fixes I tried my hand at it...
  3. Silverado HD revealed

    Still has tooo many lights on the front. Lol
  4. Silverado HD revealed

    If the grille bar was centered, with the turn signals in their current place, with one headlight on top, and the other under the bar, it might not look too bad. If the bumper didn’t swoop down on the ends, and was either straight across or raised up on the ends to take away from the massive glob of lights it would look better.
  5. Silverado HD revealed

    The GMC will be the clear winner. You can see enough through the camo to see that it’s pretty traditional.
  6. What’s the odds that the backlash is so severe, worse than the 19 Camaro refresh, that this thing is reworked ? Didn’t take GM long to cave on the SS.
  7. Range now claiming to have a disable for it. https://rangetechnology.com/afm-disabler/
  8. Read this: https://rangetechnology.com/afm-disabler/
  9. Rear end?

    Mine isn’t a NHT max tow. Just an all terrain with 8 speed and 3.42s. So they can’t try the bs about it not being optimized for a lower gear ratio.
  10. Rear end?

    My 16 5.3 8 speed came with 3.42s. No reason to downgrade go 3.23 other than mpg increases.
  11. The 2500hd bed height was already ridiculously high. With the way they re-invented the bed with more side height to inflate their cargo capacity claims, I’m not surprised they need the step for access. That being said, doesn’t achieve anything most side steps already can’t do, and I wish it was optional because it really detracts from the looks.
  12. ...and GM doesn’t offer a 2wd 6.2 anymore so good luck lol
  13. Ugh, First Accident!

    Curious, how much does GM want for a bumper? After my 16 GMC got backed in to GM wanted about $1200 for a new OE bumper.

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