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  1. As you said, they look pretty darn good compared to some pics out there. So why did you decide to add a catch can at this point?
  2. The whole loss of warranty is the only thing that gives me pause.
  3. I am also interested if you ever went back to the dealer for warranty work after tuning and if you did, did you have any issues with them. Did you flash back to stock first? My truck only has 28k on it so I have a bit of warranty remaining.
  4. Lew tells me he can reduce or eliminate torque management and improve throttle response (drive ability) so that stuff must be in the ECM not the TCM.
  5. So... a custom tune from Diablo Lew is gonna run me $550 with the Trinity i3 programmer. It cannot tune the 8 speed trans. The hardware, software and credit from HP Tuners will cost me about $500 and I have to tune it myself or find a forum member that will share their tune. Either way I am looking at $500 for 20hp. I'm not sure it is worth it to me. Drive-ability would have to be amazing for me to see the value. I'm not knocking anyone that tunes. It's your money, you decide how to spend it. Thank you for the info. VERY helpful! I really appreciate that you didn't try to shove HP Tuners down my throat or blast the heck out of a Diablo tuner. Everyone has different expectations, comfort levels and budgets. Thanks again!
  6. Is this still available? I have reached out to Katech to ask what kind of power and torque gains I can expect. Why are you getting rid of them?
  7. My truck is factory stock and I was thinking about a tune to get a bit more power, disable AFM and generally increase drive-ability. Why would I chose an HP Tuners tune over a Diablosport Tune? What does an HP Tuners tune cost? I have done some research and I understand that a CAI will add a few HP and some torque at the very top of the RPM band. Not sure that benefits me when towing the boat or in my daily driving. I don't want to spend the money on headers and a new exhaust. I also understand that there is no easy way to tune my trans. Something about sending the unit to HP Tuners and have them make a physical modification to enable tuning. That isn't going to happen. Perhaps if I were doing a power adder or cam and lifters. i also understand that there isn't really much HP and torque to be found in a naturally aspirated engine. What are some realistic gains?
  8. My Continental Terrain Contact ATs are very very good.
  9. Can I ask what it cost you? PM me if you'd rather not post it. I have been considering very similar mods.
  10. Actually, certain warranties do. The Platinum warranty from Cadillac covers them up to 100k miles. We have no idea what kind of warranty you have or exactly what is covers. You asked about common problems. That is a fairly common issue from the messages on different boards. I'm sure you can ask the dealer if they are covered or not.
  11. One fairly common problem that you will find talked about is the Magnetic ride control. Seems to fail fairly often and is VERY expensive to fix. You may or may not have it. Just mentioning it.
  12. David, In a non DI engine fuel cleans the intake valve stems and tops because it washes over the valve. In a DI engine, the fuel never touches the intake valve stem or top. It is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber. As a result, no in tank fuel treatment will do a damn thing to clean the carbon from your intake valve stems or tops. The fuel never makes contact with the valve stems or tops so the cleaner never makes contact. Fuel based cleaners are great for keeping pistons and valve heads clean. Manual cleaning is the only way to clean the valve stems and tops. This is a quick and easy read explaining what is going on. https://www.aa1car.com/library/intake_valve_deposits_gdi_engines.htm
  13. I planned to touch it up first to help even it out then apply the wrap.
  14. I'm looking to partially wrap my front bumper to hide the rock chips. Was thinking about a contrasting wrap like carbon fiber (my truck is Cajun Red Tintcoat). Any suggestions would be great. A respray is about $1000 and you can't install a clear bra for 90 days while the paint cures. By that time it will have at least a few chips. Seems like a waste of money. Not trying to hijack the OP. I am also interested in what wraps work.
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