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  1. Lol. Like they don't have their problems too. Don't announce it, just go.
  2. I don't stream music. I use Sirius/XM and I have a USB stick. I have 2 phones paired and never have an issue switching between them. I also use the on-board nav and Android Auto so I switch between different apps all of the time. Again, no issues.
  3. Great work. Looks good. I have to say, I have owned a '14, '16, '17, and an '18 (my current dd). I have never had any issues with the Infotainment system in any of them. I drove the 2019s back in August of last year at the Legends event. The new HMI interface is very cool. Worked very well. A lot of the features don't seem to be nested so deep into the different menus. All of that being said, I personally would not spend the kind of money it's going to take to retro the 3.0 into our trucks. Parts alone are probably going to be $1k - $1.5k USD. As I said, the work you have done is awesome. I hope you find a decent market once you have the kinks worked out.
  4. In my opinion, Marathon Seat Covers are the best you can buy. https://www.marathonseatcovers.com/
  5. Seafoam or any other fuel additive will do nothing to clean the valves on a DI engine. The fuel is not sprayed onto the intake valve.
  6. In other words... frequent oil changes are your friend. Especially with DI engines.
  7. I am very curious. Are the repairs being done under warranty?
  8. I have the same configuration as you. I experience #3 occasionally. In my case, lurch is a rather strong word. There is some very slight movement. It happens so infrequently I have not had it looked into.
  9. Your power steering is electric and a tune can completely void your power-train warranty.
  10. $750 for the cam and lifters and another $750 for a tune. Getting quite expensive. And it completely voids any type of power train warranty.
  11. I assume you are talking about replacing the cam and lifters. Does the $750 cover the cost of the tune that you will need?
  12. I worked at a Buick dealer and a Mercedes Dealer for 10 years. Not a single service adviser had ever been a mechanic. Not one. No mechanic would take the pay cut to be a service adviser. Same thing at the Chevy dealer I currently use. None of them are old enough to have been "former" mechanics.
  13. I use a $60 variable speed DA from Harbor Freight with Maguires microfiber cutting and polishing discs and their Microfiber correction compound and finishing wax. It takes 99% of the swirls and scratches out. You most certainly do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a DA. Just take your time and you good pads, compounds and polishes. To wash, clay bar, re-wash, correct, polish and detail spray a full size truck takes me a good 6 hours.
  14. I do. Would like to change it for something a bit more aggressive but not so loud you can't listen to music or have a conversation. Looking at the Flowmaster American Thunder series with duals straight out the back. What about you?
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