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  1. Depending on how often you tow and how close you are to maxing out your truck you might want to consider a 2500HD. Your truck can tow somewhere between 6100lb and 10800lb depending on how it is equipped. 10% - 15% of that, up to 1250lb, can be tongue weight.
  2. I have the factory spray in bed liner and I find that most things do not slide on it. It grips everything. I can't see a need for a bed rug unless you want to be able to slide stuff in and out.
  3. Google Maps via Android Auto is so much easier to use and is constantly updated for FREE! I have yet to use my on board nav.
  4. Which Magnaflow muffler did you use?
  5. Just my opinion

    This is a VERY interesting read. https://www.factcheck.org/2011/09/ford-motor-co-does-u-turn-on-bailouts/
  6. I get about 13.5 - 14.5 around town. I drive slow as hell most of the time but when you get next to a newer camaro, mustang, 3 series BMW it sure is fun to put it in 4hi, turn off the traction control and leave 'em at the light! At the next light they are looking at you like "what in the hell just happened". It's great!
  7. So, the question is not whether to level or not. You seem to have made up you mind there. It is how to do it to get the look you want.
  8. I've got a LTZ with the 6.2L. Have a nice set of 18" AT tires. Never though about leveling. I like the stance. A leveled truck is nose up when towing or carrying a load and looks like ass.
  9. E85???

    Absolutely. For me, voiding my warranty is NOT an option. Your feelings may differ. That's a topic for a different thread
  10. E85???

    I couldn't find any published numbers for E85 in the 4.3L.
  11. Towing mirrors

    #pgamboa has the best prices around and can even help with wiring should you need it. These are genuine GM mirrors.
  12. E85???

    GM does not show any power or torque increase for the 4.3L running E85 like they do for the 5.3L. I ran E85 in my 2017 2500HD 6.0L. It has to be $ .60 per gallon cheaper to make it cost effective. It wasn't .60 less than E10 very often. However, my 6.0L seemed to idle smoother and start easier when using it so I just did most of the time.
  13. DL3 mirrors for sale

    Yes, they are. Power folds for my 2018 were almost $1400 for the pair.
  14. What the truck does with the climate controls when you use remote start is based on the outside air temp. It has nothing to do with the way you left it when you shut it off. Further, none of the indicator lights come on when you remote start. In fact, the seat heater actually shuts off when you put the key in and you have to press the button to turn it back on. The climate controls also revert to the way you left them once the key is inserted and turn to the run position. Below xx degrees the defrost, rear window defroster and the heated seats (if you have them) come on. Above xx degrees the AC comes on and the cooled seats if you have them.
  15. Best Wipers

    I've tried everything from $15 to $35 each and none last me more than 6 months. I have settled on the Bosch Envision. They work well and are about $24ea in my area.

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