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  1. Very interesting. If I were to buy a new GM truck I would lean towards the 5.3 still. Its what I have now and would be skeptical the lower HP/TQ numbers than my current 5.3 would satisfy me enough to go with it. I have yet to drive one, so its possible it would preform just as well as my current 5.3 but I don't know. I think a lot of people will focus on the peak numbers, and if it were me I would bump up the size a little to get the HP and TQ near the previous gen 5.3 engines. I like how it is meant to run on 87 octane but wonder if they will have the ability to detect higher octanes (or even E85) for a performance boost?
  2. I agree, the older trucks lack of safety features were better for offroading...I have 2 seat RZR I can put in the bed to offroad and beat up. It sucks when you break your daily driver haha.
  3. GM took the truck and repaired it so the manufacture knows everything. It had 800 miles on it. They fixed everything but basically said don't off road it like that. :/ But it was on a slight sideways slope, and was bumpy, Speed was maybe 10-15 mph? it was 3 years ago. A same year Ram and my older Avalanche with side bags had no issue with the same run. Imho the rollover sensor was too sensitive, but far as I know no changes have been made.
  4. Wonder if they will extend the re-calibration to the Sierra/Silverados as well? I had mine deploy off roading on my 2015 Sierra....
  5. Fuel Economy For 5.3L & 6.2L With DFM Released

    April 2013, GM released MPG numbers of the 2014 Silverado. http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/silverado/2014.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2013/Apr/0401-silverado.html 16 city, 19 comb. 23 highway (2wd) Then if you look at the current rating for the 2014, https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bymodel/2014_Chevrolet_Silverado.shtml it is exactly the same, 16/19/23. So I dunno what you are talking about "low balling EPA numbers". Real world mpgs may differ, but the EPA rating is what was announced. We don't know if it is 2x4 or 4x4, but my guess it it is 2x4 and it hasn't improved from the 2014 generation.
  6. I had a similar experience in my new 2015 GMC sierra 1500, 800 miles on it, driving on a dirt road, I drove up on a side bank, not very steep, but at an angle (04 avalanche with side airbags had no issue on it, 08 silverado, etc) Curtain airbags deployed, onstar thought the vehicle was in a rollover, which it clearly wasn't. GM was hesitant to fix it, and said don't offroad it like that. Ironically, I was also looking at the Ram 1500 when I bought the truck, and for the 1.5 months my Sierra was in the Shop, GMs rental company gave me a RAM 1500, which took the same path and did not set off the airbags. Now as I'm looking a trading up to a 2019, the Ram is starting to look better to me as more and more info comes out about the 2019 Sierra...
  7. popping noise in dash

    Its been a while since the last post, but has there been any updates to this, my 2015 Sierra is doing the exact same thing...slightly annoying.
  8. I agree that people are sue happy for sure, and for dumb-a reasons. Although GM lawyers could put in warnings about disabling the airbags, For example, to disable the airbags, you could have the DIC display a warning that you have to say yes before you can disable them (or change the threshold) and would have to anytime you disable the bags. Make it so they automatically come on when you start the truck regardless, and anytime it is in 2-HI, 4-auto or go over a certain speed (like 40MPH or something). It can be done, but wouldn't be simple as an on off switch. Also previous GM trucks had a passenger airbag disable, where you could use a key, and not aware of any lawsuit cases there...
  9. I really thing they should have this on the GM trucks too, either disable the rollover trigger (still could use side impact) or at least increase the threshold of which it triggers. (maybe only make it able to be deactivated/raise threshold in 4-HI or 4-LOW. Eddie, I sent you a PM. For those who are following this, I contacted the dealer, they finally got all the parts in and they expect to have my truck done Thursday or Friday, I will be happy to finally have my truck back. -Sterling
  10. Its hard to say exactly, since the going up the side of the hill, the passenger tires are still on the level road. If I had to make a guess it would of been around 30 or so degrees. I remember a bump on the driver side which I think was the actual tripping point of the air bags. If it was perfectly smooth may not of happened. I've heard of similar issues on other makes offroading too...realistically I should probably just rely on my RZR more for offroading than the truck, but I really like to wheel my trucks too, so the whole incident has been somewhat disappointing. But when I get my truck back (still don't have it back ) it does offer some improvements over my Avalanche; with the longer wheelbase, it probably will never be as good as the Avalanche for offroading, but it has better towing, mpg, cargo capacity and comfort so in ways it's a compromise. On a side note, still not crazy about the RAM, it does offer some features I like over my Sierra, such as a power locking tailgate, power rear window, and more hp. I dislike the interior as it feels/looks a lot cheaper, more noisy on the road, the infotainment is glitchy, the DIC is outdated, and the 8-speed transmission kinda sucks...kick down at freeway speeds takes a few seconds, so you have to plan ahead to pass anything. Rotary shifter sucks as well, always reaching for it while adjusting fan speed while driving (eyes on the road) and just feels cheesy, it works but lifting a lever into park just feels more secure. No rear locker, pulling a large trailer getting on the the highway from the shoulder was mostly a one-wheel-tire-fire adventure lol.Ride quality its hard to say since I I only drove the sierra for a week, but I'm thinking the Sierra is better. So as a whole, the 2015 Sierra SLE is better than the 2015 Ram Express imho and I don't regret my decision on the Sierra. -Sterling
  11. Reliability GMC Sierra

    But the Tundra can twerk, can the K2 do that?
  12. They basically said because of side to side rocking/bouncing is what caused it. Imho if it worked as it was supposed to ( as quoted from the people from GM) then it wasn't designed or tested very thoroughly, or lawyers had a say when they should deploy lol... A new truck with airbags deployed and not a single scratch or ding is to me a sign of something not done quite right.... And from what I read, in Utah it would count under the lemon law. Won't go that route if it gets done soon, but if it happens again, I most certainly will along with complaints to NHTSA.
  13. I agree, the water seemed pretty deep, I was impressed by some of the stuff they did. It was faster than what is shown in that video, maybe 15mph, but at the same time I read the manual when I got the truck and before the incident, (I'm an engineer and would much rather read a car manual than a novel any day of the week) and nothing was stated on how non-rollover forces can set off the airbags...imho should of been included. Now I know, and waiting and having a beat up rental that sucks, sucks lol. Luckly I have a RZR to fulfill most of my offroad needs, but being able to fourwheel the truck is always nice for those impromptu offroading trips, or if a trailer is impractical.
  14. It sucks...although driving the Ram for a few weeks (was looking at them before my purchase) I'm still like the Sierra more lol

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