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  1. Anyone have luck with ordering a trail boss with a 6.2? My dealer tried today and said it is still showing the 5.3 as the only option.
  2. Anyone believe we will see one for 2020? 2021?
  3. Has anyone used the hypertech inline speedometer programmer? http://hypertech.com/vehicle-results.aspx?AAIAID=486387 It doesn’t look like there is actual programming of the truck involved, just load the info from a computer then plug it in— wondering if a dealer would even know ?
  4. From what I have read cognito and kryptonite control arms won't work with stock wheels. Is that true with the 18's? Just trying to improve ride quality somewhat after leveling the truck. I'm running 285/70/18s so nothing too wide vs my stock 275/65/18 set up.
  5. I'm sure it's been answered a 100 times but I can't find it. I am am coming from years of 1500 trucks and recently got my first 2500 duramax. It's a 2017. If I level it, keys/ shock extensions, can I throw a 295/70/18 ridge grappler on the stock midnight edition 18's? I am being probably overly cautious as this size rubs the sway bar on a 1500. Still trying to figure out how much leeway I have with the 2500. I would obviously prefer no sway bar or frame rub. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. If anyone is interested I have a lomax for a CC that I just took off as I went to a DC. All hardware and instructions are included.
  7. Anybody have any experience with them? Looks like they have a lift kit available that will allow the use of my stock 18's. I haven't hear a whole lot about them though. http://cstsuspension.com/cast-steel-uca/307-4-inch-lift-kit-2014-to-2017-k1500-stage-2.html
  8. Have a front set from my 2016, these are the full liners. Had them in for about 6 months before I put my huskys back in. Send me a PM with an offer or for pictures. Back full liner is also available if the complete set will make the deal.
  9. In a low speed turn, like in a parking lot or turning into the driveway the seat would creak. Going straight where my weight wasn't shifting it was fine but any time my weight would shift I would get the creak. The first time I went I didn't get an answer but, I then made he service manager take a drive with me and then he agreed to do the replacement.
  10. It's not right. Had my entire seat frame replaced to get the same issue fixed. Take it into the service department, they will take care of it.
  11. Did you have to cut anything to install them or was it a straight replacement?
  12. My 2016 LTZ drivers side seats creaks when my weight shifts during a turn. I have read about the seat movement issue and am wondering if those that experienced that also had a creak? Haven't felt mine move yet but, could be coming.
  13. I did the same thing with my 15 midnight. Went with the 6.2 and am so glad I did.
  14. Full set of black mats for sale out of a double cab. Includes front set including center hump and back mat. The fronts will also work with a crew cab. PM for pictures. $100 Should have said this also, 2014-2016
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