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  1. I really think the F-150 with the 3.5EB, 10-speed appears to be a great, reliable truck. I test drove a few of them (before deciding on my SLT 5.3L) and they were really nice engines with good gearing. Also drove the 5.0L and it was nice, but the 3.5EB was nicer and more responsive. I ended up not getting the Ford due to value (or at least perceived value). I was 25% off MSRP on my GMC SLT and the Ford was going to be the same price, but was missing some nice features I was looking for (leather, auto 4WD, nicer wheels). Go shop each, see which is the better price and pick the one you like best. No bad decisions there. Unless you go Ram, then it's a bad decision
  2. I'll give you a completely different answer - sell your SLE and get an SLT Premium Plus or LTZ - you'll have all the gizmos and gadgets that you want, for less than an SUV. Heck, just get a Denali, you know you want one.
  3. Welcome! You are asking the million dollar question. Some say yes, some say no. I cannot give you that definitive answer because I am trying to sort that out as well. With the newer models, we have stamped steel UCAs and that has been known to cause rubbing with a level and larger tires.
  4. I started a thread a little while ago asking the same things, but for my stock 20" wheels. It seems that for every 2 guys that say a 2" level will work without rubbing, there's 2 guys saying it will cause rubbing with the stamped steel UCAs, might impact towing ability, causes a rougher ride, etc. If I wanted all that, I should've just kept my 3/4 ton Silvy I've been reading every thread I can find on this site dating back almost a year and confusion doesn't even begin to explain it. For me, at this moment, I am leaning towards getting DuraTracs in the stock size and maybe doing just a mild 1" level this summer.
  5. Per BFG's website, the KO2 in 275/60/20 is 33". This is the same as the GY DuraTrac and Nitto Ridge Grapplers at 32.99". So it is confusing as why some claim only the KO2s work while others have rubbing with other brands. So t777jb, that is a good question if Z71s have more clearance. I don't think so, but I don't know for sure.
  6. And you did that with no level kit? Strange as it just adds more confusion because most of what I've read says you need a level to run tires that size. For sure I would get those tires if I knew I could without a level.
  7. I really started this just wanting a little more ground clearance and some more aggressive tires. I was soon disappointed to learn that a slightly taller tire could not be had without some sort of leveling kit. I don't drive anywhere very extreme, that's what the ATV is for. But I still tow my camper 2x per year and the boat about 4x per year, so can't go too extreme.
  8. From what I've been learning, you have the aluminum UCAs, which are different than the stamped UCAs of more recent models. This whole process is overwhelming. One minute I want a 1" lift and stock size tires to not lose MPGs and then the next minute I want a 2" life and 33" tires. And then I realize I maybe shouldn't have gotten rid of my 3/4 ton if I'm going to spend money on a lift. Argh.
  9. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I asked this question above, but I am also contemplating going 285/55/20 instead of the 60 tire to avoid any potential rubbing. That tire is about a 32" tall tire, so only 1" taller than stock. Would that 285/55 be a better option to avoid rubbing and potential UCA issues? I really do not want to get into something and then have to throw a bunch more money trying to fix it because it was the wrong tire choice.
  10. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I'm sure this has been asked, but I'm lost and a little confused yet. For my 2018 Sierra 1500, I am going to add GY DuraTracs, 275/60/20 (a 33" tire) and a 1.5"-2.0" front level kit (Rough Country). Do I need to do anything with the UCA?
  11. Anyone get an 18 Denali

    I am seeing about $7-8k off MSRP around here on '18s. Have to believe there is room to negotiate with the '19s hitting lots and that it's winter and sales generally slow, at least in the north.
  12. Stopped over at Custom Offsets - they only seem to care about complete builds, far to busy to help me and another guy who stopped in with just tires. Suggested I call them instead. So I called them, was told I could go a 33" tire with a leveling kit, so that means 275/60/20 tire. But they are booked out several months and I am not sure I can find anyone locally able to do these things.
  13. Well this is STRANGE - they are literally just down the street from me! Guess I am headed there for over lunch.
  14. I'm sure it's been asked, but I did not see what I was looking for in a search. I would like like to get some new tires, leaning towards KO2s or Duratracs. My current tire size is 275/55/20. How large can I go without problems, 285/65? Or should I just go a little taller at 275/65? I'm not as concerned with going wider as I am taller to fill out the wheel well better. This would be for my 2018 Sierra.
  15. As a few others have said, 2500 or 3500 for sure. I have personal experience towing with a 1500, 1500 max tow, and a 2500. The 1500 will tow it (I started a thread earlier in the week about pulling my 34' TT to winter storage, empty) but if I was towing more than 2x a year with full gear, it would NOT be a good or relaxing driving experience. With the 1500 max tow, the truck is definitely firmer and will tow more with full gear, but you will still get the "tail wagging the dog" experience at highway speeds, making the overall journey uncomfortable at times. Towing the 2500 is a dream, easy peasy. Zero issues, zero tail wagging. I towed my TT through the MT and WY mountains and it was great! As a daily driver however, they are THIRSTY and ride like a truck. I had mine for 2.5 years and it started getting annoying around town and since I wasn't towing as much this past season, I moved on from it.

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