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  1. Truck is gone, so selling Putco 60" LED Tailgate Light Bar and GM compatible pigtail wiring assembly. The pigtail allows for the direct plug and play into the existing wiring. Light bar was used for only 6 months. The only thing you need are the little brackets (4) to mount the light bar to the truck. You can get those by calling Putco customer service. $SOLD + 1/2 shipping in CONTUS. Picture of light bar on the truck. The light bar and wiring pigtail
  2. Price reduction. I’d like to get this sold and move on.
  3. Still available. I used it on my 2018 Sierra 5.3.
  4. SOLD, Thank you. Sold truck, time to sell tuner. Diablo I3 8245. $275.00, shipped to your door, CONTUS.
  5. Part of my isssue with the truck is I got ripped off by the dealer, I just haven’t gotten over it. I was promised more features and amenities, and part of it is that I want those features. But the 5.3, while adequate, just isn’t fun to drive and is a little gutless while towing. I’m afraid to mod it in any way as I don’t want to sacrifice power because of the occasional need to tow. But I bet 100 more HP is a lot of fun to drive!!!
  6. That's like finding a unicorn, especially with the 6.2! I found literally just a handful within 200 miles of me, but price becomes the limiting factor then.
  7. Any other thoughts on the towing experience of the 6.2 over the 5.3?
  8. Last year I moved on from my Silverado 2500 into a new Sierra 1500 SLT. Been largely disappointed for many reasons, but especially when towing. So for last month, I’ve scoured the web and it’s either price or lack of options that prevents me from moving out of my Sierra. But it today I found a leftover 2018 Sierra SLT, fully loaded, and with the 6.2!!! It’s my dream truck, except for the payload. I tow a camper twice a year and my truck is maxed out. I tow about 55 miles each way, at highway speeds, truck is pretty empty and camper is empty. So despite the lower payload, will the 6.2 improve my towing experience? What issues exist with the 8 speed in the 6.2? I know there are some shutter problems, but beyond that I don’t know.
  9. Fords for cheaper? Huh, must be a regional thing. This summer, before getting my Sierra I went Ford shopping and an XLT with a few good options was the same MSRP as my SLT with WAY more options. The salesman even acknowledged that Fords are generally more expensive. No Rams, we all know they're cheaper for a reason ...
  10. Looks like we lost another one. Seems to be a common theme. While GM sales are still good, Ford is outselling GM and Ram is gaining ground really, really quick. And I will admit, if I could do it all over again, Ford would be at the top of my list this time. Good luck to the OP, the Raptor is one cool truck.
  11. Nitto Ridge Grapplers seem to get good reviews too. Nittos will likely be my choice for tires next fall.
  12. That is pretty cool. Probably only be on the Denali and price tag will be near $100k. Zoinks!
  13. I was about to post the same thing. Couldn't agree more.
  14. The 6.0L gets horrible gas mileage on short trips, so as your daily driver driving short trips, it is something to think about. I am in the camp of buying what you will want and enjoy the majority of the time, so the 6.2L might fit that bill for you. One more thing, the 6.2L recommends premium fuel, so your cost per mile might to close to the 6.0L.
  15. I am very impressed with the HIDs on my '18 Sierra. The high beams aren't great, but the low beams with the LED fogs on are really nice and light the road very well. I've since been in some high end vehicles with LEDs and HIDs and I believe mine are just as good if not better than those high end vehicles.
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