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  1. I finally got word from the Sales Manager that my truck (AT4x was built but sitting in a lot waiting for chips. No expected date was provided regarding when it would ship.
  2. I received an email from the sales manager at the dealer that the 6.2L was not available and I would have to decide on the 5.3L or 3.0L for my "Denali order". OK, as I ordered a AT4X and it only comes with the 6.2L, this does not pertain to me - right? I also got an email from GMC\Buick saying that I needed to confirm my order with my dealer for my "2019 GMC Sierra 1500" - what? I do have a 2019 Sierra AT4, at present. Seems like GM and my GMC dealer are very confused and sending out emails with incorrect\misleading information. When I reply with what I "think they are asking", this only creates more confusion. I have no idea what the status of my AT4X order is, at present. Reserved on the first day and placed order in January, which was confirmed by GM. Received production confirmations and all that. No freaking clue what is happening and when I will actually receive my truck. Very happy, however, I have my current AT4 and got Falken ATW's, which greatly improved the offroad capabilities with minimal impact to onroad composure.
  3. AT4x does not have the option of 20" wheels, otherwise I would have gone with the 20's. Literally the only choice I had when ordering our AT4x was what color, and my wife insisted on white (again).
  4. Apologize if this was covered and I missed it. But does anyone know why the AT4x has 32" tires and the ZR2 has 33"? Seems very odd to me, and trying to understand the reasoning. I might see if I can swap the 33" 's on my current 2019 AT4. Or, get some 33" Falkens for the incoming AT4x, but wondering if there is any "real" reasons the AT4x got small feet?
  5. One of my chief complaints about my 2016 Suburban and 2019 AT4 is that I have to take my eyes off the road/trail/goat track to shift gears manually. Not that big of a deal on the road, though I do prefer to manually shift on curvy mountain roads, but it is dangerous and a nuisance when manually shifting on the narrow cow paths on our coastal cattle ranch. Really looking forward to the floor mounted shifter and paddles on my ordered AT4x.
  6. GM sent me an email with the brochure. It looks like most of the options are dealer accessories. I did not see the Borla as an option, which is a requirement for me. Truck looks fully loaded otherwise.
  7. I paid the $100 to reserve an AT4X last Fall. Salesman contacted me yesterday and told me that GM is only allowing me to pick the color, and I cannot select any options. Weird. They are not asking for a down payment nor quoting me a price. I placed the order and am hopeful I can add options at a later point and that I do not have to deal with any malarkey further down the process. I purchased my current 2019 AT4 from them, and that buying experience was great. Hopefully this goes the same.
  8. So I paid my $100 and Reserved a new AT4x. Seems like they addressed my (very few) complaints with the AT4. Lockers front and rear, center-shifting - which I hope means it is easier to manually shift for off-roading, Drive modes\traction control, multimatic dampers, and the rock rails. I was planning on purchasing an extended warranty, better AT's, and Bilsteins on all four corners, but decided to "try" and trade-in our present AT4 for a new AT4x. That and my wife saw the new one when I was watching TFL, and the decision was made for me.
  9. I think a lot of it is the 4WD system and advanced traction management. Remember when TFL compared a new Tahoe Z71 against a new Trailboss: Yukon AT4 vs Trailboss, with the AT4 having the inferior Trailrunners. Which, I believe, is why our 2008 Range Rover with mild Continental AT's is way more competent and stress free. The extra tail weight and eLSD might be factors too. I love the 6.2L and the versatility of a pick-up, but I was hoping to be able to use our AT4 more to get around the ranch. I will be putting more aggressive AT's on the AT4, as I am sure that will help, but don't think it will ever be close to the Rover for hill climbing.
  10. I am actually a bit disappointed with the 4WD capabilities of my 6.2L AT4. We have a coastal mountain property with long steep ascents on grass\gravel, and the AT4 with the OE 20" GY's struggles. As equipped it is not as capable and creates far more drama than my prior '16 Suburban Z71 with Nokian Rotiiva AT's on the exact same trails. I'm planning on getting better AT's in a couple of months, and have been relying on our old 2008 Range Rover for the more difficult stuff (i.e., no drama).
  11. With two-way lumbar support it is a luck of the draw on how you fit. My two other vehicles have 4-way lumbar support, which means I can dial the support exactly where I need it. That said, the AT4's seat's lumbar support is not ideal, but close enough for me. I've sold other cars because the 2-way lumbar support hit me to low on my spine and "hurt" more than helped.
  12. I have been struck by how my 2019 AT4 with 20" Goodyear's is inferior at hill climbing to my prior 2016 Suburban Z71 with 18" Nokian Rotiiva's. We have a roughly one mile 20 - 30% grade up the side of a mountain we use as a bypass when the road is out. The AT4 has failed to make the ascent twice when a bit wet - not yet mud. The Z71 never had an issue, even if it was a overgrown and wet.
  13. My issue with the tailgate button is that I frequently have expensive mountain bikes and surfboards strapped to the tailgate, and it would be massively "not good" were one of my teenagers to accidentally hit the button while attempting to turn-on the heat/cooled seats while cruising on the highway. At the very least GM should deactivate the button while the vehicle is moving.
  14. Ouch. Thanks cNate - I was not sure if it was a speed or time thing with the camera - thank you for confirming. At least going down the camera will be of use. I usually ascent at 15 - 20 mph. Appreciate the comments on the property. It has been in the family since the 1870's, and I am merely the generational custodian - compliments to my great great grandfather. The views are unbelievable - the pic is only halfway up the mountain.
  15. Greetings, I see the TFL guys use it all the time, but when I select the front camera to be displayed on the center screen it defaults back to the home screen after like 10 seconds. Is there any way to keep the screen permanently depicting the front camera? We have a lot of 20-40 degree slopes on our property (see attached), and I am too old to go up or down these "blind". The front hood obliterates sight lines. Thanks!
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