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  1. Which rails does it have? With stake pocket cutouts, without or wide (covers stake holes)?
  2. The KO2s and the Duratrac's are rated 8.7 and 8.6 respectively. Pretty much equal. The Conti's are rated 9.2. I can only speak to the Duratrac and Conti's. The Duratrac's may be very well rated but that was not my experience with them.
  3. I went with the stock size. 265/65R18. I like the way they look. Looks like they make a couple size combinations larger than stock for the 18" wheel. If my metric to standard conversions are correct, none are more than .6" wider and .5" taller. You shouldn't have any problems turning full lock. Not sure how much better they will fill the wheel well though. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Continental&tireModel=TerrainContact+A%2FT&partnum=665TR8TCAT&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&autoMake=Chevrolet&autoYear=2018&autoModel=Silverado 1500 4WD&autoModClar=Double Cab Max Trailering Pack
  4. Awesome tires. I've had mine about 9 months now. They are just as quiet as the Goodyear's that the truck came with. Handling is good too. As good as it can be in a 6,000lb 4x4 truck anyway. I had the Duratrac's on my 2017 2500. They are MUCH louder and not nearly as good in wet conditions. The Conti's are fantastic all around!
  5. Now you've gone and made it personal. You know absolutely nothing about me or my cognitive abilities. I was simply pointing out that I have my oil changed at the dealer. Nothing more than that. It seems that you were reading a whole lot into it. I have no idea what oil you use nor does it matter to me. For me, dealer oil changes are the perfect solution as part of the maintenance plan for my vehicle. It seems to me that you are justifying your decision to use a more expensive oil and change it more frequently as "thinking outside the box". It's your money buddy. Spend it the way you want.
  6. Actually, my Blackstone results don't say how far I can go. The exact wording was, "try 8500 miles between oil changes, re-sample and we will see if you can go longer". I have no plans to do that. I am very satisfied with where I am at.
  7. I have my oil changed at the dealer. GM filter and bulk dexos oil.
  8. The 6.2 does not run "very well" on 87. How do I know? I was wanting to see the difference between 93 from 3 different stations (generic, Shell and Marathon). I used and OBDII reader and Torque Pro to check timing under varying conditions. The generic station was the worst. It pulled timing, and a lot of it, over most all of the RPM range regardless of load. Shell was in the middle and Marathon the best. It pulled timing occasionally and only under the heaviest loads. I will see if I can find the data logs. I thought I saved them. In light of that data, I can say with confidence, 87 would actually run like crap in all but the most mundane driving conditions. The L86 will most certainly preform better with better fuel. I far as our trucks being quick goes, my friend has a 2010 Camaro SS RS with the 6.2L and a 6 speed. Stop light to stop light the Camaro can't touch me. 4WD high, traction control off and a little break torque and I jump out to and easy half car length lead. The camaro doesn't catch me until about 65 mph. Mustang's, 3 series BMWs, they all meet a similar fate. They Camaro's and Mustangs with the automatics make it interesting but none of them get me off the line.
  9. One more tid bit... I have my oil changes done at the dealer with their bulk oil and GM filter. I am NOT trying to start another oil war!
  10. You can't compare the 6.0 or 6.6 to the 6.2. The 6.0 and 6.6 have very different design criteria.
  11. You are completely full of crap. I have a UOA done every other oil change. I change my oil when the OLM is a t 10% - 15%. My UOA's are freaking spot on! Blackstone has recommended I can go to 8500 miles if I wanted to. I don't, but the oil is still performing perfectly.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with the knock-off Tech2 scan tools? They are a couple hundred bucks cheaper than the software subscription from GM.
  13. As I understand it, Tech2win emulates the Tech2 scan tool on a Windows PC. Correct?
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