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  1. Coded keys?

    that's awesome!!! thanks for the info!!
  2. I’m digging it. Like donstar said if you don’t like it then take it off! Show pic when u getting done.
  3. Coded keys?

    Well hopefully that’s the case and I only have to replace the driver side lock.
  4. Great write up bro. Guess I’ll put that on my list to do lol
  5. Are they the same offset? I’m going with Daly with the polished look.
  6. Dead battery cells

    It does seem odd. I’ve left my truck for weeks and never had a problem and now all of a sudden it’s dead. I have not changed anything on the truck at all so maybe it’s just a bad battery.
  7. Dead battery cells

    Dam that sucks. I just had to change my battery cause it was sitting for like a week.
  8. Coded keys?

    Man I think I should just get the door lock and key only. Might have to suck it up and carry two keys
  9. Coded keys?

    That’s what I was thinking too. I’m pretty sure they have locks for me key. I was kinda worried the other day when my battery was dying! If my battery were to completely die then I wouldn’t be able to get in my truck. I would have to get a locksmith to jimmy it. I’m pretty sure it’s but all those parts won’t add up to 500.
  10. Coded keys?

    Dam that sucks
  11. Coded keys?

    I could go to the dealership and hopefully it’s not to expensive
  12. Coded keys?

    What’s a tds and gds2?
  13. Coded keys?

    That sucks. Hopefully they make a lock that can be molded to my key. That would make thing a lot simpler.
  14. Coded keys?

    Just realized I can swap out the tailgate lock as well.
  15. I have a 15 Silverado LTZ z71 and a while ago someone tried to break into my truck. They destroyed my driver side lock and the key won’t work. So I have to change out my door lock and my ignition since I don’t want to carry two keys for the truck. I don’t have to change out my ignition but might as well get it out of the way. So my question is if I replace my ignition which replaces the key,, Are these ignition keys coded or have a chip in it? Or does the truck read off of the key fob?

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