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  1. Blackbear Autocal for sale

  2. Blackbear Autocal for sale

  3. Yes I did. Seemed to pull harder through the top of second and third gear but the real noticeable gains came after getting it tuned. No I don't...
  4. Just wanted to post an update incase anyone else runs into the same issue. I was able to get a corsa touring muffler and swapped it out for the sport. The truck is MUCH more bearable now and sounds good. I'd say it's still louder than having just the corsa sport catback, but it sounds very good. Can keep it quiet when you want, but when you open it up it gets very aggressive. Very minimal drone at all but more "ticking" noise now since installing the headers you can hear more of the valvetrain movement which is expected.. Overall very happy with the setup and have gotten many compliments on it. Current setup is tsp 1 7/8" longtubes, high flow catted Y, corsa touring catback, and k&n intake with a custom dyno tune.
  5. 2014-2018 all weather floor mats

    Fronts only. Still like brand new. Factory gm mats fit all 14-18 Sierra. $25 bucks and buyer pays shipping. Already in a box ready to go.
  6. Blackbear Autocal for sale

    Price drop.. $185 shipped
  7. Blackbear Autocal for sale

    It's still available..
  8. Blackbear Autocal for sale

    That's correct. All of those specifics will be factored in when BB does the tuning..
  9. Blackbear Autocal for sale

    Picked this up but never ended up using it. Comes with everything needed, buyer will just have to purchase a license and tune. Brand new condition. Looking for $200 shipped
  10. WTB or trade Corsa Sport muffler for Corsa touring 5.3L

    I was able to get a touring muffler so my sport might be for sale soon
  11. Just installed a set of longtube headers on my truck, and now the sport muffler is far too loud for daily driving. Sounded perfect before the headers. Looking to either trade for, or buy just the touring muffler. Exhaust has around 5,000 miles on it and is in perfect shape. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  12. I didn't see anywhere on their site where you can buy just the muffler. How did you obtain yours?
  13. I have a 2015 Sierra with a 5.3. I've been running it with a K&N intake and corsa sport catback for over a year now and been very happy with it and the sound. I am planning on getting the truck tuned soon and wanted to get the most out of it so I installed a set of Texas speed longtube headers with catted Y pipe. Now the truck is WAY too loud. Just wondering what my options are and if anyone else has run into this? Would switching the muffler over to the Touring style help? and if so how much? I'd really like to keep my catback and find a different muffler that would bolt into its place without having to do any welding or anything. I expected the truck to be louder but this is ridiculous. I did some research but couldn't really find the answers I was looking for. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. WTB- long tube headers

    I saw your post for those and was very interested until I saw they had no cats.. I need cats to get an inspection sticker unfortunately.

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