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  1. Your power steering is electric and a tune can completely void your power-train warranty.
  2. Long Term AFM disabler experience

    $750 for the cam and lifters and another $750 for a tune. Getting quite expensive. And it completely voids any type of power train warranty.
  3. Long Term AFM disabler experience

    I assume you are talking about replacing the cam and lifters. Does the $750 cover the cost of the tune that you will need?
  4. I worked at a Buick dealer and a Mercedes Dealer for 10 years. Not a single service adviser had ever been a mechanic. Not one. No mechanic would take the pay cut to be a service adviser. Same thing at the Chevy dealer I currently use. None of them are old enough to have been "former" mechanics.
  5. Ceramic Pro

    I use a $60 variable speed DA from Harbor Freight with Maguires microfiber cutting and polishing discs and their Microfiber correction compound and finishing wax. It takes 99% of the swirls and scratches out. You most certainly do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a DA. Just take your time and you good pads, compounds and polishes. To wash, clay bar, re-wash, correct, polish and detail spray a full size truck takes me a good 6 hours.
  6. Best Exhaust

    I do. Would like to change it for something a bit more aggressive but not so loud you can't listen to music or have a conversation. Looking at the Flowmaster American Thunder series with duals straight out the back. What about you?
  7. Best Exhaust

    Shift into Drive for interstate travel. My truck rarely sees V4 mode at 70mph - 75mph. Not using any more gas than you just by shifting into drive.
  8. I love the Range AFM

    My truck is rarely in V4 on the highway. At 75mph the engine load is usually enough due to drag to keep in V8 mode. Since getting your tune, have you needed service at the dealer for anything drive-train related? Just curious if the dealer said anything about the tune. The warranty is the only thing keeping me from getting a tune. My truck is quite a bit more expensive to tune than yours. I have the 6.2L with the 8 speed. I need to send the TCU to HP Tuners to have it unlocked before it can be tuned.
  9. I love the Range AFM

    For $429 (about double the list of the Range AFM) you can get the Diablosport inTune i3 and have a decent canned tune AND AFM delete.
  10. I love the Range AFM

    You're right. You do get to use all of the gears. So do I. I put it in Drive if I'm going on the highway. So I'm not wasting money on gas either. In fact, I'm $200 ahead.
  11. Best Exhaust

    To disable AFM just shift into manual mode and select gear 5 if you have the 6 speed. Like magic, no more V4, and it won't cost you a dime!
  12. I love the Range AFM

    This product does absolutely nothing for transmission shifting. They don't advertise it that way either. It simply tricks the ECU into thinking you have put the truck in manual mode and selected one gear lower than the top gear your trans has (5 if you have a 6 speed and 7 if you have the eight speed). BTW, you can do the same thing for FREE by moving the sift lever down one notch. It's your money. Spend it how you want to.
  13. AdioSS said "I really hate that 98mph speed limiter! I’ve got 420 horsepower! Let me use it!" Driving slow has NOTHING to do with having only 30% of your power available off idle. That would be acceleration. AdioSS is talking about top speed. The fuel cutoff limits your top speed. If you were limited to only 30% of the total 420hp because of drive line loss for instance, your top speed would then be limited to how much drag 126hp could overcome. Please do not be offended by this because I think you really know your stuff. Your grammar, punctuation and the "train of thought" style that you type in can make it very hard to follow and understand what you are trying to say. Not just in this post. I have read hundreds of your posts and most are difficult to grasp. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge, it just doesn't present very well.
  14. Nope. 420HP and 460lb ft at the crank which is what Adioss was referring to. Probably 320ish at the wheels. Torque management has nothing at all to do with how much power the engine makes, just with how it is put to the ground.
  15. My current truck has the GM soft tri-fold. I hate the thing. I lose 1/3 of my bed and it leaks like a sieve. Probably going to replace it now that winter is over.

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