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  1. Shouldn't be any "adventure" in setting up a vehicle for towing. Be safe and boring.
  2. Drop it back to the stock height and you won't have to worry about it any more.
  3. Most mods come with "undocumented features". In the IT world (where I come from) they are also known as bugs.
  4. Metal shavings

    Send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs for analysis.
  5. Fuel question

    Never had a problem with BP. I've also never seen a BP, Shell, Mobil or Marathon selling E85. Only get it at independent stations around here. The big guys refine oil. Not into selling 85% alcohol.
  6. Procharger tune and Trans tune

    Make sure you consider a new drive shaft. My understanding is that part of the 99mph speed limit is the drive shaft. There are a few threads here regarding that.
  7. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    I agree with that. I find it inconvenient to shift into L (old manual mode) to keep the truck in 8 cylinder mode.
  8. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Disabling grade braking does nothing for me.
  9. Class 3. Class 4 are 2.5".
  10. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    You described my 2018 6.2 8 speed 2 to 1 shift perfectly. I have also noticed that when I remote start the truck then put the key in and turn it to the RUN position the truck twitches (jerks is too strong of a word) just a bit as if the TCC engages and disengages in about 1 second. The 2 to 1 shift is annoying and can be modulated a bit by taking my foot off of the brake for a half second just before the truck stops then reapply the brake. Seems to avoid the "neutral" feeling.
  11. A PID is a packet for a CANBUS (and other) network. It contains the data from sensors, actuators, motors, etc... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs
  12. Blown rear main seal

    Actually, it doesn't look as though it is an external unit. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/01/gm-patents-innovative-new-integrated-oil-separator-assembly/
  13. Blown rear main seal

    That's great news. If they offer it thru GM Parts for our application there will be no more warranty questions.
  14. Blown rear main seal

    Tell yourself whatever you need to to justify your actions. Because you believe someone to be acting dishonestly justifies you doing the same? Removing a mod before seeking warranty work for damages possibly cause by said mod is NOT "arming yourself for battle against a known dishonest adversary." I'm pretty sure everyone knows we have differing opinions on the matter. Let's leave it at that.
  15. Blown rear main seal

    Yes, they are. It is simply dishonest. You have changed the factory programmed operating parameters of your vehicle then you expect the manufacturer to pay for the repairs when something breaks. I just don't understand how people cannot see how that is wrong. Grumpy Bear told me ... do not put more money into your ride than your income can handle... That means, be prepared to pay for repairs if you make mods that cause problems. Tune your trans and it fails, the repair/replacement responsibility is YOURS. Install a catch can that causes the rear main to go out - YOUR responsibility. If you do not believe the mod you made caused the issue, by all means, fight it. But if it did, put on your big boy pants and own it!

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