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  1. I'm in central Illinois. For me, the price difference between E10 and E85 had to be about .60/gal for it to be cost effective. Even then, running E85 means more frequent fill-ups and my time is worth something. I did not notice any more power (the power difference in my 1500 with the 5.3 was noticeable) but the idle was smoother. The truck just seemed to run better. For that reason I ended up using it even when it was not really cost effective. It actually ran better on E85 than 91 or 93 octane.
  2. Are you using E85? That can cause extended cranking times when cold. It did on my 2017 2500HD 6.0L.
  3. Takes a second for the turbo to spool up.
  4. Never seen a mirror like that. Maybe those are cameras attached to the mirrors.
  5. Didn't know the 6.2 would run on E85, with the addition of the alcohol sensor and tune. Hmmmmm. Got me thinking now. How hard is it to install the sensor? Is the wiring harness in place for it? I ran E85 in my 5.3's and the 6.0 in my 2017 2500. A bit more power in the 5.3. The 6.0 didn't seem to gain any power but the motor definitely ran smoother.
  6. And I qualified my statement. "I did not see any high end pickups..." Further, you cannot tow with a rental from Hertz or any other traditional rental company. It is specifically forbidden in the rental agreement. U-Haul yes.
  7. That's not accurate. Hertz rents Porsche, Mercedes, Cadillac, Jag and Range Rover. I did not see any high end pickups but they most certainly rent high end vehicles.
  8. You are way off here buddy. My comments were my opinions and not subject to your definition of accuracy. I am not scared of a higher mileage vehicle. The MTBF for the timing chain on an L86 is 200,000 miles. I'll find the article again and link it. Logic states that my 200k mile figure is pretty damn accurate. You pulled 500k out of your ass. The percentage of vehicles (non diesel) with 200k miles is much higher than those with 500k. As for value, I'm sure he did get a great deal. The depreciation for mileage alone is $3,175 according to NADA.
  9. The OP said he was looking for a 15 year truck. With that in mind, I would not have looked at anything that already has 85k on it unless you plan to put very few miles on it. Let's say it makes it to 200k. Starting at 85k that's only 7600 miles per year. The national average is 12k-15k. Nor would I have looked at anything tuned with performance accessories unless I knew the owner very well. That's just me. I'll say it a third time... I hope everything works out and he has MANY trouble free years. They are great trucks. I love 'em, you can tell from my signature.
  10. Or it was in a rental fleet. Don't forget the headers. Headers, cat back and a tune all point to someone looking to get more performance. Does that mean they ran it to death? Nope. That's why I said, and I genuinely mean it, that it all works out and he gets many trouble free years.
  11. Just because I wouldn't have bought it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the truck. It's your money. You spend it any way you want. Just a lot of warning signs for me. Most guys that spend $3k or more (just a guess) on performance mods don't baby the vehicle. I hope your right about her "show pony" status and that she serves you well for many miles.
  12. Only 2 years old with 85,000 miles, tuned, mods... I'll bet the old girl has had the piss run out of her. Unless I knew the previous owner I wouldn't have touched it. But you did so we are passed that. Change every fluid period. Start saving for a trans rebuild. Good luck. I mean that.
  13. http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/towing/1502-sae-j2807-tow-tests-the-standard
  14. I completely agree that distracted driving is a problem. That doesn't minimize the fact that towing overloaded is also a problem. And you specifically said "slightly overloaded". How about double? dukedkt442 says all 2k trucks can safely tow 10k-12k. A 2018 2wd CC V6 with 3.23 gears is only rated at 5200lb. We haven't even started talking about payload yet. The same truck with a 12,000lb trailer will also be overloaded.
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